Friday, January 31, 2003

    Howdy all.  Some great news to report this issue. 
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    This issue we have a review of the magnificent BondCon 2003 in Las Vegas, news on a new Independent Film on the subject of S&M which will be screening in San Francisco next month, dates and info on a variety of upcoming events around the world, a hot hook-up for fetish fashion designers seeking a photographer, and news on one animal-loving company (No, not "that" kind of animal loving).
    Be sure to check the INIQUITY Website soon to see the latest installment in the photo-archives of the new INIQUITY JOURNAL section.  The subject of the next installment (to be posted by mid Feb): pictures from BondCon 2003 in Las Vegas!

Table Of (modified) Contents:

1. BondCon 2003 Las Vegas -- A Wonderful Surprise
    A bondage convention?  What do you picture?  A thousand drooling guys with cameras and 4 models around whom they swarm?  Then think again.  This Las Vegas premier event pretty much blew everyone away with the quality and exceeded almost every imaginable standard.
2. Indie Film Spotlights S&M -- San Francisco Festival Dates
    Independent film maker Mia Olin has spent the last 4 years assembling footage of actual scenes and people from the Los Angeles Fetish Scene.  This true insider expose' reveals the thoughts and feelings of why the S&M lifestyle is so powerful and so beautiful to so many people.  Included are the dates the film will be shown in the upcoming San Francisco Film Festival in February.
3.  Upcoming EVENTS!!!
    Fetish Factory / Alter Ego News from Florida, Fetish Toy Sale in San Francisco, Regular Parties in Toronto, MONSTER Fetish Event in Italy, Major Festival in Oklahoma, Erotic Art Festival in Seattle, SIN returns to San Francisco after a hiatus....
4.  Fetish Photographer Seeking Fashion Designers
    An up & coming Fetish photographer of outstanding caliber is currently seeking to align with Fetish Fashion designers for a mutually beneficial project.  Read on for details....
5. Perversion without Pain (to animals that is)....
    What do you do if you love to swing whips but have a conscience about the source material for that whip?  One reader sent in news regarding this intriguing website offering a solution....
6. Wrap Up & Stuff For New Readers
Nothin' special, just some thoughts to leave you with until next issue....
(and maybe the INIQUITY password....)


BondCon 2003 Las Vegas -- A Wonderful Surprise

    A bondage convention?  What do you picture?  A thousand drooling guys with cameras and 4 models around whom they swarm?  Then think again.  This Las Vegas premier event pretty much blew everyone away with the quality and exceeded almost every imaginable standard.
    First, a little bit of history regarding the most crowded week of the year in Las Vegas.  Originally, there was ONE convention which overwhelmed LV in the beginning of January every year: the CES Convention, which stands for Computer Electronics Show.  The CES was THEE place for both wholesalers and retailers to find out the absolute latest news in America about what kinds of gadgetry would be available in the coming year.  Needless to say, capitalizing on tens of thousands of horny business men became the focus for the regular businesses of Las Vegas during that week.
    Then someone clever decided they could further capitalize WITHIN the CES by adding a little section to the VCR / VHS area of the CES, namely an area that sold Porn.  To help stimulate the draw, various Porn stars attended this sub-section, or "Adult Area," to further gain the attention of the many men by signing autographs and posing for pictures.  As time went on, this "Adult Area" grew in size and scope to become an actual area for those within the Porn industry to network. 
    Eventually the "Adult Area" became large enough in the late 90's to break away and become it's own convention put on by the top name in Porn Movie Review, AVN (Adult Video News).  The AVN convention flourished, providing a separate-but-simultaneous convention dedicated to the Porn industry in it's many aspects.  "Industry-Only" hours were set wherein only those who worked in Porn in one fashion or another could meet and talk on the AVN convention floor, before the Public Hours where zillions of fans (ok, basically men) could swarm the floor.  AVN instigated their infamous Awards Ceremony ("Best Blow Job" "Best All-Sex Video" etc.) within the same convention, and the paparazzi came out to photograph the starlets in all their effulgent glory.
    THE FETISH ELEMENT was always present at the AVN in a corner here or there, and Bondage & S/M videos had their own little booths, though always dwarfed by the enormous booths of the big name Vanilla Porn companies.  In the last few years, right beside the increasing appearance of Fetish Clubs and activities around America, so too did the presence of Fetish at the AVN grow, bit by bit, drop by drop.  No longer merely one or two booths, several mainstream Porn companies even started generating a Fetish line once in a while.  Still, the Fetish sector only amounted to maybe 10-15% of the total booth presence at the AVN, growing little by little each year.
    Well once again we have the big event spawning a small event (more or less).  BONDCON actually first appeared as a tiny New York event about 3 years ago put together by a few videomakers within the Bondage (Damsel-in-Distress) video genre.  Moderately successful, apparently the organizers had a split, and a West Coast faction developed.  Simply and smartly, the West Coast organizers brilliantly realized the value of adding their name to the roster of Las Vegas' busiest week, and thence came BONDCON 2003, for the first time ever in Las Vegas.
    Soooo many things could have gone wrong with this move, but to eyes and ears of this attending author nothing did.  For a first year event, it was basically FLAWLESS.  The choice to overlap and even court attendees of the AVN was immaculate.  The ignorant thing to do would have been to set the convention at the usual times from 9-5 or 10-6, just like all the other conventions.  ONLY the BONDCON organizers had the insight to have the convention run from Noon to 8pm every day, allowing the attendees the luxury of knowing they could party as late as they wanted and still make it to work, as well as create an "only-convention-left-to-check-out" phenomenon for the last two convention hours every day.  Attendees of CES or AVN were notified about BONDCON, and the BONDCON floor noticeably increased in traffic from 6pm to 8pm.  Simply brilliant.
    Furthermore, the BONDCON creators could equally have dropped the ball by allowing the individual booths to create the post convention entertainment like they do at AVN and CES, where you either have to be connected or get a pass to get in, or you have to sort out the ensuing chaos of what is openly happening for the attendees on any given evening.  But BONDCON never made that mistake.  Starting with the night of Set-Up, even BEFORE the actual convention floor opened up the next day, the BONDCON organizers provided a cocktail party each and every night from 8pm to 10 or 11pm in one of the Stardust's elegant ballrooms.  Complimentary finger foods were plentiful and there was hardly ever a line at one of the various bars.  On a few of these nights the organizers also provided entertainment, including the famous Dita Von Tease and Catherine D'Lish doing their well-known giant bird cage and giant martini glass burlesque shows.  If attendees found themselves with nothing to do during the day, there were several purely-bondage oriented workshops to attend.
    The crowd seemed to seize these cocktail parties as an opportunity to break out their Fetish Fashion.  Although there was no dress code whatsoever, the environment simply seemed to inspire people to dress up, and for the most part people looked elegant.  The convention itself ran like clockwork, with a wide variety of booths.  Famous bondage models such as Emily Marylin and Stacy Burke had their own booths, numerous Bondage and S&M video companies were present, and several toy manufacturers were there to set up both wholesale arrangements as well as sell retail to the attendees at reduced convention-only prices.  The convention itself was held in a hall which had food and beverage service running the entire time, and even after the convention was finally over the organizers continued to carry the gold medal by having one last get-together "Lite" cocktail party on the convention floor after all the booths had been cleared out.
    Truly the organizers of BONDCON 2003 in Las Vegas went WAY past what a typical convention promoter needs to provide for the attendees.  They created a round-the-clock experience which was both a professional occasion, a social occasion, a party, a market place, and a solid networking arena.  Seriously above and beyond the call of duty.  The attendees were an amazing bunch of people from all over the U.S. and from many aspects within the greater BDSM Industry, from Videomakers to Models both recognized as well as new seeking to become known, to Dominatrixes promoting themselves and their websites, to manufacturers, all manner of talent within Fetish Video production (Producers, Directors, Editors, etc), to several Fetish-Art Photographers, to simple, curious attendees.  In truth, the last group, the simple curious attendees, were the fewest in number, which made BONDCON something of an Industry Convention where real business was done and real deals were struck.  Of all the groups, I doubt any of them would say they found the convention seriously lacking.
    About the only things that were not present at BONDCON were an actual dungeon-party or play area, and a stronger presence from the Fetish Art community.  Once in a while you would see someone doing a bondage show or a whipping demonstration, but although there were certainly social occasions organized, BONDCON itself could really have used a more focused event, party, or convention-floor area of this sort.  This was about the only constructive criticism that I heard from a variety of attendees, and even these people had to agree that overall BONDCON was an outstanding event.  One independent group organized the lone Play-Party at an outside permanent dungeon space.  The event, METAMORPHOSIS, was looked at with dubious eyes by many who suspected it would be a warehouse full of sloppy scenes by people you didn't really care to meet.  However, as the night approached on the eve of the party, more and more people decided to check it out as it was pretty much the only event of its kind for the entire convention.  I went with a group of a dozen or so people, and we were all delighted at what we found -- a viable party in a great venue filled with all manner of people who were mostly dressed up for the occasion doing all kinds of scenes, many of which were a pleasure to watch.  Of course the emphasis seemed to be on Bondage (go figure...), but I witnessed at least one scene of immaculate whip use in a more or less anything-goes environment (no knife play or fire play allowed).  As you can imagine, the bondage scenes that did occur tended to be pretty spectacular in themselves.  Although I did not personally play I am happy to say it was a perfectly pleasant and well attended event.
    The other factor, the lack of Fetish Art is something that was probably due to the newness of the event and the promoters personal network.  Hopefully they will contact many more Fetish Artists (Painters, Graphic Artists, more Fetish-Art Photographers, etc) for next year's convention.  Certainly for the incredibly reasonable booth prices that BONDCON asks there are dozens of artists who could use the exposure.
    Having spoken with some of the organizers of BONDCON, I can already tell you that providing a play-space is a priority in the works for next year.  I have no doubt that the word of BONDCON will get out to even more people in a variety of areas within the industry and so next year should be even bigger.  BONDCON may well end up taking most if not all the Fetish traffic from AVN one day, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the big name Porn companies who are starting their Fetish lines begin to have booths at BONDCON as well.
    Immaculately planned and executed, well attended with positive room to grow, focused, professional, and smoothly run, BONDCON 2003 was a truly fine event even to this author's jaded eyes.  The success and quality took me absolutely by surprise.  I had expected to hop back and forth between BONDCON and AVN, but after one day at each I tossed aside all further concern for AVN and made BONDCON my sole focus.  They took a lot of chances running parallel to AVN, and in my opinion they soared.  But most of all, beyond the excellence, the professional opportunities provided, and the chances the organizers took, BONDCON succeeded in one key area that is critically important for absolutely everyone involved and attending: BONDCON 2003 was Just Plain FUN.
    INIQUITY congratulates the BONDCON 2003 Las Vegas staff.

Indie Film Spotlights S&M -- San Francisco Festival Dates
    Independent Film writer and director Mia Olin has assembled a unique expose into what makes The Fetish Scene so much a part of our lives.  Primarily focusing on the extensive S&M community in Los Angeles, she has brought forth an exploration of various aspect of S&M aimed at informing and teaching the uninitiated.  Her film, HEADSPACE, took almost 5 years to complete, and is airing at various Film Festivals around the U.S.  HEADSPACE has recently been accepted into the San Francisco Independent Film Festival (
    I want to encourage everyone out there to attend at least one screening to show support.  This is a film by a true, hardcore Perv (aka One Of Us) so you know you won't be getting any silly and completely erroneous Hollywood myths.  By supporting people actually from the community who make films like this, we help to educate the world about the depth, passion and beauty of real S&M.  KNOW FOR A FACT that you have a voice -- many of you may recall another Fetish Film made by insiders from our community, PREACHING TO THE PERVERTED, which was dropped from San Francisco screenings a few years ago until WE, The INIQUITY List Members, stormed the theatre with demands that it be screened which resulted in the film being added back to the line up.
(from the Director of HEADSPACE)
    "I'm sending this email to let everyone know that my film Headspace has been accepted to show at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival. It will screen three times during the fest on2/9, 2/12 and 2/16 in San Francisco
Screening Schedule:
Sunday, 2/9 9:15pm @ Digital MovieHouse. It's at 1306 Mission St. at 9th St. in San Francisco, about 9 blocks from the Roxie Cinema.
Wednesday, 2/12 9:30pm @ the Roxie Cinema, 3117 16th Street at Valencia, San Francisco (Mission District),
Sunday, 2/16 9:15pm @ Expression Center for New Media, 6601 Shelmound St., Emeryville - The Expression Center is in Emeryville, which is right next to Berkeley/Oakland in the East Bay across the Bay Bridge. It's about a 15-20 minute drive from SF.

Ticket Info:

Tickets go on sale Monday, Jan. 27. General tickets are $8.50. Opening Night Gala tickets, includes after-party at 1015 Folsom, are $20. Matinees, all films before 4 pm, are $6.

Advance tickets and passes are available with no service charge at our walk up Box Office Monday through Friday 5 pm to 9 pm starting Jan. 27. The Box Office is located at Jezebel’s Joint, 510 Larkin at Turk. Advance tickets are also available online at, through TicketMaster by calling 415.421.TIXS and at most Bay Area Rite Aid stores and all Tower Records. Phone and web orders will be available for pick up at the Will Call table the day of the show. Same day tickets are only available at the theaters. The box office will open 30 minutes before the first show of the day and will sell tickets for that day’s shows at that theater only.

Hopefully, the film will be accepted to more festivals soon!
Thanks for all of your support!
Mia Olin
Headspace Productions

Upcoming EVENTS!!!

SAN FRANCISCO -- Dark Valentine Fetish & Toy Sale
Held in the East Bay in a Dungeon / Play Space.  14 Vendors and Artisans.  "Get that special Dark someone in your life something they will really love."
Saturday Feb. 8th, 2003, 1-5 pm
Location: The Scenery, Hayward, CA.
Admission: $5pp
Directions and More Info:
Play Party that evening, and your $5 admission is good for a $5 discount on the play party ticket.
SEATTLE -- The First Annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival
January 31-February 2, 2003
Downstairs at Town Hall
721 Seneca Street @ 8th Avenue
The Festival opens with a Gala Auction on Friday, January 31st in the newly renovated Downstairs at Town Hall. Featured are exceptional and unusual works of erotica selected from over 140 artists, including original pieces from internationally and locally acclaimed photographers Barbara Nitke, Charles Gatewood, James Mogul, Hypnox, Kevin Hundsnurscher; painters Jeff Hengst, Suzanne Shifflet; and mixed-media artists John John Jesse, Tomiko Jones, and Carolyn Weltman (2002 UK Erotic Artist of the Year).
Gala Auction Jan 31
7:30pm Preview & Media Reception
9:00pm auction
Special Guest MC Dan Savage
With Laura Michalek of The Seattle Modern Auction Company
Provocative Black-Tie Attire Requested
Art Exhibition & Sales Feb 1-Feb 2
12:00pm - 6:00pm
$5-$20 sliding scale
No one under 18 admitted.
for more info... visit
TORONTO -- Northbound Leather Brings You "FETISH AT 5IVE"
FETISH NIGHT at 5ive Nightclub, 5 St. Joseph St.
5ive  is located at 5 St. Joseph St. around the corner from NORTHBOUND (1blk north of Wellesley off Yonge St..).
Neill MacLeod will be your DJ
Upcoming nights are...

Thursday January 23, 2003
Thursday February 20, 2003
(13th Anniversary bash)
Thursday March 20, 2003
Join us for a night of dungeon and dancing!

Leather, Latex, Lingerie, Wetlook PVC, Patent, X-Dress and Uniforms
$5 b4 10pm
$15@Door $10 w/pass
Doors open at 9pm!
Brought to you by Steve (leather and bear nights) Buczek & George from Northbound
MIAMI -- Fetish Factory and ALTER EGO (one of America's VERY BEST FETISH CLUBS!!)
In keeping with our tradition of presenting the cutting edge in Fetish Entertainment, Alter Ego Productions is proud two announce not one, but TWO unique upcoming events.

The FIRST of these two parties will take place at Millennium nightclub in Pompano on Saturday, February 8th, 2003. On this night we will be celebrating the spirit of love (well, ok, lust) with our inaugural St. Valentine’s Day Event! This party is the perfect place to take that special someone and get a little frisky. Our Fetish Cupids will have party favors as well as a “sexiest couple” contest. For those of you who are single, we haven’t forgotten about you. The back room of Millennium will be sectioned off into a special “singles” meet and greet area for a portion of the evening. So if your one of those people who haven’t had as much luck as you’d like finding someone with the same kinky interests as you, this may just be your golden opportunity to meet the person of your dreams…well at least fantasies!
With that in mind, We are also looking forward to our March event. As was announced at the January Event last weekend, Alter Ego is EXTREMELY pleased to announce that on March 8th we will host London’s own


Torture Garden is one of the top Fetish Entertainment companies in the World. We could tell you all about their events, but feel it’s better to let them describe what they do in their own words:
TG performance line up for events around the world include New York, LA, San Francisco, Texas, Amsterdam, Japan, Zagreb/Croatia and even Milton Keynes!

T.G. has collaborated on shows and performances for Archaos Circus and Erotica, organized the launch party for Bravo TV, and supplied extras for films such as Judge Dredd and Preaching to the Perverted! (Credit:

This group of Fetish-Friendly DJ’s, performers and artists will converge onto Alter Ego to present an event like no other in the history of the South Florida Fetish Scene.
Already scheduled is a fire show by renowned diva Luci Fire
and a fashion show featuring the US Launch of the new TORTURE GARDEN Line of Latex clothing!
More information on both of these events will become available in the coming weeks. We have also been experimenting with some new music mixes at our events, as well as new ideas and concepts to give you the best Fetish Nightclub experience possible. Those of you who were at our January event might have noticed the new “retro” theme of our backroom lounge. We would love to hear your feedback on some of the changes… what you like and don’t like, and any ideas that you feel would improve the event. We feel these parties belong to the community, and would like to hear what YOU would like to see at YOUR event.
"...the most celebrated and outrageous fetish party in Italy!" 
Venerdì 14 febbraio 2003
Arena Club Milano, Italy
Via M. Pagano 19
(Parco Sempione)
Infoline: +39 347 8727599
In the heart of Milan, Bizar&Fetish4 continues its success as the
most celebrated and outrageous fetish party in Italy! Previous
Bizar&Fetish events have already been cited with flattering
reviews and photographic coverages in two important international
fetish magazines like Marquis & Skin Two

Free dungeon space will be available to Dominants and an open
buffet will be provided for all!
Special guest and live on stage heavy rubber performance: VALENTINA The Italian Rubber Doll
Bizar&Fetish4 will observe a STRICT DRESS CODE: only those
dressed in latex, leather, vinyl, kinky, drag, uniforms, fantasy, pervy,
total slave, etc will be admitted (this applies to men and women
alike!). You must show your apparel at the door but a changing
room will be available inside the club.
Admittance to Bizar&Fetish4 is by reservation ONLY. Tickets must
be purchased in advance: no tickets will be sold at the door. To
participate in the fourth all-night fetish party in the heart of Milano
send an email to Marco ( See you there!
Strict dress code: latex, vinyl, leather, kinky, drag, fantasy, pervy, uniforms...
Free SM dungeons spaces - buffet - drinks - live performances - video - dancefloor - dark rooms - fully equipped playrooms - all-night cloak-room attendants - dressing room
Admittance is by reservation only. Tickets must be purchased in advance: no tickets will be sold at the door
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Tribal Fire 2003 (early planning, info, and vendor call)
April 4-6, 2003
Once again, NLA-OKC is planning Tribal Fire 2003.  Last year was our first event and it was phenomenal.  This year promises to be even better.  Planned for the first weekend in April, let this be your "premier" big event for the new year.  We are filling this weekend with incredible vendors, seminars, dungeon parties, and more.
If you are interested in vending at our event, please let me as soon as possible as spaces are limited and the list is growing.  Last year, we allowed 15 vendors and our vending space was open to the public.  We had approximately 200 in attendance and 100 who attended the vendor area only.  This year, my plan is to keep the number of vendors at 15 so as not to flood the vendor area.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime.
~ Michelle
Tribal Fire Vendor Coordinator
NLA-OKC co-chair
SAN FRANCISCO -- SIN! returns on Valentine's Day, Friday, Feb 14th!
That's right Sinners, we're back and on second Fridays!  So mark yer
calendars and shine up those outfits.

SIN! returns with "Lust Redux" this Valentine's Day
9 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.
The Rawhide
280 7th St. (at Folsom), SF
Dressed: $5 til 10 p.m., $10 after
Drab: $15 all night
Heated roof deck (smoking OK!)
Separate playspace room
Special offers & dress code online
DM: Hawk
Host: Rev. Gladhand
Music with a leer and a sneer by:
    Sage (Slick / Dark Sparkle)
    Skip (New Wave City)
    Squee! (Wicked City)
    Kit (Midian)
21+ w/ ID

GERMANY -- Another NIGHT OF PASSION (one of the FINEST Fetish Parties In the WORLD!)
March 8, 2003

The location for this 'Night of Passion' is the same as last November. We are celebrating in the gorgeous old palace North of the historic city Bamberg. We extended the space available for the party, so you find even bigger playrooms and some quite rooms to linger. If you have time, you should come over to Germany on March, 8th. It will be worth it and it is cheaper then you may think.

The party tickets are still at 75 Euro a person, including a delicious buffet. And we can offer special hotel rates (including bus transfer to the castle and back) at 67 Euro for a double room, including breakfast for two. Next airport is Nuremberg and there are special rates from London Standsted with (from 78 Euro a person for two way, including fees) and surely you can find the one or other cheap carrier if you are located somewhere else. From Nuremberg airport you best get a rental car, the biggest and cheapest companies over here are and (BMW 3 or Mercedes C about 159 Euro a whole weekend including all miles).

You can order your tickets online:

More party information can be found on this site:

And our new gallery with pictures of previous parties can be viewed here:

Our program this time includes:
- Exhibition by Tom (sm-heaven):
- Big slave auction
- Exclusive, delicious buffet
- Dancefloor with DJs Michaela and Axel
- Presentation by Marc et Celine:
- Temporary Tattoos by Body Fun
- Various play areas with enough privacy all over the castle
... and everything until the early hours

Even though we have no set dresscode, we prefer nice or spectacular fetish outfits or an evening dress or tuxedo. Our party is one of the most elegant events around. Therefore we ask you, to spend some time on the choice of your wardrobe. It doesn't have to be expensive or unique, but it should fit to the setting.

The exact location is, as usual, kept secret. Only ticket holders are given the address and the roadmap to the castle. Therefore we ask all of you not to tell any one where the party takes place.

We have no ticket sale on the evening of the party and our party always is sold out quite quickly. People who order tickets and don't pay in time, have no right to get tickets, if the party is sold out by then. Of course we will immediately transfer back the money of people who did not get a ticket. If you want to make sure, that you get tickets, submit your ticket order and sent us an additional email, asking for it. We usually don't do reservations, but can hold back tickets for people from outside Germany.

The party is mainly for couples and people, accompanying them. Of course homosexual couples are welcome the same way and if a group of friends would like to come along, it is also fine with us. And for exceptionally nice singles, we have ten tickets left, so that they have a chance to participate at this unique event. This has worked fine in the past and we hope it will do so for the future as well. And the misbehaviour of anybody, which is coming to our attention, will result in a permanent ban from our events.

OUTLOOK: We currently setting up our next event. This time it will be one of our rare weekend parties. So look forward to the unique Weekend of Passion from May 23rd till May 25th, we will announce it in the near future. Tickets will then be limited to 100 people only, to keep the weekend cosy and unforgettable.

Your Xklusiv-Team
Jacqueline und René


Fetish Photographer Seeking Fashion Designers

    Up and coming Fetish Photographer "Federico" is a name that some of you know and many more will learn about.  His images grace the pages of various Fetish Magazines on rare occasions, but his style and skill are without dispute.  Truly original in his unique methods of capturing light Fetish Moods and beautiful models wearing Fetish Fashion, Federico is going to be a force to be reckoned with in years to come.

    At this time, Federico is seeking NEW FETISH FASHION DESIGNERS to work with in a mutually beneficial manner.
From Federico:
    "I need to find some hot upcoming Fetish clothing Designers in California, that need advertising of their rubber, etc. I have my own studio for shooting in Southern California, but I can come to your area if it is not too far away. I'm basically offering my Free services as a photographer and producer, and the chance to get on some major magazines like Skin Two. Publicity would work both ways, for me and the designer.
In return I'd like unlimited access to rubber clothing for the shoots and of course the models, if necessary, must be paid. What I'm looking to do is something original/creative/wicked/sexy, etc..yarayarayara...just leave it up to me to make your designs look amazing."
Send inquiries / replies to:

(Ed. -- I have seen tons of Federico's work -- he is the real thing.)


Perversion without Pain (to animals that is)....

    The Great conundrum of the Social Responsible Perv: we love our environment and we respect nature (gotta have trees to tie someone to, you know), and we love leather.  Ooops.  (*Embarrassed shuffling of feet*) Um, yeah, we really do love leather.  It is implicit in almost every aspect of S&M, and a huge faction of the Fetish Fashion Scene.  And yet, a few of us feel just a little embarrassed now and again to be supporting the cattle industry and therein a thousand worldly evils not the least of which is the destruction of the rainforest.

    OK.  Admittedly there are some of you who are saying "Yeah, right" and / or "Puh-lease!"  And some of you have probably concocted ASTOUNDING rationalizations about the leather being a "By-Product" of the meat industry and so the you are just helping to put the skin to good use instead of having it wasted (personally, that is my favorite rationalization).  Regardless, there will still be a few of you out there who's consciences just won't let up, and Jiminy Cricket is constantly admonishing you to stop using the skin of a poor animal.
    Well now there is hope and an answer.  Vegan Fetish.  Yep.  In fact, that is the name of the online store that sells items made for the Truly Socially and Environmentally Responsible amongst us:
An animal rights activist has set up an internet business that sells leather-free collars, restraints, whips and harnesses to sado-masochistic vegans.  Endorsing the site, a spokesman for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said: "More and more people are looking for items that are cruelty free."
    (*Ed. -- Stop laughing, this is a real thing*)
    Vegan Erotica in their own words:
    " manufactures hand-crafted vegan bondage gear, whips, belts, harnesses, and other vegan leather (a.k.a. "pleather") items. We also sell vegan condoms and other sex products.  By vegan, we mean 100% vegetarian, in that none of the items we sell contain animal products, were tested on animals, or whose production directly contributed to the suffering of animals. For more information on veganism, please visit Vegan Outreach or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals."
    With Belts, Condoms, Collars, Hardware, Harnesses, "Hitting Toys," Lubricants, Restraints, and even "Bulk Vegan Leather" amongst their stock, you can veritably adorn yourself and your dungeon while being nice to animals.  What the heck, aye?  It was certainly a gap waiting to be filled.  I have already seen the websites for Bible-Beating Christian S&M Societies (yep, they really exist), and now we have Vegan Pervery.  The site makes no comment about Latex whatsoever, nor does it address the environmental impact of the plastics or petroleum products used in the production of their beloved "Pleather," nor do they mention anything about the longevity of Pleather versus Leather (no comparison), so to be certain this is a site SPECIFIC to those who feel bad about LEATHER in particular.  But again, one must ask, "Why not?"
    More power to you Vegan Erotica for a more Guilt-Free experience of S&M for Animal Lovers.
(Editor's Note / Legal Disclaimer: this "guilt" does not include fun guilt intentionally induced during a humiliation scene nor transgressional guilt on the part of a slave during training.  All guilt stipulated or referred to by the term Guilt Free is solely pertaining to informed and chosen experience solely on the part of the user.  The company nor its affiliates nor any gods or goddesses of preferred religions shall make any claim nor indemnify the non-guilty party against any residual guilt they may feel as the result of a chosen experience or as a result of a nasty trick being played on them by a leather-loving associate).


Wrap Up

How about online S&M Dating services for people who hate computers?

A line of S&M Disciplinary toys for people who hate to hurt others?
Maybe a How-To manual on "Friendly Sadism"?
Surely there must be a thousand fringes within our fringe population.....  ;-)
(And the password is "Iniquity")
Fetish Dreams,
-- Arcane & The INIQUITY Staff


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