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The INIQUITY Events page lists Major Fetish Events from All Around The World!

Only major events worthy of note who also give INIQUITY far advanced notice of their date get listed on this page, regardless of where they are happening in the world. If you want further information on various, random Fetish Events that pop up here and there, you should subscribe to the INIQUITY List. The 100% confidential INIQUITY List enables you to receive direct notice on all manner of Fetish Events and Activities, even when we only get very short notice on them ourselves. The "IQ List," as it is sometimes known, also enables you to receive a host of other bits of Fetish News, Deals, and much more. For information on Regularly Occurring Fetish Clubs which meet INIQUITY's exacting standards, please go to the bottom of this page to the section entitled ONGOING. This entire page gets updated constantly, so bookmark it and come back often! :-)

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  • San Francisco
    Wicked City presents a new fetish theme each month, featuring hors d'oeuvres, BDSM classes and demonstrations, decorations, and tantalizing thematic performances.
    More info:

    San Francisco's annual monster blow-out Fetish Party.  3 days of parties!

    Once a month theme parties in San Francisco, often at the Rawhide Bar
    For more info

    Half Price with the INIQUITY Password (in Fetish Attire ONLY)!!!!
    At the Power Exchange, 86 Otis Street in San Francisco
    (from Mike & Marie Powers)
    "We want to extend the offer to all you Iniquity people to get in for Half Price on these nights......AND ALL OTHER NIGHTS AS WELL!!!!!!! (Excluding the PE Halloween & New Years Balls)
    Use the INIQUITY Password on any ordinary night when you come in Fetish Attire and you get in for Half Price. ---- INIQUITY Password ONLY works when you show up in Fetish Attire ---- Info & directions to the Power Exchange:


  • Fort Lauderdale, FL --
    An absolute boon to the entire South Florida Fetish Community. ALTER EGO stands as a stronghold for the serious Perv in the South East. With an eclectic Goth-Industrial-Rave music mix and an enforced Strict Dress Code similar to INIQUITY, as well as a number of spots for the S&M enthusiasts to pursue their tastes, ALTER EGO is an absolute MUST for any Fetishist visiting anywhere near the Fort Lauderdale area. They are also holding a new party in South Florida.
    For more info, call - (954)462-0032
    Or visit
    South Florida Party:


  • Amsterdam --
    For those of you seeking to party amongst the roots of Fetish Fashion, be sure to investigate the Events listings at these two Amsterdam websites:
        DeMask -- along with SKIN TWO, DeMask is pretty much "the other parent" of modern latex Fetish Fashion. Their Events page covers more than just the Europerve, and other Event listings can be found elsewhere on the site --
        A second hot source for MAJOR Fetish Party listings is the Wasteland website who hosts their own parties, rapidly gaining in world renown, several times a year in Amsterdam --

  • Scottland --
    Scotland Fetish Events and News:

  • New York --
    Weekly Fetish Events:

  • United Kingdom --
    Great U.K. Fetish News and Event Website:


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