Welcome to the INIQUITY JOURNALS. In this section the INIQUITY Staff chronicles various parties that we attend or that we throw ourselves. Here you will find the photo archives of INIQUITY EVENTS in particular, as well as photo-articles from various parties around the world which the INIQUITY Staff has been able to attend. For an event to get listed on this section of the website it has to be up to a certain minimum quality and Fetish standard. There is no particular schedule for the updating of this section, so simply drop by now and then or look for an update tag on the Home Page, which we will put up whenever a new event gets added to the JOURNALS.

FETISH CON 2006, August 9-13, 2006
The 2006 FetishCon in Tampa, FL, was a smashing success from an attendees perspective. So what EXACTLY is FetishCon?FetishCon was started by several bondage models and their associatesback in 2004. The first FetishCon, which INIQUITY reported on, was small, fun, and very much an industry event.


By far the highlight of the night at the 2nd CARNAVALE DE SADE was the otherworldly performance by the Aesthetic Meat Foundation, spearheaded by Louis from AMF Korsets.
At CDS 3, the audience was graced by perhaps the single best performance ever given by Joey Strange and The Horse You Rode In On.

Carnavale De Sade Grand Opening
CARNAVALE DE SADE was the perfect entre' acte for INIQUITY in Los Angeles, November 5th, 2004. Although there was no "STRICT" Fetish Dress Code (***YET!***) most people made a wonderful effort to show up looking great! The shows were seriously over the top with live piercing suspensions and something approximating a fellated clown (you had to be there). The live music by Joey Strange And The Horse You Rode In On was exceptional, and as they jammed to the DJ's spinning while the shows were going on, the crowd stood there mesmerized and entranced. The combination of Trance and Industrial DJ's provided an upbeat mix to generate energy throughout the night, with DJ-XRAY spinning the Trance beats and DJ M gracing us with a guest set of beat matched Industrial. The venue was seriously BEAUTIFUL.

Bond Con 2004
Starting with a fully catered "Meet & Greet" party the night before BondCon officially opened, the Fetish Community was there IN FORCE!  Although a huge number of people came from the West Coast, there were indeed attendees from all over the U.S., and even some from Europe.  One expected the opening party to be sleepy -- not the case at all!  Within a few hours of starting the place was nicely filled and everyone started their partying early.  Open only to those who had pre-purchased a run-of-show pass, there were any number of fine and friendly Fetish folk fraternizing and frolicking.  Business transactions began immediately as photographers begin setting shooting dates with models, and a fully stocked bar kept everyone's gears well greased.

Link to Full Article from Iniquity News #29

Ruuber Ball 2003
Some consider it the hallmark of the entire world of Fetish Fashion.  Others will call it simply the best Fetish party in the world (especially considering that it goes on for 4 days).  To some it is a chance to reconnect with old friends from around the Fetish globe, and to newcomers it is like walking into some fantasy Fetish Circus where life as a Perv seems so normal every day, all day, for four incredible days.

Link to Full Article from Iniquity News #29

INIQUITY / GGPET DomDominion Pre-Party
This set simply captures one of the main principles that INIQUITY has always been about -- Truly Original Fetish Fashion. The designers at Wicked Bitch Brazier simply out-performed all expectations as they presented the crowd with a variety of unique designs. The party was yet another successful co-production with GGPET, a San Francisco Gothic-Fetish community, and the theme of the night was simply "COLOUR." The 9 most colorful outfits went home with a free copy of the well known Fetish Film, "Preaching To The Perverted." The photos here were from Wicked Bitch's own photographer. Otherwise this was a no-camera event.

DomDominion Fetish Week
The chief sponsors of the You Do Voodoo Fetish Ball in 2002 decided to aim seriously high with a whole week of events culminating in the DomDominion Fetish Ball. Events included a cocktail party at the Madam S shop, a meet and greet at Stormy Leather, dinners, flea markets, workshops, and several other events. There was an event every day of the week, and finally the week culminated in the Ball itself. All in all it was a lot fun as Perv-life was omnipresent for an entire week.

A bondage convention? What do you picture? A thousand drooling guys with cameras and 4 models around whom they swarm? Then think again. This Las Vegas premier event pretty much blew everyone away with the quality and exceeded almost every imaginable standard. For the full article on the BondCon 2003 experience, click here.

2002 Los Angeles Fetish Ball
The 2002 L.A. Fetish Ball was held once again at the Hollywood Athletic Club, a large multi-story venue located in the middle of Tinsel Town. Some exotic costumes showed up which is always a pleasure, and the event hosted several shows. The following night the Ivy Manner hosted one of Sabrina Belladonna's infamous Fetish Dinners where once again everyone attended in style, and many stayed to play...

Co-Hosted by INIQUITY
Back at 550 Barneveld almost two years later. In the meantime INIQUITY had hosted a floor at the L.A. Fetish Ball, held a number of smaller GGPET/INIQUITY-LIST parties at San Francisco's POWER EXCHANGE, staged a party at Jezebel's Joint to promote the first KINK IN THE CARIBBEAN (where we gave away a free trip to Hedo III in Jamaica!), and hosted a huge and spectacular, one-night only, 100% free INIQUITY/GGPET LIST ONLY party where we took over the entire two lower floors of the Power Exchange to create a seriously "anything goes" extravaganza (THAT was a night to remember!). Meetings at the latter helped form the crew who put together the VOODOO Ball, designed to both promote the DomDominion calendar as well as bring INIQUITY back in prime form. In effect, DomDominion knew they wanted a large Fetish party, and so the senior staff contracted INIQUITY to insure that the event would rise to the established level of INIQUITY excellence. The fashion show was truly a SHOW, several artists displayed their wares, and two dungeons were provided -- one downstairs for everyone, and one upstairs for a special VIP area. In addition, INIQUITY was 100% responsible for making this into a TWO DAY affair, hosting the VIP Pre-Party at the Laser Reflections Erotic Hologram Gallery. This smaller, catered party of 200+ people turned out to be a delicious warm up to the main event and pretty much set the standard for future INIQUITY events to be multi-day affairs.

Memorial Day Weekend
The very first major Fetish Fashion and S&M event to be held at San Francisco's 550 Barneveld club. We turned the upstairs into an exquisite play room / dungeon with large windows overlooking the main dance floor. People dancing down below could watch the scenes upstairs. The movies MATRIX and STAR WARS: EPISODE ONE had come out recently, so we had a costume contest for the Fetish outfit most inspired by these two movies. The winner was a Fetish "Queen Amidala." Paul Nathan brought his outstanding Fetish-magic hilarity to the main stage. Trevor Baker, the now well-known Fetish photographer (and the one who took these pictures), showed some of his very best large-print work in a gallery style exhibition. The venue clearly allowed the optimal layout: a huge dance floor for those who want to dance the night away, a superb play area for the S&M crowd, and a brightly lit gallery and chat area where people could see and be seen in their exquisite attire.


Although the venue was small, this party is still remembered as a night of true VIP status to everyone admitted. INIQUITY established the fact that we did not fool around or mince words when it came to the STRICT FETISH DRESS CODE. Over 40 people were turned away from the door because they were inappropriately attired. The funny thing is that more than half of these people went home, changed their clothes, came back in proper attire and got right in! It was as though these people needed to test our resolve and once they saw we were serious they agreed to play by the rules. DJ's Ron E and Fernando established themselves as the two main INIQUITY DJ's with Ron E's incredible House / Trance / Electrotica mix, and Fernando's eclectic mix of S&M scene favorites which ranged from KMFDM to Mozart to selections from the Blade Runner soundtrack. DJ Tristan also came on board that night to assist Fernando and has since become a headliner alongside the others. Guests were treated to chocolate strawberries in abundance. After this amazing opening night we had already outgrown the venue.




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