The Club INIQUITY Private Event Dress Code:
(including Club INIQUITY and the INIQUITY Fetish Ball)

      Since Iniquity has always been about the merging of Fetish Fashion and S&M (even before we had a private club to hold our parties at), we maintain an extremely strict Fetish Dress Code for all Iniquity Events and Parties. This section describes FETISH FASHION by INIQUITY's definition (European in origin) and the required attire to be allowed into Club INIQUITY and private INIQUITY events. At non-private events, say at the Power Exchange or Club Bound for example, it is the doorman's call whether or not your attire is "Fetish" by their standards to receive "the INIQUITY Discount" (for details about the INIQUITY Discount, sign up on the INIQUITY List or read the Password Rules). However, for INIQUITY's Private Events, such as INIQUITY II , EVERYONE will be required to adhere to this dress code to be allowed admission -- no exceptions.
This Dress Code is almost directly copied from the SKIN TWO Rubber Ball Dress Code. The Rubber Ball is the world's biggest Fetish Party every Autumn in London, and they are well worth emulating! INIQUITY is dedicated to bringing that incredibly classy feel to the American Scene, a classiness anyone can experience in numerous clubs throughout Europe who achieved their standards by adhering to a STRICT Fetish Fashion Dress Code. We are a sub-culture and we should be PROUD of who we are and step out in style!
      The time has come to stop selling out to the mundane masses as too many American so-called "fetish" clubs have. The mundanes have plenty of clubs to go to where they can wear whatever they want. INIQUITY is not interested in their money and our private events will make NO allowances for them. Ours is a "participatory" Scene -- even when you voyeur you are participating in the creation of the total event by way of your attire. Everyone ADDS to the Event; no one detracts from it. Together we reach a critical mass of our own, and magic happens as many of you will soon see again.


The INIQUITY *Pure-Fetish* Dress Code:


The proprietor wishes you to know that if his own mother showed up at
any INIQUITY event improperly attired, she would not be allowed in.
Therefore, please understand that there will be
Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS :-)


For more ideas on how to adorn yourself for these INIQUITY events, check out the photos taken of some of our guests at previous events!

Note: Keeping pace with Europe, who always seems to be ahead in this genre, we are choosing to disallow ordinary Black-Tie Formal as part of acceptable dress for INIQUITY events. Until 1998, SKIN TWO allowed Black-Tie at the Rubber Ball. However, they finally put their foot down and no longer consider Black Tie to be acceptable attire for the Rubber Ball. As INIQUITY bases its Dress Code on the Rubber Ball Code, we have decided to follow suit. The purity of Fetish will happily be increased, and we strongly suspect you'll also be quite pleased with the results. :-)



Dressing Fetish on a Budget:

      Although the term "Fetish Dress Code" does have a very specific traditional meaning, it is not necessarily synonymous with "expensive" as many people think. When a club advertises Fetish Dress Code they are generally referring to the standard Traditional Fetish Materials (Rubber, Leather, PVC as the mainstays, with Lingerie and Metal tending to follow suit). Sometimes a club will also consider the Fetish Dress of certain individual fetishes, such as Uniforms, Velvet & Lace, or Antiquated/Period Formal, but this should not be taken for granted unless specifically spelled out.
     Regardless of the exact details of a given Fetish Club's Dress Code, no one should feel that they couldn't attend because they cannot afford a $400 rubber dress or a $140 PVC pants and shirt ensemble. Fetish can be Cheap, and I'm here to help you figure out how to make it personal as well. Given the parameters of the Traditional Fetish Materials and a few extensions thereof, a touch of imagination can take you a long way on a short budget.
     For starters, it is something of a hallucination that says you must have a nifty new outfit for each and every Fetish Event. Yes, there are many of us who have assembled Fetish Clothing collections over many years such that we are rarely seen in the same outfit twice in a row.

  • Trick #1: Think MODULAR. If you are Fetish Shopping and you have a flat $100 to spend for the next year, buy something that will go with many items, not the single $100 hot-pink item which will look really cool once and then you'll shelve it for a year. Instead, buy a rubber vest or top, probably black because it goes with everything, or a rubber skirt of relatively neutral shape so you can wear it with a lot of tops. I guarantee you that many people who never seem to wear the same outfit twice actually have a lot of MODULAR clothing they can mix and match all over the place, coming up with a variety of outfits from a limited selection of clothes.
  • Trick #2: Think BASIC when you are just starting off. A pair of plain black PVC pants will go a lot farther in terms of beginning your modular scheme than the really neat screaming loud metallic rainbow pants. Yes, one day you will probably Have To Have those screaming loud rainbow pants, but wait until you have the budget for items like that which don't combine as well with other pieces of clothing. Companies like SYREN rubber out of Los Angeles specialize in some very basic clothing designs which blend well into various outfits, AND they can custom make one of their designs for you in almost any color you can think of for no additional charge. Again, with colors, think BASIC- black, red, deep/dark blue or purple are all pretty far reaching - when you are getting started and need to be thinking MODULAR as well.
    When I first started attending Fetish Clubs in Europe who all had viciously strict Fetish Dress Codes, I owned 3 pieces of clothing: one pair of black PVC pants, one leather vest, and one deep purple velvet "pirate" shirt. I was never turned away from a single club anywhere. Truth of the matter is that when the party got particularly heated up, and people started thinking of cooling down on the dance floor at least, the top generally got shed. Nonetheless I was always able to initially show up at the door in an acceptable full outfit. Onwards.
  • Trick #3: Think CREATIVE & CHEAP! There was a guy in Amsterdam who used to go to numerous Fetish Clubs, and even worked in them, dressed in fishnet panty hose, his Doc Martins, a wide leather belt with a pirate buckle on it, and he wrapped the entirety of his genitalia in duct tape (masochist- he liked the feeling when he ripped it off at the end of the night). On occasion he would substitute foil for the duct tape. This is probably the single best example of how inexpensive Fetish can get, and it was even cheaper than you think! A girlfriend gave him the fishnets, and he found the belt and buckle at a swap meet (a few bucks at most). The Docs were about the only thing he paid any significant amount of money for.

     Not your style? No one said it should be. The point is that with a little imagination you can find Traditional Fetish Materials (the fishnet lingerie, the leather of the belt and the boots) and spice them up / combine them in new ways to achieve a perfectly acceptable Fetish Outfit on an extreme budget. That guy in Amsterdam likewise was never turned away from any club. Surrounded by folks in their expensive rubber catsuits and skin-tight leather dresses, he fit right in because his statement was undoubtedly Fetish (the Traditional Materials) and it was original.


UNIFORMS: The Problem & The Solution:

      We understand that many people have Uniform fetishes, and that in some cases parties are thrown that cater to these Fetishes. Unfortunately we hold with a variety of European clubs who have strict limitations on Uniforms- in general they have to be made from Traditional Fetish Materials. Why? In England for example, every woman and their grandmother has a "school girl" outfit. Any gawker using almost no imagination whatsoever can grab their old school girl outfit and throw it on so they can come look at the "freaks". Eventually this became discouraged- people had to prove in some way that the Fetish Scene was real for them, either by investing in Fetish Attire, or by coming up with something inexpensive and creative like the fellow in Amsterdam. By making it a little harder to just grab your old Uniform duds off the shelf to get through the party doors, the number of inappropriate people seriously dwindled. In America, if INIQUITY opened its doors to Uniform fetishes, technically anyone with Army Surplus fatigues could say they qualified. No Thank You.
     Thus we hold with the basic rule of MANDATORY Traditional Fetish Materials in regards to ANY AND ALL Uniforms (including all manner of School, Medical, Service Industry, Military Uniforms, or otherwise). Several Lingerie shops and Fetish clothing companies make a variety of Uniforms out of Rubber, Leather, PVC or distinctly SEXY lingerie materials, and many of these are surprisingly affordable. Still on a budget? For INIQUITY, think of the 3 Tricks above, and save the Uniform idea for a time when you can seriously invest in your particular fetish where it's made from Traditional Fetish Materials. Hey, you'll turn 10 times the number of heads. ;-)