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 First of all I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new people on the INIQUITY List. This is it -- the meat of the matter:
INIQUITY NEWS. You may have seen an Events Update, but this here bunch o' words is the "newsbitmap" (as opposed to newspaper) that comprises INIQUITY's cornerstone. To be honest, the INIQUITY name is getting so far out there (Yugoslavia, India, "Azerbaidjan"???) that I really have no idea where people are signing up from. I find it actually exceedingly cool to know that there are people from literally all over the Global Village and WWW who find the INIQUITY Aesthetic to be something that they want to tap into and find out more about -- Fetish Fashion, Fetish Clubs and Club News, and BDSM Activities. So for all you newcomers to INIQUITY, the Password is.....Heh. I can't just drop it in your lap like that. You at least have to read INIQUITY NEWS to find the Password -- it IS in here somewhere, I Promise. :-)

Club INIQUITY News: The bad news -- IQ3 will not be happening this
Memorial Day weekend. The Cool News: We are currently working towards finding a venue to make Club INIQUITY Seasonal to say the very least. Stay tuned for info on this as it develops....

That said, lets jump right in to Everyone's Favorite:

Table O' Contents:

  1. X-Fashion Alert!
  2. REVIEW: IslanDeSade & EROTICA SF
  3. More Comic-al Stuff -- Fetish & Comics
  4. EUROPE: SKIN TWO RUBBER BALL & BAVARIA -- Advanced Notice for The IQ
  5. Sales & Promotions -- SYREN & WHIPLASH
  6. REVIEW: Area101 "Eat The Rich" Party & PLAYSTATION
  7. UPCOMING EVENTS: Pony Party, Primal Colors 2000 & MORE!!!
  8. FETBOT: A Very Cool New Service & Idea
  9. NEWS: Local, Abroad, and in The Mainstream
  10. REVIEW: The First GGPET Party of 2000
  11. Wrap-Up & Stuff For New Readers

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X-Fashion Alert!


Listen up: I am only going to say this ONCE (every five or ten minutes until July). It may well turn out to be he HOTTEST MOVIE OF THE SUMMER: THE X-MEN. When I say hot, I am not just talking about the fact that critics who have seen early screenings are already raving about the movie, or that the fight scenes are already being compared to the magnificent MATRIX, or that the all-star cast has been complemented with a superb performance by a complete unknown to play, effectively, the "lead" role of the most popular character, Wolverine (whose immersion into the character has already been reported to be so intense that when a loose cable smacked him in his testicles during filming and he screamed out in rage everyone else on the set mistook his expression as a being in perfect continuity with the rest of his performance). All of that is just the icing on the cake for we here as IQ HQ.
      The meat of the matter for the Fetish Community comes in the choices of costuming for almost every character in the movie. Pushing aside the cliché Superhero choice of Lycra-Spandex (thank god) which would be incredibly cheap for throwing together a bunch of colorful Superhero costumes, yet not quite catering to our own beloved Latex, the fashion designer for THE X-MEN took one step deeper into a Tim-Burton-like darkness and decided to dress most of the cast in (trumpets please): BLACK LEATHER. Copious amounts of it......All Custom Tailored....SKIN TIGHT Original Designs....YUUUMMMMMM!!!! (oh, sorry, did I say that out loud?).
Sure, perhaps we might be just a touch disappointed that the wardrobe department decided to completely steer clear of the brightly colored attire that these particular Superheroes are known for, and in doing so missing an amazing opportunity to put a great deal of Latex to a fabulous use. Even so, if you are in any way a fan of the look and feel of superb, well-tailored Black Leather Fetish Attire, I doubt you will feel slighted after all is said and done once you feast your eyes on these clothing creations. Whereas it REALLY would have been THEE FETISH FASHION MOVIE OF THE CENTURY if only the Fashion department and art director could have made the leap that Custom Latex is pretty much ideal for the creation of just about ANY Superhero outfit you can imagine (enhanced with resin and molded-rubber appliqué's and what not for a given character), from the photos I have personally seen I can tell you that no Perv I know is going to be disappointed with the EXQUISITE outfits that they DID come up with. Sort of a mix of Emma Peel Black Leather Catsuit meets State-Of-The-Art Motorcycle Racing Leathers, the outfits of both the good guys and the bad guys LOOK like they were made for action. I can only imagine what one of these costumes is going to sell for at some auction down the road.... ;-) Another nice touch is that the Good Guys get the slightly better cuts, something that the MATRIX has hopefully set as a standard only if for no other reason than the literary device of The Villains always dressing better and the Good Guys always dressing like dorks has just gotten old. Funny however that these two movies, where the Good Guys dress well (at last!) both tell the tale of Good Guys who are "Bad", i.e. The Matrix characters shoot everyone and everything in site in a supreme act of self-preservation, and The X-Men are labeled as "Outcasts" as an integral part of their tale. Oh well, I guess we probably shouldn't hold our breath that crew of the Enterprise will finally be wearing Latex in the next Star Trek movie. ;-)
      On that exact note, am I the only one who has been sitting here for years wondering why, if the whole Comic & Superhero thing is staging SUCH a comeback to the mainstream, how come we are not seeing the Comic-loving Pervs realize their Fetish Fashion Fantasies via Latex designs all over the place? Don't get me wrong -- I own several shades of the de facto monochromatic BLACK myself. Could it be the prohibitive cost of custom latex designs? Yet Pervs have been getting custom cat-suits for a few hundred bucks for years -- how much more could it cost to make that same catsuit in a bright color with a few appliqué's here and there and VOILA! You step out as your favorite Superhero? Or even better, you arrive on the scene as an ORIGINAL Superhero or Superheroine that no one has ever heard about!
A few years ago HOUSE OF HARLOT made a stab at the entire concept with their now infamous WASP MAN and WASP WOMAN outfits which have been seen everywhere from the Glastonbury Festival to the pages of SKIN TWO. I happened to be at the debut appearance at the Torture Garden several years ago, and when I saw these INGENIOUS designs step on stage and watched the crowd go WILD, I thought I was witnessing the beginning of a new wave of creativity both from the minds of the Designers and the minds of the Customers. I know for a fact that HOUSE OF HARLOT was happily encouraging people to let loose with their wildest Superhero fantasies which H. of H. was equally happy to bring into Latex Reality. Now, half a decade later, I look around and I see a startling LACK of this sub-genre of Latex Fashion. Does it not seem that the whole Superhero Phenomenon should be a RIPE source of absolutely AWESOME ideas for RUBBER CLOTHING?
      Here in San Francisco I am happy to say that we at least have our own HOUSE OF HARLOT contemporary in the work of Molly from SO HIP IT HURTS. Molly's designs have bridged the gap between FETISH Design and MAINSTREAM Design, with her Latex sailors and sailorettes and cowboys and flapper dresses and much more. Still very overtly "costume," at least her explorations into new frontiers of Latex Fashion have shown that we do not need to continue repeating the designs of yesteryear.
      Nonetheless, KNOWING that the talents of people like HOUSE OF HARLOT and SO HIP IT HURTS exist, it is still going to take a certain daring, a certain bravado to actually BE one of the people who steps forward and gets the ball rolling in this AMAZING Realm Of Possibilities by approaching one of these businesses and saying, "Make me into a Cyber-Smurf!" Seriously, there are now SOOOOO many new Superheroes to inspire our own imaginations as far as Complexity and Colorfulness of Design go that it is almost impossible to keep track of them all. They STILL tend to show up in whatever magical, skin-tight material that Superheroes require for their fans to see every muscle ripple, so there is certainly no shortage of inspiration for the Latex world, and as HOUSE OF HARLOT has shown, why force yourself to rely on someone else's character creation? WASP MAN and WASP WOMAN were both the original Latex creations of the owners of H. of H., Robin & Michelle. INSPIRED perhaps by Any Number of bug-related superheroes from the last half-century, Robin & Michelle put their own personal spin on the idea and came up with two Latex outfits that are recognizable anywhere. They proved with their own hands that the WEALTH of inspiration from the world of Comic Book Superheroes was a resource just waiting to be tapped by the Global Fetish Fashion Community.
      Next time you happen to pass by a Comic Shop, or watch a Superhero cartoon, or even see an image in passing woven into some advertisement, maybe take a second to design your own Superhero/Superheroine outfit in your mind. Would you still pay homage to the Fetish standard colors of Black &Red? Would you explode in some thematic color combination? What kind of add-ons would you have: Tubing a la De Mask? Molded Rubber like a Hollywood Alien or Batman's Abs? Spikes? Horns? Wings? Borg-like eye-pieces? In my opinion, we all need to let our imaginations roam free in this department. Perhaps the cost of actually creating such an outfit may still be prohibitively expensive for you. If so, then think of your personal Latex design as an item for the Wish List, a gift to yourself one day or perhaps a nice way to spend your tax return in a good year. Maybe when the design is complete you can tell all your relatives you just want cash for X-mas, and when they ask why you can tell them it's for a "wardrobe enhancement." ;-)
      Regardless, there is nothing stopping you from letting the Latex Fashion Designer portion of your own imagination run wild. To the Batmobile! :-)




      WOW! GOSH! Did you happen to make it to San Francisco's Very First EROTICA SF? Er, you didn't? Um, how about you? You neither? Oh I guess LIKE ALMOST NOBODY did in fact. Yep, sorry to say but I will be very surprised if EROTICA SF returns, unless the promoters have a very long term business plan and learn a few key concepts like ADVERTISING and COMMUNITY RELATIONS.
      OK, here's the scoop: These guys put on a gig in NYC called EROTICA NY. Word has it that it was a love-hate affair. They "SAY" they had 20,000 people show up over the course of the event, and some people thought it was great while others thought it was a joke. So the proprietors, who were from NYC -- which as everyone knows is where things work just like San Francisco (NOT!!!!!) -- jumped on a jet and flew out here figuring they could simply do a carbon copy in our promiscuous little town. In the course of copying their carbon, they managed to alienate MAJOR players here in San Fran, like DEVIANT Liquid Latex and So Hip It Hurts. They eventually found themselves charging one booth 2 Grand and giving the booth next door away for free when they had finally alienated enough people that they became afraid they were going to have an empty auditorium. Evidently the net result was that they must have missed their expected revenue from booth sales by a mile, because other than the lack of an ability to afford it, how else would you explain that almost Nobody Heard About EROTICA SF because there was Almost No Advertising? What did they expect to run on? Their reputation from NYC???
      Suffice it to say, opening day was a plain and simple embarrassment. In the huge Bill Graham Auditorium, perhaps 100 customers came through the door that day. Most of the booth owners themselves maintained high spirits and used the day to network with the other booth owners. To be honest, as I was there every day advertising the IslanDeSade party and the KINK IN THE CARIBBEAN vacation package, it turned out to be a great opportunity to make new connections. Fine, but my friends who had shelled out big bucks for the booth space were still significantly miffed about the lack of customers despite the goodwill amongst the booths.
      Unfortunately, Friday was no better, and the whopping weekend crowd everyone expected just did not show up. They were hoping for standing room only by the weekend; they ended up with enough space for comfortable ballroom dancing. Nonetheless a few solid factions from the Fetish Community weathered the complete lack of a storm with fine wares displayed at their booths. The Power Exchange, Stormy Leather, Photographers Trevor Baker and Eric Kroll, and several other Fetish booth owners diligently plowed and plunged their way through whatever paperback novels they had brought along with them to help occupy their time.
      From the reports of people who went to both, the Friday night party thrown by the EROTICA SF people did not hold a candle to IslanDeSade. In fact, by Thursday night at closing of the EROTICA SF convention, I was personally threatened by the EROTICA staff because apparently everyone was talking about IslanDeSade and not their party. They informed me that they had the right to throw me and all the flyers out. I asked them if that was really in their best interests seeing as how five or six of their major booth-clients were involved in IslanDeSade in one way or another. The threatening individual then did a double take, asked for a list, and when I gave them that list suddenly became all smiles and told me how they wanted to "try to work together." I accepted their begrudgingly diplomatic handshake and further put their mind at ease by pointing out that IslanDeSade was an "S&M-Dance party with a Dress Code" while their party was simply a nightclub open to the public, and we were therefore going to attract different audiences anyhow. They finally calmed down and I am happy to say that the issue mysteriously vanished.
      The IslanDeSade party itself was an intriguing experiment of a Fetish Club. Held at Jezebel's Joint on Larkin Street in San Francisco -- literally walking distance from the EROTICA SF convention -- we managed to transform this S&M-Positive bar into a temporary private party for the Fetish Fashion Community AND the miscellaneous customers of the EROTICA SF convention. As you may or may not know, I gained the rights to be the sole promoter of the internationally advertised "KINK IN THE CARIBBEAN Fetish Week In Jamaica" for the San Francisco Bay Area (more info: The chief promoter of KINK I.T.C. happens to be a fan of INIQUITY and so he called me up three weeks prior to the event and suggested that I "throw together an INIQUITY party in conjunction with the EROTICA SF convention" and that he would arrange to give away a trip to Jamaica at the party. I explained to him that we had a prayer-in-hell of pulling together an actual Club INIQUITY on such short notice. Conveniently however, Athena from various SF nightclubs and the owners of the Power Exchange generously stepped forward to help make this semi-impossibility into a semi-reality. The biggest compromise that was going to be required to pull the whole thing off was that people from out of town who came for the very-non-dress-code EROTICA SF convention had to be admitted as part of the deal to give away the trip to Jamaica. Immediately the thought of calling it a Club INIQUITY or even pretending to be on a par with Club INIQUITY went out the window. Nonetheless, with a great deal of focus the group of us managed to create an INIQUITY-Style event, and I am happy to say that at least 75% of the crowd came in beautiful Fetish Attire a la the IQ Dress Code (and were admitted at a much lower price for doing so). Oddly enough, since the party I have been amazed by the number of Fetish Fashion Fanatics who attended who claim they did not even notice the non-IQ Dress Code people. Well all I can say is COOL!! To be honest, between You and I (You = all of you out there who are on the INIQUITY List because you hold Fetish Fashion in as high regard as I do), I found the cotton-clad few to be a painful addition to the night and cannot get back to putting my energy 100% into the INIQUITY Standard fast enough.
      All my whining aside, IslanDeSade was graced by some exceptional scenes in the dungeon with the fabulously utilitarian furniture once again provided by, and I think EVERYONE was blown away by the incredible performance by Fetish Magician Paul Nathan. Another inside piece of news is that Paul was only supposed to do a 10 or 15 minute show, so when the show continued on to the half-hour mark with the audience grinning in wild titillation, I was blown away as well! Oh, and for the record, the blood on the back of Paul's head was REAL -- no, that was not trick blood. Next time you see someone lay on a sharp bed of screws, you can rest assured that their health is quite genuinely at risk. I can vouch for this one because we made various jokes and references to the holes in the back of Paul's head when he joined us for breakfast following the party. Not to worry for Paul -- he was fine as the punctures only pierced the surface layers of his skin.
      As usual DJ Ron & Co. spun an AWESOME House-Industrial mix on the dance floor. I only wish we could have gone on much longer, as the dancing crowd was just reaching it's peak about the time the party was over at 2 a.m. (and this is one of the main reasons why for Club INIQUITY I demand a venue which can stay open until 3 or 4 a.m.). Downstairs various people relaxed to a much softer Gothic mix while up in the Dungeon the S&M players played to the custom-mixed S&M-Scene-Music CD's by DJ Tristan from BOUND. In the back room, which we made sure was well-lit for all the voyeurs and exhibitionists among you who DEMAND that there be enough light for people to see your gorgeous attire, guests relaxed on the exceedingly comfortable couches and shot several rounds on the pool table.
      A short but sweet party with a lot of rough-edges, IslanDeSade all-in-all amounted to a perfectly fun one-off event. A number of guests went home with a variety of prizes won in the raffle beside the one lucky woman who won the trip to Jamaica. DEVIANT donated 3 complete Liquid Latex Kits, Stormy Leather donated a "Sex Toys 101" kit, Mr. S Leather gave away 2 gift certificates for $25 and $50, and two people walked away with 3 different issues of SKIN TWO Magazine each. I cannot say that I have any intentions to get myself involved in a Dress-Code-Compromised event like this again, but I am happy to say that a lot of people had a lot of fun that night. :-)
      Last but not least, in the favor of the poor EROTICA SF people, who most certainly took a bath on their convention-fiasco, they did manage to throw quite a nice party at Club NV on Saturday night. Not a Fetish party by any means, it was still fun because it attracted so many sub-genre's of sexy people. The music was great, and the venue spectacular. The night also included a fashion show by Dark Garden displaying a new line of para-military inspired corsetry. Somehow word got out that there was going to be a play area at this event -- not even close. Still, the energy in the air was high and it seemed like a perfectly pleasant meeting of ways between the various clubbing factions, from the Sex Industry to the Fetishists to the Swing crowd to the Ravers. Although not INIQUITY Standard by an means, in general the crowd came well dressed and partied hard until the lights went up at (aaarrrrrgh) 2 a.m. once again.



More Comic-al Stuff -- Fetish & Comics


In a recent INIQUITY Update I reported on a few sources where you can find Fetish Images in Comics. Several readers wrote in with more suggestions for the San Francisco Bay Area reprinted here.....

(thanks to J.W.)

"Comics shops are often a good source for fetish books. They almost always have adult section with erotic art. Back in high school I got my first John Willie "Sweet Gwendoline" collection at the SF Comics and Comix on Irving Street. The last time I was at the Berkeley one I bought a Bettie Page book. I like the shop a lot, and was able to meet Jack Kirby there a couple years ago."

(thanks to C.H.)

"By the way, Comic Relief, the shop on University off of Shattuck, has for over ten years been the place in Berkeley to rely on for those magazine titles, and was the place I, and many friends of mine, fist encountered them. In the past "C & C" up on Telegraph has been good for little more than role playing games and superhero comics. Sadly, I haven't been living in Berkeley for over a year now so I'm not in those shops regularly and can't account for their current stock, still I can't help but assume that CR is the place to go for erotic and fetish books and mags."





      Here's the early word on this year's SKIN TWO RUBBER BALL. The biggest piece of news is that the dates for the now "Rubber Ball WEEKEND" of events have been moved WAAYYYY Forward!!!! No longer in the chilly months of late-October/early-November, this year's RB has been moved to SEPTEMBER! Yep, it might actually be balmy for RB2K. :-)

From the source:

      "We are pleased to announce that the SKIN TWO Rubber Ball will take place on Monday September 25th 2000 - five weeks earlier than usual. Rubber Ball regulars are in for a treat - because this year the ball is returning to the much loved HAMMERSMITH PALAIS. To celebrate we have reduced the admission price to £30 in advance.

      Please note that this year we have to keep a strict control on the number of tickets sold and we cannot exceed the legal capacity of the Palais. So we do advise that you book your tickets now and start planning your outfits!

      We will of course be having a full five day weekend of events leading up to the ball, including launch party, dinner and our newest event, the SKIN TWO Expo. (That's our International Fetish Clothing and Design Fair.) We'll let you know the full details and prices for these events as soon as we can .

      Rubber Ball tickets are £30 each, plus a 50p booking fee on each ticket. We accept all major credit/debit cards and UK cheques made out to Tim Woodward Publishing Ltd. Email to; post to Skin Two, Unit 63 Abbey Business Centre, Ingate Place London SW8 3NS; fax to 020 7498 5565; or phone our credit card ordering line: 020 7627 3332

      For general enquiries phone us here in the office on 020 7498 5533. We look forward to hearing from you! If you're outside the UK: fax to +44 (0) 20 7498 5565; or phone our credit card ordering line: +44 (0) 20 7627 3332 For general enquiries phone us here in the office on +44 (0) 20 7498 5533." _____

      Now, all that said, DO KEEP IN MIND that the Rubber Ball is a STRICT FETISH FASHION event. I say this with Two Meanings: 1) You will see the most amazing Fetish Fashion you could imagine at the RB, and 2) It is ONLY a Fetish Fashion event -- there is Absolutely NO S&M Allowed at the Rubber Ball. Of course if you attend for the whole weekend of events you may find yourself at a more S&M friendly pre or post party.

      THAT SAID, there is a gentleman in GERMANY who will be holding a more Hardcore S&M Party in The Mountains of Bavaria IN A CASTLE on the same weekend as the Rubber Ball. He has Most Generously invited The Entire IQ to attend his event.

Here are the details of the Bavaria Party:

(Thanks to Rene')

      "'The Night Of Passion' on Saturday, September 23rd, is dated especially to coincide with the World EXPO (which is still going on till the end of October) in Hanover. The weather will probably be nice and warm too and holidays in Germany are just over, so that trips to Austria or Italy should be cheaper. It is also directly in the time of the Munich 'Oktoberfest' so you could come over to Munich, stay there a couple of days, visit the 'Oktoberfest', the 'Hofbrauehaus' and maybe take a daytrip to Vienna. For early bookers I can offer rooms directly in the castle, which will be an hour to drive from Munich.

      Entrance fee for 'The Night Of Passion' (including dinner, but no drinks) will be 50 Euro Rooms in the castle will be around 90 Euro" More info: (Be SURE to tell him you were sent by Arcane/INIQUITY) P.S. A "Euro" is currently about One Dollar.

The same gentleman also sent us the following additional information regarding Amsterdam around that time as well as other Major Fetish Parties in Germany:

I tried to check out what will be going on in Europe: The Wasteland-Crew will start the new monthly party: 'CLUB BIZARRE' on Saturday 12 September in Amsterdam.

The big German events are earlier or later then our party is. The 'Extravaganza', probably the largest fetish-party in Germany, and will be in Hamburg maybe close to us (September), but I don't know the correct date now. The 'Torture Ship' will be on August the 19th in Hamburg. There will maybe be smaller parties around our date, but most of the promoters will not announce them until June/July. "For Pervs who also intend to see the World EXPO: A day-ticket for the EXPO will be round 35 Euro (on presale), hotels will maybe a problem in Hanover as well as in Munich, for both the EXPO and the 'Oktoberfest' are top tourist-attractions. And prices are a lot higher then during normal times. For Hannover you can get all information needed here: For Munich check out this site: A plane from Hanover to Munich and back is sometimes available for 100 Euro (check for special rates)"

      Thus for you Euro-Aficionados who were planning vacations in September, you now have two choices. Technically speaking, since the Bavaria party is on a Saturday and the Rubber Ball is on a Monday, you COULD do both although you wouldn't be allowing much time to relax between the parties. Then again, WHAT A WEEKEND that would be!!! :-)


(thanks to L. at S2)

   You just gotta see this. When I logged onto the SKIN TWO Website and saw this fantastic online Cyber-Toy, I laughed out loud and immediately knew that The IQ had to hear about this one in particular. I told my friend at SKIN TWO about it and they were gracious enough to send me the direct URL below so the entire INIQUITY List can go check out their Fetish Doll, even if you are not a member of SKIN TWO. :-)

   So what is the Fetish Doll? Imagine a paper-cut-out doll of yester-year who you dress up in Fetish Clothes. Now imagine that you can not only change the Race of that doll with the touch of a button, but you can also change Hair Style and even Tan Lines!!! Hehehehe. Absolutely brilliant (right about now you are probably saying, "Gee Arcane, you're kind of easily amused, aren't you?"). Take my word for it -- it is a riot. :-)

   But the Most Impressive element of the FETISH DOLL is what it portends for the future: A level of Online Shopping which will be SUPREMELY interactive! Imagine that one day you log into a site just like Fetish Doll, use your web-cam to take a photo of your face, and enter your body measurements into some fields at the website. Then you click a button and VOILA! You are looking at your computerized body with your face, and you then proceed to try on various pieces of Fetish Clothing (or any number of other kinds of clothing or accessories) simply by pointing and clicking. One minute you are sitting at home, the next minute you are personally shopping in the Virtual SKIN TWO Showroom! :-)

Check out the current SKIN TWO Fetish Doll now at:


Sales & Promotions -- SYREN & WHIPLASH

From SYREN Rubber:
"We have added some new product to the special offer page, including men's or women's leggings for only $75 (regular $110)."

From Whiplash:
"We're very excited about our new location in West Hollywood, as well as our new, and ever changing, website As a special offer we are presenting this opportunity to purchase a great new video at a substantial savings ($39.95 suggested retail - You pay only $19.95). The movie, 'Fetishes', is a true life documentary, looking into the lives of Professional Dominatrixes and their slaves. Thank you very much for your patronage. We hope you enjoy the upcoming additions to our site including, special video projects, photo galleries, chat, forum and more. Stay tuned!" On that note, for those of you who live in the Los Angeles Area or may be visiting that area, if you do not yet know about the SYREN shop and the brand-spanking new WHIPLASH shop, you SHOULD. I say that with such emphasis because these two shops cover and ENORMOUS range of Latex Clothing, including custom modifications at no additional charge (SYREN), a wide range of COLORS to choose from, and some simply fantastic designs by a variety of Latex designers (WHIPLASH). SYREN is located on Beverly in Hollywood, and the new WHIPLASH shop, which is a MUST-SEE by the way, is located on Santa Monica in West Hollywood. Both stores are very much worth your while to familiarize yourself with their wares. SYREN currently offers a 10% discount if you use the INIQUITY Password on REGULAR purchases, and WHIPLASH may soon be joining the INIQUITY Discount List as well. :-)


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