Wednesday, 28 October 1998


      Greetings and salutations fellow fans of finer fetish. It's the beginning of the 4th quarter as we head into the home stretch of Fetish Season. Laying before us we have Mindfuck (TONIGHT), various Halloween festivities, the inimitable Rubber Ball, a few odds and ends, and at the Finish Line the Grand Opening of INIQUITY, now less than a month away!
      It's been one hell of a Fetish Season if you ask me. There have been a number of seriously spectacular moments at a whole host of incredible events. On that exact note (Events, that is...), be aware that the INIQUITY WebSite now has a homepage link directly to EVENTS. Just click on this INIQUITY EVENTS Link which will take you to a listing of Global Fetish Events worthy of your attention (but be sure to come right back to finish the Newsletter! ;).
      The INIQUITY WebSite, now better than ever, will also provide you with a ton of great information, including an Introduction to INIQUITY (i.e. what INIQUITY is all about) for newcomers, the aforementioned EVENTS page, all previous issues of INIQUITY in the Archives, a unique Perv Roommate Referral page (still being brought up-to-speed), and a Fantastic List of Merchants and Vendors Of Fetish Clothes and Toys in the Chain LINKS- who give 10% Off to YOU just for being an INIQUITY Reader and using the INIQUITY Password! Come check it out!
     As of now, INIQUITY also has a Hotline for special INIQUITY private events. That number is: 415-289-2167

Two quick announcements r.e. immediate news/reminders:

1) Mindfuck -- TONIGHT at Club BOUND.
The INIQUITY Password gets you $1 off admission.
I happen to know they laid out a lot of dough for this event, so I have no doubt it'll be quite a night. Mindfuck will feature the "Live Future Fetish Band - METALLIC PUS," Cyborg Dancers, Wall and Ceiling Art from "Another World," Fire Performers, and Gothic Musical Theatre "Healthy Morbidity." There will be 2 dance floors with DJ's Ophelia, Jezebel, Slave Boy, Tristan, and Perky, as well as the Dekonstrukt Boys spinning Electro/Minimal EBM/Industrial.
Note: Dress Code -- NO STREET CLOTHES.

2) The Next INIQUITY Power Exchange Party
will be Friday, November 6th.

      "WHAT?!?," you exclaim, "an INIQUITY Power Exchange Party on a FRIDAY???? How can that be???"
      Well, it goes like this: INIQUITY is holding the monthly Power Exchange/Full Moon party on a Friday this time specifically to give those of you who find that Saturdays conflict too much with other interests a chance to come down and see what these parties are all about. Will the Power Exchange Parties always be on Fridays? Probably not, so if you've had an interest in checking out these gigs but have been torn between INIQUITY and another club, now is your chance to attend uncompromised.
     "OK. So I can find out what the hell you freaks do at these parties. What goes on? I've heard the Power Exchange has a bunch of horny old guys running around. Why would I want to go there?" For those of you unfamiliar with the Power Exchange, it is one of the only legal "sex clubs" in America. Yes, this means you can have Safe Sex there.....but that is not the reason we take over the place once a month. In fact, to the best of my knowledge the INIQUITY Power Exchange parties are all about S&M, and our readers save their erotic culmination for their own bedrooms.
     The Power Exchange has a sizable DUNGEON downstairs with ample areas and devices to attach the person of your interest and do despicable and delicious things to them, i.e. "yes, I'll whip you and torment you, but only if you ask REALLY nicely." In addition, it has been the norm for INIQUITY to take over a wonderfully themed banquet hall known as the King Arthur Room. Sometimes we fill that room with a crowd focused on only a handful of erotic adventures in an almost theatre-like environment, while other nights everyone descends to the main dungeon downstairs to sup the more chaotic juices of S&M scenes side by side with numerous friends.
     As a solid rule, when INIQUITY descends upon the Power Exchange, we effectively take it over with the best looking crowd and the best S&M scenes throughout the night. The management recognizes this, and offers such encouragement as 1/2 off admission with the INIQUITY PASSWORD ("Iniquity") if you arrive in Fetish Attire. They also encourage us to bring our favorite S&M Music CD's and will happily blast Our Music Throughout The Venue As Long As We Are There. As Women are Free, the price for a het couple (for example) is a mere $5! The pricing schedule is normally $20 for single males ($10 INIQUITY criteria), $10 for a male with a play partner ($5 INIQUITY criteria). Note that the Power Exchange's definition of "Fetish Attire" is not necessarily as strict as the "INIQUITY Private Event Dress Code" (q.v. the INIQUITY WebSite).
     Generally speaking INIQUITY brings in a mix of veteran S&M folks along side a number of beginners, those exploring, the curious, and those just there for the party. On a good night we vastly outnumber the clueless, which although occasionally more ostentatious than we'd prefer, remain well-behaved on penalty of being thrown out of the club (i.e. a stranger grabs your ass you tell the management and the offending party gets the boot). In general, and especially when we take over the King Arthur Room, the clueless are pretty easily ignored.
     Suffice it to say, that it is an excellent way for those of us who take our S&M to Heart to meet a number of like minded people. We easily identify each other by Fetish Attire, and when the energy of any number of scenes gets going amongst our peers, it can be a magical night indeed.
     For Nov. 6th, it is absolutely certain that we will be reserving the King Arthur Room. This works wonders for early arrivals (the club opens at 9pm), gives you a place to store your stuff, room to play, etc. Most people do tend to arrive after 10:30, but there are always INIQUITY people there before that. When you arrive, you can always ask the front desk guy taking your money where the INIQUITY people are if you get there early. By 11 or 11:30 pm we tend to get spread throughout the venue.

Come Join Us on Friday, November 6th @
The Power Exchange
86 Otis Street

(1 block west of the intersection of Mission & Van Ness/12th)

      Can't give away too much, but for a variety of reasons this promises to be quite a well-attended and particularly fun evening.....

Note: The INIQUITY Monthly Full Moon Power Exchange Parties are not the same thing as INIQUITY -- The Club, which opens Nov. 22nd @ the new "Cat Club," 1190 Folsom Street. See the INIQUITY Club page for details.

The Table O' Contents:

  1. The INIQUITY Password -- Time For A Change?
  2. REVIEW: Good Ol' SLICK
  3. NEWS: Canadian Dominatrix Gets A Slap On The Wrist
  4. REVIEW: The Stormy Leather 15th Anniversary Party
  5. OPINION: Not Everyone Thinks "Preaching" is the Pudding
  6. REVIEW: Vampire Tech & "O" Throw a Unique Bash
  7. EVENT: Major Halloween Fetish Bash in Los Angeles

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The INIQUITY Password -- Time For A Change?

      In every issue of INIQUITY NEWS, and only in INIQUITY NEWS (not the updates), somewhere you will find a lone mention of the indubitable INIQUITY Password. The idea behind this password is that readers of I.N. in particular gain numerous benefits from it's use such as reduced or even free admission to clubs and events, discounts on Fetish clothing and merchandise in a variety of cities, and even discounts on services (one I.N. Reader offered a 20% discount on Professional Massage with the Password!). As the INIQUITY List of Readers grows, a few vendors and merchants have asked how we can insure that readers aren't "telling a friend who tells a friend who tells a friend," etc, eventually sending the password to an inappropriate individual (for example, say a complete Vanilla who uses the password to get the massage discount).
      INIQUITY's answer to this is that we shall be changing the password once, maybe twice a year, and at no particular time. Most likely this will not occur until 1999, but even that is not written in stone. In a future issue of INIQUITY NEWS, you will be clearly notified when the password has changed. At that time, ALL vendors, merchants, and clubs who offer the INIQUITY discount will also be notified of the new password. Don't worry -- it will always be something easy to remember. :-)
      For newcomers, a complete list of the discounts currently available to INIQUITY readers can be found on this website in Chain LINKS.


REVIEW: Good Ol' SLICK (thanks to Lunatic and Tiarawiz for their comments)

      What can I say? Everyone was there (I think). Lots of milling about, a variety of levels and corners to sneak off to and balconies for the voyeur in all of us. 2 dance floors (which met with mixed reviews), shows, a ridiculously expensive coat check, great bar staff, exhibits by Dark Garden.......all in all a night still worthy of the SLICK legend. A great many things changed for this new venue, some which worked beautifully, some which didn't work as well as 1015 Folsom (the venue the prior SLICK was at).
      The crowd was good, and overall folks were very well dressed. Nonetheless a handful of "Semi-Fetish" folks were admitted. The Strict Fetish Dress Code of the last SLICK seemed to be a little lax this round, quite possibly due to a new person on the door than the last several SLICKs. By Semi-Fetish I mean people in say a rubber shirt with plain black slacks, or a woman merely in a tight black cotton/spandex evening gown. Never fear -- the woman was a friend of mine and I gave her sh*t about it because I know she owns "high Fetish" clothing. ;-) On the flip side, I was happy to see a great number of people stepping out in serious style, showing off their hottest, latest, coolest, newest Fetish ensemble. Serious eye-candy everywhere you looked.
      One new addition by way of The Sound Factory venue was a second dance floor. On the main floor, the "blue room," a pair of DJ's spun a house/trance mix that appealed to some of the crowd, but was not nearly as well received as the mix in the "red room," an industrial/electronic mix with a touch of goth favorites. Most people feel that since the blue room was larger, the DJ's should have been switched. Nonetheless, it was fun being able to run back and forth between the two rooms dancing a bit to one and then the other.
      The shows, I suspect, did not come off as well as planned. There seemed to be some kind of sound problem with the microphone, and the SKIN TWO-style fashion show kind of came and went before most people could blink. The other main show was a kind of S&M ensemble piece prior to "The Court Of The Black Lotus," an interesting diversion into Fetish ritual which I think was slightly inaccessible to a fair portion of the audience despite the obvious care the performers took in their choreography.
      The Sound Factory overall was a pleasant change from 1015 Folsom with one obvious exception: the dungeon/playspace. Set in a room normally used as a tiny dance floor and lacking in good views, the room was curtained off as well such that a great many people thought it was some kind of VIP space or had been taken over by an obscure clique and was therefore inaccessible to others. In short, very few people really got to enjoy the "sound-scape" artist who provided an audible background to the limited swinging of whips (due to there being very few pieces of actual furniture to play on). In this regard, the 1015 Folsom space still wins hands down, with it's comfortable booths set all around a large play area with a number of viable play areas within.
      I suspect a better arrangement would have been to have the industrial/electronica/goth DJ in the blue room, the dungeon in the red room, and the house/trance mix upstairs in the secluded "window room." Nonetheless, everyone seemed to be out in a festive mood for the night, and there were an awful lot of smiles seen. People seemed to have a great time and were sad to leave when the party finished at 3a.m. With a change of venue always comes a few bugs to work out, and I think the Sound Factory could still work again.
      One very interesting note was what appeared to be an increase in the Goth community who attended SLICK this time. It is this author's pleasure to once again welcome the members of the Goth community who have decided it's time to taste the bliss of a good Fetish-Goth mix. Like the Goths who join us at S&M parties, these folks add an enjoyable flavour to the scene, not by diluting Fetishism with an overabundance of black cotton, but by bringing the glamorous portion of their aesthetic in contact with the Fetish elements we know and love.

Nice to have ya'.   :-)


NEWS: Canadian Dominatrix Gets A Slap On The Wrist

(thanks to Mark for the info)

"TORONTO (Reuters) -
      A Toronto-area dominatrix who at the height of her career made more than C$100,000 a year for her painful services, was given a slap on the wrist Friday after she was found guilty of offering sex for money.
      Terri-Jean Bedford, 39, known in local sadomasochistic circles as Madame de Sade, was fined C$3,000 by an Ontario court judge after she was found guilty on October 9th of committing the offense in a rented nine-room bungalow known as the House of Erotica. The prosecution had sought a nine-month jail term.
      In handing down his sentence, Judge Roy Bogusky said it was only appropriate that she should be fined for her crime considering she "broke the law for money." Bedford, who steadfastly denied throughout the four-month trial that she provided sex in the house in the Toronto suburb of Thornhill, has vowed to set up shop again. Bedford, who was originally charged in 1994 and has seen the case appealed on a number of occasions, plans to appeal the sentence."

(Ed. - you think the judge was a client? Nah. Then again, years ago in Santa Cruz, CA, a sheriff running for re-election decided to clean up that one-brussel-sprout town by rounding up 'all them dern prostitutes.' An outspoken prostitute then called the local free press and was interviewed. In the article she made it clear that if "certain parties didn't BACK-OFF real fast, a lot of the government clients of the local houses of ill repute are going to get named quite publicly." Magically, the sheriff dropped this particular political platform.)

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