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"THEE premier Fetish Fashion magazine in the world. An absolute source of inspiration. This site has both a FREE side and a PAY / Members side (the Members side is only a small fee like $15 per Year)."

MARQUIS Magazine Online
"MARQUIS Magazine ranks as one of the top names in Fetish Fashion publications. With a heavy emphasis on rubber, and their famous White Room imagery, MARQUIS and "O" images can be seen scattered throughout the Fetish universe."  The MARQUIS Online Store offers a 10% discount for All Items with the INIQUITY Password. Place the password in the spot for "URL" on your order form.

SYREN Rubber Clothing
"When it comes to affordable, high quality, easy-to-mix-and-match rubber clothing designs, SYREN is the place. However, their true distinguishing mark is the fact that they can make anything out of their HUGE selection of colors At No Extra Charge!!! Fancy fluorescent orange? Navy blue? Metallic Purple? Syren has it." The INIQUITY Password gets you 10% off all current designs (any color or size).

Leather Etc.
Corner of 8th and Folsom, SF
"I personally consider it one of THEE best shops in San Francisco, especially for the budget minded Pervert. Whenever I have friends from out of town come visit for Fetish fun, Leather Etc. is a definite stop on the tour. Their prices are usually the Lowest In Town on anything that you might also find in a competing shop. Mention INIQUITY's sacred password and receive a 10% discount on ALL purchases!

Scarred Rubber
"A Beautiful website dedicated to all manner or rubber clothing. With many large, clear picture of the items worn by a model, these relative newcomers to the world of BOTH Men's and Women's rubber fashion have made a bold display of their wares in an exciting, well - photographed format. Both sexes will find plenty to choose from." Mention the INIQUITY Password and receive 10% off ALL purchases!

"An exquisite place to shop for gorgeous traditional and Fetish designs in Corsetry. Now 100% Internet Based, their online shop has a minor selection of adult toys and books as well." The INIQUITY Password gets you 10% off Everything!

Dark Garden Corsetry
"A long-time standard bearer of ultra-high-quality, custom made corsetry in the San Francisco Bay Area. Beginning as a humble venture to local clients, Dark Garden has expanded to cater to corset lovers literally around the world. Their elegant shop is staffed by highly skilled, friendly people who will guarantee that your custom corset will fit you perfectly."The INIQUITY Password gets you 10% off Everything!

Stormy Leather
"A 100% Woman Owned & Operated business, Stormy Leather can perhaps be called San Francisco's only true 100% 'fetish boutique.' With a wide selection in all manner of Women's Fetish Fashion, as well as a mild but healthy display of high heels, S&M toys, magazines, and books, Stormy Leather makes a great stop on your Bay Area Fetish Tour. Although not cheap, they are certainly one of the better shops for women's rubber wear, with name brands like SKIN TWO. The shop also doubles as a Fetish Art Gallery. Mention the INIQUITY Password and receive 10% off ALL purchases online and in the shop! "

House of Harlot
"Some of my fondest early memories when I first got into the Fetish Scene in Europe were the fashion shows of H of H. These guys design some of the most exquisite custom latex outfits you have ever seen, including the infamous Wasp Man and Wasp Woman which graced the famous Glastonbury Festival one year. If you can think it up, these guys can create it. Not cheap by any means, but they are certainly well equipped to cater to any bizarre super-hero or other costume style latex creation you can imagine."

Fetish Factory
"Located in South Florida, the folks at Fetish Factory are an absolute boon to the South Eastern U.S. Scene. They have created a slick and sexy website that not only catalogues a fabulous collection of latex designs and designers, but also serves as a pleasant nexus to Fetish Activities around the U.S. They also host one of the best parties in Florida called ALTER EGO, and their modern art / post-apocalyptic stores in the Miami area absolutely worth a visit. Mention the INIQUITY Password and get a 10% discount on all clothing items!
"The folks at FETISH FACTORY also run another strictly online Fetish Fashion business (in addition to all the other stuff these guys do!) called EYE CANDY INTERNATIONAL. Eye Candy basically comes down to the fact that FETISH FACTORY is the sole U.S. distributor of HONOUR, a well-respected, mostly PVC label out of England. Check out Eye Candy International and as usual, mentioning the INIQUITY Password will get you 10% off your purchase."

Hay-Way Custom High Heels
"This very unique Fetish Footwear site can custom build the high heels of your dreams, and they cater to sizes 4-14! You pick the shoe body style, the heel style, the height, etc -- everything! A must for high-heel fetishists."

Extrem Zapatos (yes, Extrem)
"A well-stocked online High-Heel Shoe and Boot vendor out of Spain who has offered a whopping 15% Discount to INIQUITY readers! They are nicely equipped to fill a number of specialized high-heel desires. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you live in Europe."Mention the INIQUITY Password to receive your 15% discount off ALL purchases!

Forplay Shoes
"An incredible selection of pre-made high heels and boots. Their prices are reasonable and they are one of the rare shops carrying super - high-heels over 6" tall. A serious collection of some of the hottest and sexiest styles available, including one of the best high heel boot collections anywhere."

Vampire Technology
"A unique approach to Fetish Fashion with some outrageous designs -- sort of Recycled Rubber meet Hellraiser. Definitely worth checking out to see how Fetish Fashion has many avenues left to be explored....." Mention INIQUITY's sacred password and receive a 10% discount on purchases.

Northbound Leather
"Northbound Leather...what can I say? Do you get turned on by delicious, skin-tight leather attire? It ain't cheap but it's exquisite. Their shop is also a superb connection for any Fetishists in the Toronto area."

Retail Slut
"A must-visit shop in Los Angeles, and a Fetish-Goth page with a Punk attitude. The clothing they sell is a mixture of Fetish Fashion & Gothic attire." The INIQUITY Password gets you 10% off all Bondage Gear and Fetish Clothing (only)

Fetish Central Online Clothing
"A relative newcomer to the Fetish Clothing arena, these local folks (SF Bay Area) have created a simple, well-crafted website to display the items they sell. Primarily rubber goods from England, they also have a fairly extensive collection of Women's Leather wear worth checking out, as well as a free personals page, a latex photo gallery and more."Mention the INIQUITY Password and receive AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF even their SALE PRICES!

The Fetish Fashion Guide
"Someone out there had created one of the most amazing pure lists of Fetish Fashion related websites I have ever seen. With listing of Fetish clothing manufacturers and what not from all over the world, there must be something like 500 sites listed here. Pretty amazing. Note that for some reason this website has A LOT of problems loading on a Macintosh (tested on several diff. systems)."

"Almost every Perv nowadays has heard of or seen Deviant and their Liquid Latex. If you have any interest in creating the ultimate in Skin-Tight fashion (or perhaps I should say Second-Skin fashion), these are the people to check out. You can purchase their wares in a many shops such as Leather Etc. (who offers the INIQUITY Discount) or you can purchase online directly from the website where the infamous INIQUITY Password gets you 10% off ALL purchases.
Those diligent denizens over at DEVIANT are also up to some new tricks with an entire line of rubber clothing, the kind you wear and wash rather than peel off. They showcase a number of exquisite items of latex clothing from a reputable manufacturer." The INIQUITY Password gets you 10% off ALL clothing purchases as well, AND you should inquire when making a purchase about ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS offered EXCLUSIVELY to INIQUITY MEMBERS!

Apparel PassiongearUK
"An effective and straight-forward website which sells a number of wonderful pieces of Fetish attire, mostly for women but with a limited men's section as well. Definitely has a few new designs here and there, as well as a hefty selection of lingerie. Prices are in British pounds, so remember to multiply by about 1.65 to get the price in $US. One really cool feature of the site is the ability to zoom in and even take a 360 degree tour of some pieces of clothing.
Mention the INIQUITY Password and receive a FREE GIFT with your purchase!"

"Now completely online based, the gurus at WHIPLASH have long provided some of the most exquisite outfits for many a fashion show and fetish fashion event. They carry some of the most renown designers in the world such as Inner Sanctum, DeMask, House of Harlot and many more. In addition, they are now the producers of a excellent series of high-quality 'pure-fetish' videos of a completely non-sexual S&M and latex theme. You'll also find a wide selection of wild and seriously over-the-top rubber toys, supplies and books at their site, including the notorious 'sleep sack' made from 100% sheet rubber!" Mention the INIQUITY Password and receive 10% off most purchases -- some items may be exempt. The site also often lists various specials.

Tough Gloves - New!
"We specialize in leather gloves, mostly for men, mostly for men who are really into gloves."

SHRINE, Los Angeles, Melrose @ Curson
"Practically a legend in my mind in terms of an independent clothing designer who started off with a few pieces and has steadily grown to fill out an immaculate and very beautiful boutique of exquisite clothing worth a visit if only just to see the shop. The owners, Peter & Rhonda, personally designed 90% of the clothing in the shop and all I can say is that SHRINE is literally the BEST Goth & Fetish-Goth clothing (inc. wild original PVC creations, and much, much more) produced out of America. Nowadays if you see a fabulously beautiful piece of Antiquated High Formal Club Wear, also called "period" clothing, on the West Coast there is a pretty rock-solid chance it is going to be a SHRINE piece. Can you tell that I just cannot say enough about these guys? Very reasonable prices and super-nice people to boot, SHRINE is definitely a unique shopping experience where ANYONE with a taste for fine Goth or Fetish Goth is going to find something." Mention the INIQUITY Password and receive 10% off your purchases while in the shop!"



"Rubberlicious creates unique fetish clothing and toys made exclusively from rubber.  Check out their designs amongst which you will find a cat-o-nine-tails that I have personally used and can vouch that it is a truly unique and magnificent toy for medium-to-heavy S&M."

Sonny Black Dungeon Furniture
"The proprietors of INIQUITY have watched as the infamous Sonny Black went from being a new face in the S&M Furniture community to truly becoming one of the finest talents in the industry. Sonny Black S&M Furniture can be seen all over the finer portion of the global Fetish and S&M community.
Such film makers as Gwen Media use almost exclusively Sonny Black's talents, and in fact the home of INIQUITY's CARNAVALE DE SADE events, the Passive Arts Studio, has commissioned several incredible, custom creations by this genuine artist."

Dungeon Builder
"Excellent prices and above all TRANSPORTABILITY are what make this man's creations well worth considering for the adornment of your personal Play Space. Amongst other things, I consider his Crowing Achievement to be his Completely Collapsible DOUBLE Folding St. Andrew's Cross. If you have been to an INIQUITY Event you would have seen any number of this man's creations in use by the players there."

Mr. S / Fetters and Madame S
"Would you call yourself HARDCORE? Does the thought of Heavy Iron Shackles turn you on? How about Custom Leather Pants? Wanna see the Biggest collection of Leather Hoods this side of the Rockies? One answer: Mr. S / Fetters. Mr. S is a Man's Fetish Paradise (women too!). Stocking an incredible display of rubber and leather Fetish Clothing for Men, no one in the Bay Area can really compare in this department. Their S&M toys are so numerous and varied that all sexes are guaranteed to find something intriguing with each visit. Their collection of genuine handcuffs and shackles from around the world as well as their leather straight jackets and iron cages are worth a visit in and of themselves!" Mention the INIQUITY Password and receive a FREE MR. S T-Shirt (quality black) with your purchase! (Honor system please -- one T-shirt per INIQUITY reader). Check this link often as the Mr. S freebies will change!

The Stockroom
"The FIRST major online BDSM supply shop. They have a HUGE selection of restraints, collars, and numerous other assorted adult toys. Considered one of the best 'toy stores' on the web, this is a definite stop for your online BDSM shopping tour." The INIQUITY Password gets you 10% off Everything!

Aesthetic Meat Foundation
"The A-M-F Online Katalog has a wide variety of High Quality Bondage Gear including: Chastity Belts, Strap on Harnesses, Restraints, Collars and Corsets made of Leather and Metal. They also carry a large selection of Books and Musik." The INIQUITY Password gets you a 10% discount on all Leather/Metal/Bondage Device purchases.

Leather Masters
"Located in the San Jose area, this shop is probably the reigning ruler down there for BDSM items, toys, and Fetish attire as well. Not a lot of pix of their stuff, but if you shop in the San Jose area, check out the website to get some ideas. Occasionally you'll find some unique items." Mention the INIQUITY Password and receive 10% of ALL purchases!

Devious Toys - New!
Bondage Gear, Bondage Toys, BDSM Toys, Electrosex and Medical Sex Toys


COOL BDSM WEBSITES is a collection of information and games pertaining to the Fem Dom aspect with an emphasis on making these concepts more tangible and available to the average woman - even completely Vanilla women seeking nothing more than to spice up their relationship. A nice collection of resources along these lines, including message boards and blogs from like-minded individuals. The site also focuses on the "How-To" book published by the site hostesses.

Society of Janus Calendar
The most complete, heaviest referenced BDSM calendar in the San Francisco area.

Masquerade Life Casting
Original three dimensional bondage art.

The Fetish Box
Fetish Boutique and monthly parties.

Fetish Auctioneer
Fetish resource site and BDSM auctions.

Ray Leaning Fetish Art
"An excellent gallery of original Fetish Art as well as a good source of links to other Fetish Artists in the world. Mr. Leaning, based in the UK, also does commissioned work."

House of Gord
"The infamous Gord, author of world-renowned BDSM fiction, primarily Male Dom, Fem Sub. The author has generously offered all INIQUITY Readers 10% off the price of ALL his books with the use of the INIQUITY Password."

The Dark Fire Gallery
"A very well crafted personal Fetish page based in Texas, complete with a Store which SELLS ALL MANNER of BDSM supplies. Quite the esoteric collection of stuff here. You'll also find an excellent links page and other assorted goodies including music, books, and a Calendar of Texas Events." Mention the INIQUITY Password and receive a Free Gift with your order."

Trevor Baker Photography
"The fine Fetish photography of the well-known Trevor Baker. Examples of Mr. Baker's more candid work can be seen under Photos from INIQUITY II elsewhere on this website, where Mr. Baker generously performed as INIQUITY Staff Photographer for the Event. Also a good source of additional Fetish links."

The International Association of Rubberists
"An intriguing, multi-faceted site and open home for true latex enthusiasts anywhere. With an extensive Links list of their own as well as a photo gallery, erotica pages, and more, this site makes a good stop on any Fetish tour of the Internet, especially for those of you with a particular penchant for latex."

Latex Lover
(including Bianca's Latex Lair and Fetish Latex Lover)
"Latex Lover is actually the doorway to two artistic, partly free and partly 'members' sites who both have a very specific focus on LATEX. Fetish Latex Lover is more the all-audiences half, with a modest free photo gallery, message board, and library. Bianca's Latex Lair is home to the personal expose' of this beautiful Canadian latex model (and more) who invites you to take a tour of her latex heaven."

The EROS Guide
"An absolutely FIRST RATE general guide to erotic activities and what not all over The World. I was amazed at how thorough their coverage was in a variety of arenas. When you get to this site, poke around and explore and who knows what you'll find. Tasteful, erotic, and well-presented. Worth your time."

"A fun, well-written and highly informative site regarding BDSM from the perspective of a very "out" member of the Lesbian community."

The Dark Side of GIGA
"This well-crafted Fetish-Gothic website stands out amongst many similar sites throughout the world. Put together by a German Fetishist, the site has a unique mood that sucks you in to another world while remaining vampirically tasteful."

"A great source for information on a variety of activities going on in Germany, including the infamous NIGHT OF PASSION reviewed by INIQUITY. The site has a button to select English text. Their links page alone is a fantastic source of information on Fetish Clubs and Shopping for many parts of Northern Europe."

What's Yours - New!
Visit for comprehensive listings, articles, news and reviews on alternative, erotic and fetish lifestyles. Our database contains over 1200 organizations, and is growing daily!

BDSM in Australia - New!
Fetish Stores and Events down under.

MyBDSM - New!
BDSM Friendly Web Hosting for BDSM Pages is offered by

Kink Aware Professionals - New!
The resource for people who are seeking psychotherapeutic, medical, complementary healing, legal, financial, and computer professionals who are informed about the diversity of consensual, adult sexuality.

FetBot - New!
Help build the largest fetish directory! Come to, choose a topic you know something about and become an editor.

Two Knotty Boys - New!
San Francisco's popular bondage instruction team! Our fun, hands-on workshops cover many types of rope bondage techniques--but this stuff is strictly for open-minded grownups.

Black Market Chicago - New!
Your kink link to Chicago's hottest, wildest and most imaginative fetish productions and shows in Chicago. A collaborative project among some of Chicago's known fetish purveyors.

Dante's Bullwhip - New!
Robert Dante - Master of the Bullwhip. First "World's Fastest Whip" Guinness Record.


"A unique FREE service on the Web. Send someone a colorful e-mail Greeting Card with a variety of Fetish themes to choose from. As long as it stays free, this site and concept rocks."

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