INIQUITY & Friends present CARNAVALE DE SADE, Grand Opening Night

CARNAVALE DE SADE was the perfect entre' acte for INIQUITY in Los Angeles, November 5th, 2004. Although there was no "STRICT" Fetish Dress Code (***YET!***) most people made a wonderful effort to show up looking great! The shows were seriously over the top with live piercing suspensions and something approximating a fellated clown (you had to be there). The live music by Joey Strange And The Horse You Rode In On was exceptional, and as they jammed to the DJ's spinning while the shows were going on, the crowd stood there mesmerized and entranced. The combination of Trance and Industrial DJ's provided an upbeat mix to generate energy throughout the night, with DJ-XRAY spinning the Trance beats and DJ M gracing us with a guest set of beat matched Industrial. The venue was seriously BEAUTIFUL -- You could find almost any kind of BDSM
> furniture you can think off -- crosses, whipping posts, hanging cages, working "racks," play tables, play benches, suspension bars, a full on jail cell, an interrogation chair...and more! Numerous scenes of very sincere and high quality S&M were performed by guests throughout the venue. The many different rooms all had distinctly different vibes and decor for a variety of moods. Hot wax, play piercing, hardcore S&M, bondage and imprisonment fantasies -- all of it brought to glorious realization. With the infamous INIQUITY lighting effects and copious candlelight on top of that we imbued the venue with the decadent vibe we so love to provide. Plenty of tables and chairs in the main room created a perfect cafe feeling where you could just chill and enjoy your drinks while watching the shows or taking a break from dancing. The staff was universally friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and exuding that party vibe that we all know is the ambrosia we seek. Truly a spectacular beginning to a very promising future.


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