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    Hello everyone. A bit of a delay, aye? Looks like something came up -- oh, what was it again? Oh yeah -- THE MOST INCREDIBLE INIQUITY PARTY EVER! Yeah, that was it. ;-) I want to thank all of you for the letters I received telling me how much you enjoyed the event. As I said before, I rate it as Thee Best public event I have ever thrown. Now we come to the great tribulation of the Artist -- how to out-do my previous work. Hehehee..... What mysteries and magic can I put together for INIQUITY III??? We shall see, we shall see. What an exciting time it is -- We have news on a number of killer parties coming up and new clubs to report on in various places all over the U.S. and Europe, and of course a review of our very own INIQUITY II. Hong Kong seems to be sliding into the Fetish groove as you'll read later on, and I hear Queen Amidala even has a secret latex wardrobe. ;-) Yes, I saw Star Wars, no I will not be reviewing it (and no, I could not exactly find anything Fetish about the movie -- well, maybe Darth Maul's make-up is really liquid latex.....). Much to report, so On With The Show.......


Table O' Contents:

  1. INIQUITY II -- A Beautiful Night (review)
  2. Los Angeles Fetish Ball Coming Up (event)
  3. STILETTO & Eroticon -- Los Angeles Moves Into Mode (review)
  4. Annie Sprinkle Benefit (events)
  5. BDSM Resource List Available for the Northwest (resource)
  6. BERLIN News (review)
  7. TORONTO Gets Shiny (review)
  8. Bettie Page Movie, N.O.W.'s Anti-BDSM Stance Criticized, HELLFIRE returns to Britain, & more (articles)
  9. Pervy Films: Hong Kong Slides Into Modern Times with BLACK MASK (review)
  10. <<O>> Magazine's 2nd Party -- Bacchanalia II in L.A.  (event)
  11. Vampire Technology SUPER Discount! (fetish shopping)
  12. Misc. Dates -- London Fetish Fair, Dark Knights and more! (events)

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INIQUITY II -- A Beautiful Night


    I guess I really want to start off by congratulating all of YOU, because the success of IQ2 was really due to how absolutely gorgeous you all looked, how devoted the S&M was, and all the energy we created together. I also want to say a very special THANK YOU to INIQUITY's host of volunteers who helped make it happen, from the beautiful people serving the Chocolate to the Dungeon Monitors to every single person who chipped in time and energy to make IQ2 the howling success that it was. :-) For those of you who unfortunately missed this magical event, here's a synopsis: The evening began with a great deal of wide-eyed amazement as we watched the early arrivals who had never been to the 550 Barneveld venue walk around in disbelief that such a beautiful space was so unknown (I felt the same way myself when I first found the place). Vaughn from Body Manipulations had set up his Rack to bind bodies to (both his staff and volunteers) against a red velvet backdrop. Trevor Baker's photos adorned the walls in the rest of the most brightly lit room whose brightness was both functional as well as a result of the many voices of The IQ who pointed out that Pervs Who Love Their Clothes want to BE SEEN. The Main Dungeon, with it's 7 primary play stations and one extra, lone play bench surrounded by couches in a kind of cabaret-verite', was softly but safely lit in a mix of red and blue, with tiny white x-mas lights around the room. As usual we had INIQUITY's trademark Live Dungeon mix all through the night of "music for whipping" (sounds like a Brian Eno album, doesn't it?). ;-) Downstairs on the main dance floor INIQUITY's Most Excellent DJ's spun an almost seamless mix of fabulous contemporary Erotic Electronica (or Electrotica as we like to call it) interspersed with an Industrial Edge that kept the energy high. Two video screens provided a continuous source of Fetish spice via the super-high-quality Fetish videos which played almost constantly. Up on the main stage, when it wasn't being used by the show, three more pieces of S&M furniture stood ready for use by the serious exhibitionists as well as yet another lone play bench on a raised platform on the far side of the dance hall. All areas were lit in an orangey-red glow which only served to compliment the disco lights in the center of the room, and every single piece of S&M furniture in the club was put to very good use throughout the night. ;-) Paul Nathan's show was a masterpiece of last-minute arranging, as both he and I were informed only a few hours before he went on stage that all the fire he was planning on bringing into his act was suddenly not permitted by the venue (despite their previously telling me otherwise). Despite this setback, Paul and his gang went on to absolutely titillate the audience with a Pure-Fetish comedy-magic show that had this author/promoter laughing loudly. One minute slaves are being sent up on stage for the "best blow job on a strap-on" contest (with condoms on the strap-ons of course), the next Paul is actually hitting a deck of cards out of Mike Power's mouth with a single tail whip leaving only the chosen card in Mike's mouth!!! Truly amazing. :-) At 2:30 a.m. the doors were shut to the outside world and the event was closed to any further admittance. The steam continued to build and the night pulsed on to the wee hour of 4 a.m., when a still dancing and playing moderate crowd was politely informed that INIQUITY II had come to an end. Squeaking in latex and PVC, the last of the INIQUITY II attendees left smiling to go dream of sugarplum fairies in rubber catsuits, and falling down a most desirable rabbit hole where all inside were truly residents of Wonderland.


IQ2 -- A Guest's View.....


(thanks to Torturella)

(Written to a friend of the authoress and forwarded to us for INIQUITY's archives.....)

    "Great party INIQUITY 2 !!! Master Damien and I had a great time. Yes INIQUITY 2 was great because, I believe, of the strict dress code = no lookie Loos and the relaxed coziness of being able to sit around and enjoy the action then get up and join in the fun. The feeling I got from the dungeon space, (as a posed to the dance space) was intimacy. Everyone seemed like family, all were totally into the scene, everyone wore their very coolest outfits, and people had mutual respect for each other. At one point the dungeon space got a bit crowded. The decor was very well done. They had large pieces of equipment lined up in front of a wall of glass window where as you were whipping a slave or enjoying the lash, you could look down to the dance floor, light show, and stage performances. The dance floor was cool with lights, smoke, and go-go cages which we slipped into for some entrapped gyrations. There was also a photo exhibit and costume contests. Besides all the fabulous fun at the party, we went on a shopping spree at Mr. S and Stormy Leather where I happily maxed out one credit card then stared in on another. And might I add...that the environment of the dungeon space was so sexy and safe, that people felt free to take off some or most of their clothes - we all enjoy that view. So, I was very impressed with what happened there, and I have been talking to as many people in the LA scene as possible about how critical it is to have a strict dress code, even if it means making a little less money."

(Ed. - my heartfelt sentiments exactly.)


Los Angeles Fetish Ball Coming Up


    Possibly the LARGEST Fetish Event on the West Coast, The L.A. Fetish Ball is less than two weeks away!!! Nicknamed "Metamorphosis", Fetish Ball # 9 promises to be as spectacular as ever, with a huge list of features planned throughout the night. For starters, The Genitorturers will be playing and the famous Fakir Musafar will be performing. Chicago's "House of Whacks" will be doing a fashion show entitled, "Clear & Pleasant Danger," and a whole floor (of the 5 floors of activity) will be taken up by Vampire Technology and Dungeon Meister Aryn from Sin-A-Matic fame. Gary & Pierre Silva will once again have their photo booth, and a spectacular set of DJ's will be spinning at various locations, including the infamous ALAN TG of Torture Garden. An event this size doesn't come often....or cheaply. Admission to this extravaganza is a whopping $30 in advance per person, and $40 at the door. The event, as always, will take place at

The Variety Arts Center, at 940

South Figueroa @ Olympic.

For more info, call: 323-644-1811 or log onto

    Note that this is a 21 and over event, and no cameras are allowed. :-) Having been to a few of these events, I can say that I HIGHLY recommend them. Ever since they moved to the Variety Arts Center, they have taken on a whole new life, and you just cannot lose with 5 floors of activity!!! Although no strict dress code is enforced, almost 100% of the crowd steps out in style, either Pure Fetish, or at least in some kind of costume. It's sort of a combo Fetish event and early Halloween. ;-)


STILETTO & Eroticon -- Los Angeles Moves Into Mode


    On Saturday June 12th, Club Caprice was graced by the resurrected Club STILETTO. For almost two years the Fetish Fashion community has heard about what was an apparently great night which then seemed to vanish into the ether. Then suddenly only a few months ago we all received the pleasant news that STILETTO had risen from the dead. On top of that, due to what must have been a huge number of requests, STILETTO was also going to cater to the S&M crowd -- originally it was Fetish-Fashion-only. Arriving about an hour into the event, I was instantly overjoyed to see a line of people in IMMACULATE Fetish attire waiting to get in. My hopes rose. Once inside the main bar/dance hall/stage area the lighting was a bit on the dim side, but I could still see that more than 2/3rds of the sizable crowd came in Fetish finery. The other third appeared to be more dressed for the S&M side of things in the adjacent dungeon room which required signing a waiver to be admitted into. The band Caviar was on stage when I entered, and I was impressed, having never heard them before. In fact, to be honest I liked them better than the headlining band Penis Flytrap. Between the two bands, Master Aryn and a few lovelies performed a bit of S&M Erotica on a smaller side stage, mesmerizing the crowd as he always does. ;-) In the dungeon, some seriously spectacular S&M furniture was nicely spaced around the room to allow for numerous scenes to go on at once. The only glitch in the set-up as far as I could see was the fact that the double doors to the dungeon room remained wide open to the outside Cold Air of Redondo Beach all night long. The net result was a degree of "huddling" deeper into the warmer end of the dungeon. FETISH Magazine was there as well offering a wide selection of their publication at special reduced prices, and FIT TO BE TIED -- the actual promoters -- made a modest booth display as well. Although guests who smoked had to do so outside as per California law, the promoters made the additional pleasant effort to curtain off a large area to serve as both a smoking yard and chill-out (literally) space. All in all, a very well done event with only a few glitches: The worst thing about STILETTO was plainly and simply that it had to close so damn early -- 1:30 a.m.!!! I mean geez, that's like my lunch time! L.A. has long had a problem with legitimate clubs being open late, and I suppose the Redondo Beach pseudo-Florida-retirement-community has pressured the local venues even harder. The other major problem was a lack of continuity on the  dance floor. As STILETTO opted for shows, those of us who love dancing were kind of left standing and watching most of the night, and my personal tastes run more to generating the energy on the dance floor. The few times a DJ did get on, it wasn't much of a mix -- same for the dungeon music. Lastly, the dress code, although clearly stated, seemed intermittently enforced; don't get me wrong -- it was a very pretty crowd overall, but a few people squeaked through in very non-Fetish attire (i.e. Street Clothes by any other name are still street clothes). Oh well, can't expect every club to be as strict as INIQUITY. (It would be nice though, aye?) ;-) Regardless, I would have to rate STILETTO as having made a surprisingly happy come-back and would definitely recommend it. The Bottom Line is that I wish the night could have gone on longer. :-) Prior to STILETTO that night, we also visited the Los Angeles EROTICON. The EROTICON was basically a Porn Convention, something which I had personally never been to and so decided to investigate. One of my chief questions was how much Fetish had invaded the mainstream Porn industry. Arriving at a TINY portion of the massive L.A. Convention Center -- they have the NORTH wing and the WEST wing, etc etc, well you may as well have called this the "SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST" wing -- we were immediately aware of the 10 to 1 male to female ratio as you probably already expected. Yes, in our "Fetish Lite" clothing (aka "Casual Fetish") we stood out as some of the FEW well dressed. Mostly we stood amongst jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, khaki shorts......I am sure you can visualize the painful details. ;-) I am very happy to say that San Francisco's own DEVIANT Liquid Latex cornered the High Fetish element with a continuing display of their product being artistically applied to a stunning model. The question was: were the others standing around thinking, "my, I have never seen how versatile liquid latex can be -- he's painting some very creative designs into a most interesting bathing suit," OR were they thinking "Boobs." Unfortunately probably the latter. Right next to DEVIANT, the INIQUITY II Staff Photographer Trevor Baker also had a booth displaying many of his excellent Fetish photos and promoting his website. As for the rest of the convention, I am at least glad to say that there were a handful of BDSM oriented booths, some of whom sold Fetish gear which included some very beautiful leather corsets, and another that sported a 10 x 10 x 10 (foot) collapsible cage inside of which a few beauties would torment various macho men from the crowd. Despite the obvious preponderance of Vanilla porn, I am nonetheless happy to report that at least the Porn stars dressed moderately well including a dash of PVC here and a spot of leather there, and that almost every row had at least one BDSM/Fetish related booth. Hopefully in a few years theirs will number so high that they'll have to have their own convention. One can always hope. ;-)


Annie Sprinkle Benefit


SAVE THE MERMAID Benefit for Annie Sprinkle

June 20th,1999

    A huge roster of performance artists and adult entertainment stars will take the stage for afternoon and evening shows at Fort Mason's Cowell Theatre on Sunday, June 20th, from 3 PM to Midnight, in San Francisco. The gala event, titled "SAVE THE MERMAID, The Annie Sprinkle Fire Show," is a benefit for Annie Sprinkle, well known adult film star-turned-performance artist, whose houseboat burned in April while she was away on tour. Advance tickets on a sliding scale from $20 to $100 are available from City Box Office (415) 392-4400. Included in the extravaganza are over 70 variety acts, with featured appearances by Nina Hartley, Pat Califia, Carol Queen, Margo St. James, Kat Sunlove, Fetish Diva Midori, Cosi Fabian, Fakir Musafar, Cleo Dubois, FatChanceBellyDance, Geoffrey Karen Dior, Jade Blue Eclipse, Juliet "Aunt Peg" Anderson and the Dancers Of the Lusty Lady. In addition to the stage shows, (4 to 6 and 8 to 10 PM) there will be game booths and auctions. Among the items to be auctioned: Annie Sprinkle Tit-Prints, Wondrous Vulva Puppets and unique "Burnt Offerings," consisting of certain Annie Sprinkle treasures transformed by the molten heat of the fire into magical metal sculptures. DJ dancing and a No-Host Bar will provide a non-stop party atmosphere in the adjacent theatre lobby and café. The party will culminate in an exotic dance set from 10 PM to Midnight. SAVE THE MERMAID is being produced by Carol Queen, Robert Lawrence and Climate Theatre, which produced The Annie Sprinkle "Herstory of Porn" show last year in San Francisco. Other sponsors include Good Vibrations, Spectator Magazine, SF Weekly, San Francisco Sex Information, Queen of Heaven, House O'Chicks, the Lusty Lady, and other Friends of Annie. All profits from the event will go directly to Annie Sprinkle. A large turnout is expected due to Ms. Sprinkle's popularity in the Bay Area, where she is a veritable icon of sexual freedom. Advance ticket purchase is recommended.


BDSM Resource List Available for the Northwest


    An ENORMOUS resource list of BDSM news and information lists to subscribe to has just become available to INIQUITY Readers. Far too long to list here, if you are interested in this list of BDSM Forums & Chat Groups, etc, for most of the Northwest of the United States, then just drop us a line here at INIQUITY HQ and we'll send the list off to you. :-)




(thanks to D.J.)

    "Went to Extreme Playground and unfortunately it was an off night. They told me I just had to stay for Saturday because they were having a great party that was "not to be missed". Of course, my plane was leaving on Saturday morning and it was not possible to attend. This seems like it always happens as I had found out about this great party called Atomage which is a rocking "Fetish Disco" in Monchen Gladback only 1/2 hour from my hotel. Problem is I had been working 18 hours straight that Saturday at the trade show and it was physically impossible for me to attend as I simply had no energy left. So as I was just starting to feel like I was missing out on everything (I missed Whiplash in San Diego seeing as I had just arrived in Germany when it started) I headed to the Kit Kat Club which I found out about by calling every Fetish Related number in Berlin. I had Rubber Suspenders from Deviant on over black jeans and they wouldn't let me in because of the jeans. BUMMER!!!! (Ed. -- no surprise at all; it's Europe and they have been doing the Strict Dress Code ages longer than us) So I found out about a store named EXCITING which was only open for another 1/2 hour. Took a cab, bought some great shiny black rubber pants a few minutes before closing and went back. Got in with no problem. The Kit Kat Club rocks. It was dead for the first two hours I was there and I began to wonder if it was just "not meant to be" but everyone told me it really starts at around 2am. And lo and behold, right around 2am tons of people showed up including some very beautiful people. Lots and lots! Thee good thing was that people are very friendly as opposed to Amsterdam. I know you had the same experience there that I did, the Dutch are nice but have a major wall up when it comes to getting to know them. The Germans are more friendly even thought there is much more of a language barrier since only a small percentage of Germans speak English as compared to the Dutch. But the ones that do are very open to talk. Really disappointed that I wasn't staying for longer. This always seems to happen--the last night of a trip is when you get lucky. But I left the Kit Kat Club and went straight to the hotel to pick up my bags and then to Airport so I pulled an all-nighter and slept on the plane. The dress code at the Kit Kat club is strict so you would approve. Some minor equipment (not as much as at Extreme Playground which is a great and well equipped space) and there is not a lot of playing. In fact, really no playing except for some guys jerking off on the floor (which I could do without). But the music and dancing is great and pretty people, as I said, make the night. Lots of great outfits. So that's the news from the Berlin scene. PS: I was in Hamburg for 2 nights and there was absolutely nothing going on in terms of Fetish (other than the Reeperbahn but that's a different story because it is all professional)."


TORONTO Gets Shiny


(thanks to Midnight)

"From the flyer:

W/ DJs Lazarus and Jasin
at Reverb
(651 Queen St. West, Toronto..SE corner of Queen and Bathurst)

    The Reverb is a nice enter by walking up the stairs to the second floor. There's a huge coffeehouse-style bar as you enter..the main room is off to the right. The dance floor is pretty small, with a cool circle of lights on it that give it a feel of a futuristic club. There's a high stage at the front, where the DJ was set up, and also where the demonstration by Stainless Studios was performed. Off to the left side of the stage, there is another bar...attended by a rather cute bartender. Further left is a raised sitting area, and stairs going up to "Holy Joe's", another little bar/sitting area. This served as the play area on this night. The place was packed solid by 11:30. Evidently, by talking to a few people, this is the fetish event to go to. DJ Lazarus was in top form, if I closed my eyes, I could imagine myself at Catacombs. The other DJ, Jasin, was a little too much into house and rap for my taste. I didn't really enjoy dancing as it was very crowded and the dance floor was too small, so I traveled between the bar and the play area most of the night...I'd occasionally elbow myself a little space on the dance floor when Lazarus was spinning. As for the play area, it reminded me of the old Trocadero upstairs play area. The scenes weren't interesting at all -- a couple of not very visually interesting doms flailing away on their slave-du-jour. There were small scenes going on around the club...but most of it was pretty tame. I didn't have any equipment, so I didn't solicit a sub, and with the general manner of people (being very distant towards strangers) I didn't think it appropriate to solicit a sensation scene. None of the people *I* would have wanted to see play were playing, and it didn't appear that they were players least in the public forum. There was a piercing demo given by Stainless Studios. The guy doing the scene was very professional. He did three demonstrations: A tongue piercing, a dick piercing, and a nipple piercing. The two ladies that volunteered for the tongue piercing and nipple piercing were attractive. That was a plus. They had a Saint Andrews at center stage to display the volunteers. Another thing I liked was that the people were respectful during the demo. They had special music and lit candles and made it into a show. It was pretty cool. Anyway, that's the fetish news from Toronto."



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