99 times out of 100, using the INIQUITY Password will be an effortless and genuinely rewarding procedure. However here are a few pointers to clear up any questions you may have on what YOUR Responsibilities ARE and AREN'T when attempting to use the INIQUITY Password, both for Purchases (#'s 1-3) and for entrance to Fetish Clubs and Events (#'s 4-6).

1. The Password can be found in any and every issue of INIQUITY News -- you just have to read through and you'll find it. The Password is never sent out with mere Updates. Please do not write asking for the Password if you have never received or read an issue of INIQUITY News.

2. Please confirm the discount promised as stated on the LINK for which you are using the Password. This applies to All Merchants who offer an INIQUITY Discount. Each Merchant is only responsible to give the Discount listed on the Chain Links page by their name, and nothing further. If a Merchant fails to give you the discount, please make a 2nd polite attempt to explain that they are listed at the INIQUITY Website as giving said Discount, and send them our URL so they can see for themselves. Sometimes lower-down-the-ladder employees are not up to speed on these things. If they still refuse to give you the discount PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY and we will take it from there. Thanks!

3. Most Merchants will want you to use the Password either verbally in their shop at the time of purchase, or to be placed in any sort of "Comments" box or field on any kind of order form, paper or online. Note that during Real-Time credit card purchases you must take extra care to make certain that the participating Merchant HEARS The INIQUITY Password BEFORE they Swipe Your Card. Failure to do so may result in your purchase going through WITHOUT the discount, and the Merchant is not obligated to reverse the transaction (which costs them) or compensate you in any other way for the missed discount. Under all circumstances, it is Your Responsibility to make certain the Merchant clearly hears or sees the Password during your purchase procedure prior to payment.

4. When using the INIQUITY Password to gain reduced or free admission to a Fetish Club or Fetish Event, remember that YOU MUST BE IN FULL FETISH ATTIRE or the Club/Event may refuse any discount whatsoever. The INIQUITY Password and the INIQUITY Name are synonymous with the Well-Dressed Of The Fetish Universe. As a member of "The IQ," you are expected to maintain this aesthetic if you will be using the INIQUITY Password for Clubs and Events. For a VERY HELPFUL & PRECISE description of what will ALWAYS get you through the door at ANY Fetish Club or Event Honoring the INIQUITY Password, Please See INIQUITY's Private Event Dress Code.

5. Only those clubs who are either Specifically Listed as Giving a Discount on the EVENTS page, or those you are notified about via INIQUITY News & Updates e-mail as giving a Discount, are responsible to do so. No other club, Fetish or Otherwise, is obligated to give you a Discount/Reduced Admission. The Amount of the Price Reduction will always be clearly stated by the notification of the Discount here at the INIQUITY Website or in the e-mail you received, and no additional Discount is to be inferred.

6. If a Club or Event is listed as offering a Discount/Reduced Admission with the INIQUITY Password AND you show up in Full Fetish Attire AND they refuse to give you the Discount, please try a 2nd time to explain they are listed with INIQUITY as offering the discount. Stay Polite about the subject, and if they still refuse to give you the discount, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY and let us take it from there.

   Again, it is CRITICAL to Understand that no Fetish Club or Event will Honor the INIQUITY Password if you are not in FULL FETISH ATTIRE (at the minimum as per the IQ Dress Code) -- in fact, we ask these clubs NOT to honor the Password if an individual attempting to use the INIQUITY Password is not in Full Fetish Attire.

That said, tons of readers have been using the INIQUITY Password as per the rules above for quite some time now with many, many happy stories to tell.
Enjoy. :-)


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