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Ah yes, just like the old days, it is shortly before midnight as I sit down with a cup of my infamously strong coffee, absolutely DETERMINED to get this SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE out by this coming morning....or, well, at least by the end of the century. ;-)
WELCOME to the END of The MILLENNIUM (er, NOT). OK, how about: WELCOME to the ROLLOVER!! (you know, like how the odometer in your car "rolls over" from 1-9-9-9 to 2-0-0-0).
Ok, that's my way of saying this is gonna be a WHOPPER of an issue. Before we dive into what things are going on out and about in the Fetish World, lets have a bit of fun and lets bring things Up-To-Date......
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Table O' Contents:


  1. PLAYBOY TV comes of age with "Fetishes"
  2. SLICK as ever
  4. NEW ORLEANS: Fetish Is There (If You Look Hard Enough)
  5. LOS ANGELES: Fetish Dinners Build In Reputation
  6. Latex In The Mainstream
  7. Review: "AREA101" DOES IT AGAIN
  11. Ropework for your next Party: TWO KNOTTY BOYS
  12. Review: The Superb Fetish Side Of PARIS
  13. Vampire Technology SALE to Jan. 5th
  14. Meanwhile in New York City..
  15. Wrappin It Up (important notes)

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PLAYBOY TV comes of age with "Fetishes"


      It is a bright and beautiful day when a source as potentially Vanilla and mainstream as Playboy steps forward with a Fetish program as awe-inspiring as the recent addition to the Playboy TV line-up called "Fetishes." Actually the product of a Playboy TV 'contractee' known as Reality Productions Group, the one hour show takes the viewer on a well-paced and sexy romp through a variety of Fetish activities, culminating with a GORGEOUS hard-core D&S scene which takes place right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

     This one-hour special, which airs at least a dozen times on Playboy TV over the next month and a half, starts off with an expose' on Exhibitionism in New York's Central Park (and it is actually hilarious to see the jaded reactions of the unsuspecting New York public). The show then explores Voyeurism, High Heels, and S&M amongst it's other 10-minute sojourns. Most of the time the vignettes fluctuate between attempting to show the sexiest side of the activity, and presenting a down-to-earth perspective on what could potentially be quite freaky to the "uninitiated." In fact, this is my Number Two Chief Compliment to the RPG and Playboy TV -- they have AT LONG LAST presented for the General Public an expose' of Fetishes that not only represents every one in a Positive Light, they have gone out of their way to seriously Avoid the Usual Tendency to create a Freak Show. How many times have we had to grimace at the pathetic attempts of MTV or HBO as their Anti-Midas Touch turns even the hottest Fetish into nothing more than a circus side-show? Well, the folks at RPG may well be amongst the first to have successfully avoided that trap and I personally congratulate them for that. :-)

       No doubt each viewer out there amongst the IQ who sees the show will have their favorite vignette and equally be able to find a few things they would have done differently. Nonetheless, considering that the main viewing audience will be Mainstream America, I think these guys have presented us not only well, but have even perhaps captured some of the true intensity that we who actually practice feel in our hearts. What comes to mind when I say this is the final vignette featuring San Francisco's very own Cat & Maus engaged in one wickedly sexy S&M, Domination & submission ritual. If you miss everything else, do not miss this final segment, which the creators went out of their way to build up to and present in a truly honorable manner. From what I understand talking directly with Cat & Maus, there was absolutely NO CHOREOGRAPHY and no pre-planning. The beautiful moments we are privy to see are coming straight from the heart and soul of this Master & his slave. In fact, at one point the two were so involved in just "doing their thing," that they became unaware that the camera had caught on film a moment of true, romantic intimacy where the slave speaks aloud what her Master means to her in their private, ritualized litany. Absolute, Sheer Magic. :-)

       The couple later told me that when they got to preview the show for the first time they were both shocked to see that extremely private moment on film. I reassured them when I saw the production that it had to be one of the most beautiful moments of Fetish Film I had ever seen anywhere. The show is called "Fetishes" and it airs on PLAYBOY TV for the next six weeks. Oh yeah -- the bit about how INIQUITY is getting coverage? At the very end of "Fetishes," The INIQUITY Website is given a wonderful and unmistakable credit (as INIQUITY's resources were briefly used to help assist the producers).




       "Spanksgiving" was the name of the latest entry into the legend of SLICK, and I am happy to say that the usual SLICK standards were happily enjoyed by all. Somewhat of a mellower evening, probably due to a slightly smaller and food-sedated crowd from the Thanksgiving Holidays, guests were treated to a wonderful fashion show by So Hip It Hurts, a more up-beat music mix, and a great crowd of people. Although many of us may have seen some of yester-year's fashions by S.H.I.H., at this last SLICK we happily enjoyed a variety of new creations all out of the signature brightly colored latex. My personal favorite was a latex Feudal Samurai, complete with a martial arts routine involving a huge, twirling, Japanese bladed staff. The DJ's for the evening seemed to take a new turn for the night, adding some more up-beat dance and house tunes to the usual Goth-Industrial mix. The Goth-Industrial crowd was nonetheless treated to a sumptuous serving of their favorite rhythms as this is still the main-stay of the SLICK DJ's. Overall it was a pleasant night and chance to hook up with dozens of faces and friends from the local San Francisco Fetish Scene. Now in its fifth year, SLICK still stands out as one of the Fetish pinnacles of the San Francisco Scene.



Movie: Razor Blade Smile


       You love it, you hate it. You love it, you hate it. This seems to be the general non-consensus from the various Fetishists who I have talked to who have seen RAZOR BLADE SMILE (now available on Video). The questions you must ask yourself are:

1) how much do you like Vampire movies?

2) How much do you like Assassin movies? And

3) Do you find it viable that Vampires make good natural career-choice Assassins and that Latex makes sense as the outfit of choice for their work?

When I first heard this description (which btw is also on the back of the video box, so no I have not given away any significant plot secrets), my ears perked right up. Certainly a low-budget film, the producers did an EXCELLENT job of tapping into London's Fetish Fashion designers for their wardrobe (i.e. you are treated to a hefty dose in that department) with names like Murray & Vern amongst the credits. Equally the writers, obvious London residents, had fun with the tongue-in-cheek irony of a Real Vampire who spends her time hanging out amongst the wanna-bes at London's very real Transylvania Horror Bar Restaurant (where the food is in fact pretty good). ;-)

       The film has been criticized as having strayed "too far from traditional Vampire legend" (according to..?) and being weak on the Fetish elements (I suspect we would ALL agree that ALL movies would look better if every beautiful body was tightly clad in latex in every scene......or not). I personally enjoyed the movie as it was, despite these reviews from others which I had heard prior. As a Dark Comedy, the movie's campy, sometimes even silly plot and dialogue is mixed with a terrific dose of Conspiracy Theory that would make even Umberto Eco himself take note. Under the genre of horror films is perhaps where the hardcore fans are disappointed, as the story is more "La Femme Bloodita" than "Dracula" by any means. Suffice it to say that the main character looks HOT in her various latex outfits (you see, latex IS the choice of the hyper-mature, multi-centurians), and the gore is as much from bullets as from fangs. There are a few moments of complete illogic, but they are not so significant as to wreck the over-all flow of the film. One IQ reader was very disappointed in the main character's obsession with flat-bottomed thigh-high Patent Leather boots, i.e. how could they wreck the sacred image of the lethal stiletto by substituting a Doc Martin sole? My only answer is that assassins, even supernatural ones, occasionally need to haul-ass outta there, and running in stilettos is just simply not practical for the job (I mean would Tom Cruise wear stilettos for Mission Impossible? No, I do not mean behind the scenes in his private life, thank you.)

       My recommendation is Go See It - Rent It. Keep your expectations low and enjoy the amount of Fetish that we DO get to see. Oh, and by the way, I LOVED the ending! :-)



New Orleans: The Fetish is There (if you look hard enough)


        New Orleans has long been known as a city of Infinite Charm, ancient etiquette, wrought iron, bougainvillea, and in the last few decades, Vampires. However, despite the various positive reputations, the same city which people associate with excess has for far too long kept it's Shinier Secrets buried. Take for example the S&M scene, of which back in the early '90's was almost impossible to tap into unless you had connections. And Fetish Fashion? Um, what is that? Welcome to New Orleans in 1999. First of all I want to take a quick side tour and tell everyone that the FOOD in New Orleans is a fantasy in itself. EVERY SINGLE THING we ate was FANTASTIC!! O.K. Just had to make that point clear. As I was saying, it appears that good ol' N.O. is FINALLY starting to enter the 21st century while still paying heavy fealty to it's origins. Upon visiting this last Halloween for the sake of attending the Anne Rice Vampire Ball and a "Fetish Ball" the following night, I spent a great deal of time intensely investigating how deep the Public Fetish vein was running. I am happy to say that New Orleans now boasts at least a half-dozen Excellently Equipped Fetish Shops and Salons, with items ranging from Traditional Fetish Attire (Rubber, Leather, PVC, etc) to specialty shops for the hardcore Leatherman Scene, to High Heels shops with truly unique designs, to S&M supply stores. The last department, the "toy" stores, is perhaps the weakest link as there was not a huge selection of floggers, restraints, etc, to choose from, although most basic needs could certainly be met. Of course, even if you were disappointed in the selection of Fetish items, I can safely say you would be happily satisfied with the FOOD in New Orleans, which was Excellent. :-)

       As far as the parties go, um, well, lets just say that the Anne Rice Vampire Ball blew our minds -- in the fact that this Mountain Peak of Gothdom could SUCK SOOOO BADLY! When I travel I do not take my fanciest stuff, and so I packed some basic black PVC pants, an antiquated formal lace shirt, and a velvet overcoat. I expected to be amongst the most "Basic" of attire at what I THOUGHT was going to be a festival of thousand-dollar, gorgeous outfits. I am sad to say that my friends and I were not only amongst the Best Dressed, but in fact we stood out like a sore thumb -- i.e. there were LOTS of Black Jeans and T-shirts, and no dress code whatsoever was enforced. There was one female vocalist who was quite good, but the shows went sharply down hill from that, and the main event seemed to revolve around sitting on your butt and watching a very scratched-up copy of "Interview With The Vampire" on a big screen shot from an out-of-date projector. Um, can you say BORING???? Suffice it to say we left early and went to get something to eat, because even in the coffee shops the FOOD in New Orleans was Excellent. As for the other party billed as a "Fetish Event," we were equally disappointed, if not more so. Besides the fact that some of my group were accosted by drunken members of the venue staff, we spent most of our time standing around, again being amongst the best dressed (I say this as a comparison point to what was there -- or more accurately NOT there -- and this was an event that DID have a dress code). There were Hours-Long lags where NOTHING one was dancing, no entertainment, and the Single, Main Hall was filled with the unmistakable sounds of "People Milling About." For the most part it seemed that people might not have wanted to cut loose on the dance floor until after the designated show, which was also hours late. The other chief disappointment was in the fact that we were promised a Dungeon/Play Space, and we all brought various BDSM toys along with a tremendous desire to play. We found out Only Upon Arrival that the Play Space had been "cancelled." Oh gee, thanks for telling us (or putting it on the hotline, or..). We politely asked if we could then simply do our stuff on the main dance floor (or in the shadows to the side as the case would be), and were informed, "if you do, then do so at your own risk and it isn't our fault if you get arrested." This was about when our "bullshit-factor" began to near it's peak. When the show, a "ritual" did finally come on, although I might have stayed to watch it I am sad to say that my friends felt it to be sooo anti-climactic that everyone wanted to leave, being fed-up with the disappointing nature of the entire event. So we left and went to get something to eat, because the FOOD in New Orleans was SERIOUSLY EXCELLENT. Overall New Orleans has some quality Fetish Shopping where you may actually find some new and unique items (one woman purchased a pair of 6" stilettos with built in motion-sensors that made little, colored lights flash throughout the clear plastic platform), and where there is enough character and variety to please the casual shopper. As for Fetish clubs this city still has far to go from what we experienced. However, that said, I must recommend that you not visit New Orleans on any kind of diet, because the Food was plainly and simply Amazing. :-)


Los Angeles: Fetish Dinners Build In Reputation


       At the advent of Los Angeles' G-Force Dungeon and Mistress Sabrina Belladonna, the City of Angels has hit a new high in an as-of-yet barely explored new genre: The Public Fetish Dinner. Held this last Dec. 13th at the Cinnabar Restaurant, the sumptuous 7-course meal was attended by a sizeable flock of Exquisitely Clad Pervs. The sit-down affair, which takes over the venue in which it is held, has a VERY STRICT FETISH DRESS CODE, and so everyone in attendance looked as good as the food tasted. Reports have come back from various sources that the evening was a smashing success. The Perv Chefs prepared a variety of delicacies for a most appreciative audience, who's seats cost $75 per person. Not one single person complained about the price after the event. :-)

       Word has it that these Fetish Dinners, where it is perfectly OK to park your slave on floor beside you or play with your food in a variety of erotic manners (not to mention engage in mini-scenes in the middle of the feast), may well turn into Monthly Events in Los Angeles. Whether or not they will always be held at the same restaurant with a changing menu, or held at differing locations remains unknown. Regardless, the current word on the street is that if you are in the Los Angeles area, this is a do-not-miss occasion. :-)

For more info, check the G-Force website at:

Latex in the Mainstream..

       Once again latex attire creeps steadily forward into the mainstream, for better or worse. We have all seen how a bit of Fetish shows up annually upon the bodies of various musicians -- no surprise there. MTV blasts our senses with the PVC clad figures of various stars who think a "flogger" is some kind of beer drinking device. Yet even amidst this apparent ignorance comes the occasional artist who has gone farther than the rest in truly embracing Fetish Fashion. It is for this reason that the 1999 INIQUITY AWARD for the Pop Star Who Seriously Appears To Appreciate Fetish Fashion goes to..... (no real surprise) Shania Twain

       Yep. Love her or hate her, no other Pop Star in 1999 has so completely embraced Latex in the USA. This actually only really came to my attention recently, even though I have previously written about Ms. Twain in her gorgeous latex wardrobe here and there. It seems that when Ms. Twain is performing live in her concert tours, during her many, many wardrobe changes a HUGE percentage of these include Latex Attire! Add this to the many latex-clad appearances of Ms. Twain in magazines like FHM. You might argue for the wardrobe of bands like the Genitorturers, but the Award still goes to Ms. Twain only because of the sheer quantity of exposure (no pun intended) that a major Pop Star like her has gotten in Latex. It's a purely Quantitative award. ;-)

       OK, now hold on to something to steady yourself and make sure you are not eating (don't want anyone choking you know) -- amongst Ms. Twain's Country Music / Pop Star Performance Attire is a Pink Latex Cowgirl outfit ("western" shirt and mini-skirt) with White Latex fringe, accompanied by a shiny pink cowboy hat of unknown composition, and one would expect matching pink [leather?] boots. Some may even find this outfit not only intriguing but sort of sexy in a cross-genre fashion between High-Fetish and Cowboy/Cowgirl fantasies (assuming one can get past the implicit denim factor of the Cowgirl fantasies). Regardless, whether her outfits make you quiver with anticipation or want to spew, and whether or not her audience will even remotely appreciate the time or significance of her mostly-custom outfits (or think it horribly "Hollywood" -- an equal misnomer), she still ranks as the 1999 INIQUITY Pop-Star Award winner for sheer quantity of original latex designs contracted for herself. Hey, you gotta imagine that she "gets it" on some level... Alongside Ms. Twain's achievement, on another platform Latex is breaking into the public eye, namely the icons of the world of Video & Computer Games. Most notable amongst these is the recent deluge of still photos of a model posing as Tomb Raider's Lara Croft, clad in a sea-foam-green latex muscle-T. No way to mistake that one. Now if only the conceptualizer would figure out that she needs some Brown Latex Shorts to go with the top, THEN she could truly be a poster-child for the Perv-Gaming masses. J As an icon of a butt-kicking, ultra-sexy, smart, wealthy, sophisticated female, who just happens to now be clad in at least one super-obvious latex top, one wonders how this will affect the tastes of the young persons just discovering the bliss of hormonal insanity, both make and female. Many other "action figures," comic book characters, and Video Games are yielding some rather "mature" attire amongst their constituents, but it seems the "live" Lara Croft photos win top place in a no-holds-barred homage to Latex.



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