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Tues, 18 Aug 1998


      Hello Once Again from the Depths of Deliciously Indubitable Depravity (say that 5 times fast). The seasons change, San Francisco actually had a few days of warm weather, and even I am attempting the unusual -- I am composing INIQUITY NEWS #5 in the Mid-Afternoon. Strange, this thing called "sunlight." Kind of interesting to work without the ever-present incandescent glow of a light bulb. Instead I have the late-afternoon sunlight trickling through my window.....Egads! I am starting to sound like an Anne Rice novel; next thing you know I'll spend 40 pages describing the growth of the bougainvillea vines upon the wrought iron fences (no offense to Anne actually -- her Beauty series is legendary amongst "our kind," and "Lestat" ranks as one of my all time favorites. Just wish she had a few less lace curtain and bougainvillea descriptions....).

      Regardless, although I feel as if I should be wearing Sunblock 2000 while writing at this hour, I am amply prepared with my usual cup of rocket fuel, (which recently caused genuine reports of nightmares in several friends who quaffed a cup). In this issue of INIQUITY NEWS we have a bunch of announcements regarding upcoming events, many of which are right here in the San Francisco Bay Area, a handful of reviews, and something new -- several announcements regarding job (read: cash) opportunities for the artistic amongst you!
      So read on Denizens of Deviance, and discover the delights that await you.......

The Table O' Contents:

  1. Review -- One Wild Weekend
  2. Club BOUND Slowly Expanding It's Devotees......
  3. Local Events Coming Up
  4. Avengers -- A Fetish Review
  5. Fetish Job Opportunities
  6. Out-Of-Area Events Coming Up
  7. Review -- Europerve in Amsterdam
  8. Wrap Up

INIQUITY: A Definition

      Howdy y'all (I have a guest from North Carolina staying at my house -- can you tell? So why the Texas drawl, you ask?). INIQUITY NEWS is a semi-whenever newsbitmap (no paper) which centers around the very specific area where FETISH FASHION and Good S&M meet. There are plenty of places to find purely S&M stuff, and an equally a good selection of places to find Fashion items of a Fetish nature. There are far too few in America, IMO, which deal with BOTH as an Ideal and a Reality towards which we can strive for a classier Fetish and S&M Scene overall. The Core Idea for INIQUITY came from several years I spent in Europe during which I ate Fetish, I drank Fetish, I lived Fetish and I breathed Fetish.
      INIQUITY is a Concept, a monthly Club, a Newsletter, and a Group which anyone can join. Our focus is clear, and everything we talk about, write about, and celebrate about is all linked to this central theme. INIQUITY is also a "password" for those of you wondering what our "sacred password" is (q.v. the website and discounts, etc).
      INIQUITY NEWS comes out when I get enough stuff to put out an issue out, roughly monthly, sometimes more often. It's a SOURCE to find out what's going on and how to get involved for like-minded Pervs who want to see some Style with their S&M. Anyone can contribute to INIQUITY NEWS, and I LOVE to get Reviews, Articles and Stories from any and all of you out there. Please use my Contact Form for all correspondence
      Any part of INIQUITY NEWS may be reprinted and posted elsewhere as long as A) proper credit is given to the author of the portion copied, and B) no money is made from said copying (i.e. no posting portions of INIQUITY NEWS in a Pay-Site. Free Sites are A-OK).
      I write INIQUITY NEWS in my spare time because I enjoy it. I don't make a dime from this. There is a gap in the Fetish Fashion & S/M world that I hope to help fill because I find a tremendous amount of beauty in that world. This is my motivation. I hope you enjoy the results.




INIQUITY HQ -- Check Out new features of The INIQUITY Website!

      Our most recent addition to the site is our Perv Roommate Referral page. After all the times (and it was a lot) I had friends and associates ask me if I knew of a room available in an all-Perv household, or the times I had Pro-Perv household friends let me know they had a room available, I decided the world (or at least our community) could use a FREE place to go and seek those they were looking for. It's the REAL THING -- this isn't some personals page, it isn't a solicitation, and I am happy to say that like the entire INIQUITY Website it is 100% BANNER-FREE. It's a straight forward place to help members of our community find and form Perv-Friendly places to live. Period. :-)
      BTW, for those of you who are wondering, the term "Perv" is a catch-all for our community. It refers to anyone's Fetish, whether it's light S&M, hardcore S&M, Fetish Fashion, D&S, or whatever your personal perversion may be (with the exception of anything involving underage personae of course, which INIQUITY cannot condone). The term is European in origin, and it is not uncommon to hear a variety of European citizens refer to one another as "such a lovely Perv." Like the term "queer," once derogatory now made light for that community, the term "Perv" makes fun of the word Pervert as a kind of statement that we are more than happy about who we are and what we do regardless of how the outside world may have viewed us in ages past.


Review -- One Wild Weekend

      I am very happy to say that the INIQUITY parties only keep getting better! Saturday, August 8th saw the 4th INIQUITY event at the Power Exchange. Talk about starting off SLOOOWWWWW! By 11pm there were so few of our people I was considering going to visit a friend and coming back in an hour. Man, am I glad I didn't! As if on cue, suddenly INIQUITY folks started streaming through the door, and by midnight we were in and around the King Arthur Room at the biggest INIQUITY gathering yet. I personally got somewhat wrapped up doing three consecutive scenes, and so from the corner of my eye it looked as if our numbers were as large as the last event. However, quite a few people came up to me in the latter half of the evening to comment on how this event was unquestionably the best turn out so far. Standing vastly outnumbered, I finally took a better look around and had to agree with them.
      Without a doubt, INIQUITY now stands as probably the most impressive crowd to attend Power Exchange as a whole. Having now been to PE on various other nights, I can safely say that INIQUITY events become transformative evenings for the PE. Our S&M usually comprises the best scenes of the evening, our crowd stands out in all its Fetish Fashion glory, and our presence in the King Arthur Room most definitely transforms at least that portion of the PE into a sensuously focused, subtle-yet-powerful, post-modern, tribal/ritual space. I know of no other evening at the PE which can claim these effects, and this comes from several Power Exchange regulars informing me of this. :-)
     Coming Soon: A PERV-ONLY Roommate Referral Page!!! A place to post living space needed or available strictly for Perv households GLOBALLY! Note that this will NOT be a place to post "personals," but will fill a genuine need for the many people in the BDSM community who often either have a room for rent in their house or are looking for a room to rent in an effort to live with like-minded people. The page will also be open for people who are in need of / offering accommodation for short visits to an area, not just permanent living situations. :-)
      Want to find out more? Come Join Us at INIQUITY's Monthly Full Moon POWER EXCHANGE Events!

(The usual rules apply. Look for an update in the coming weeks.)

(Ed. -- for those of you who may feel that I am co-opting the Full Moon party idea from Masquerade, please be aware that the original concept of doing a Full-Moon Fetish gathering when I first founded Mass-Charade came from Your Truly. A Full Moon can be a high-energy evening, and INIQUITY now provides a place for those who's blood boils on these nights to come and engage in More Serious BDSM play in addition to creating a gathering for our Fetish-Fashion-oriented community.)
     Sunday, August 9th was a whole other extravaganza of Fetish activity. Many of us got very little sleep as we departed the Power Exchange sometime around 4 a.m. and tried to make it to the Fetish Flea Market at #50 Oak Street by 2pm, hopefully at least faking a refreshed look. The venue was crowded by the time I arrived at 2:30 pm, half an hour after the Flea Market opened.
     As usual for this seasonal gathering of the greater Bay Area BDSM community, we were tantalized by tons of toys for our twisted tastes. Whips, floggers, cuffs, S&M furniture, knives, chainmail and more surrounded us amongst the many vendors attending. Probably the hottest new item (for some; word has it these guys have been around for a while) were floggers made from rabbit fur by Passionsfire. It is sort of a truism that when you've been doing BDSM for a while and your toy bag has filled out, you only gravitate towards the truly unique item or toy that shows up in the occasional BDSM festival or fair. Well at the Fetish Flea Market that day, I'd have to say that empirically speaking BDSM veterans were flashing their newly-purchased Passionsfire fur whips more than any other item. Needless to say Passionsfire's stock rapidly dwindled.
     After the Flea Market, various factions of the BDSM community headed off for meals of differing magnitudes -- from Italian restaurant take-overs (with many in modest Fetish attire mind you) to mad scramblings for a Turkish coffee fix. Shortly thereafter, a party group called FANDANGO topped off the weekend with yet ANOTHER BDSM PARTY. Held at the infamous 14th Street Play Space ("play space" -- euphemism for DUNGEON.......MUAhahahahahah....), this final party of the weekend was definitely well attended by many members of the greater BDSM community although not many INIQUITY folk were in attendance, perhaps due to the lack of a dress code.


BOUND Slowly Expanding It's Devotees......

     Now more or less officially one month old, Club BOUND at the DNA exhibited an ever-expanding albeit still small gathering of the well-dressed and sadomasochistically inclined at it's weekly Wednesday event. Over the course of the entire evening, BOUND undoubtedly saw it's greatest numbers yet. They apparently had a fire performance of some kind which I missed due to being back in the Dungeon/Play Area. The music was as danceable as ever with it's mix of primarily Gothic, 80's, and "Electronica."
     REMEMBER: INIQUITY folks get TWO possible kinds of discounts at BOUND. If you arrive before 10pm in Fetish Attire and use the INIQUITY password, you get in FREE with a one-drink minimum.
     After 10pm, for the remainder of the night (good for we late people), ONLY INIQUITY folks can get in for $5 if, and only if, you come in Fetish Attire AND you use the INIQUITY password. Note that even though someone may say they "are with INIQUITY," they may be asked, "what is the password then?" The password is of course, "Iniquity." Be prepared to give this answer or you may be refused the discount.

held every WEDNESDAY at the DNA Lounge
on 11th Street near Harrison in San Francisco.

     On last count they had 5 Distinct Play Stations (i.e. S&M furniture) in their very relaxed, virtually gawker-free dungeon (80% of the attendance was in some form of Fetish or Gothic attire!!!). So bring your toy bag and your favorite play partner! ;-)


LOCAL EVENTS Coming Up.....

(special thanks to Vampire Tech, Lunatic & Deviant for this info)

21 Aug. (THIS FRIDAY!) -- Zavtone / Blue Line Records / MTV Party, 10pm-10am!!!
Not a Fetish Party per se', but INIQUITY's friends at Vampire Technology will be the Grand Finale of the Fashion Show. Might be a bit on the rave-y side of things, which could still be fun. Estimated 3000 people at this 3rd Street movie sound-stage venue in San Francisco.
The tickets are being sold at "Virgin69" & "Housewares"on Haight, and at Web Design Group at 351 9th, 3rd floor.
More info: (415)436-9419 or Zavtone at (415)436-9381
      "....some art, three fashion designers (street/club wear & Vamp Tech); Vamp Tech doing a Vampire theme -- really dramatically different designers all in one show....also some computer projection imager....and the whole thing will be live on the internet along with some fashion event in Japan....."
      Arcane says: MTV meets Vampire Tech?!?!?!?!? THAT should be interesting. Maybe we could show up in hardcore Fetish Attire with slaves on collar and leash, do a bit of flogging and blow their minds. If anyone wants to coordinate a group effort to do something like that, I'll be sure to let INIQUITY readers know. ;-)

29 Aug. (Saturday) - 1st Bay Area Adult Expo
At the Concourse (
      Arcane says: Sounds like it could be interesting at least. Anyone out there got more info on this puppy?

26 Sep. (Saturday) - "Fetish and Fantasy Ball"
At 177 Townsend, the night before the Folsom Street Fair. br>     Arcane says: absolutely no idea. Anyone know who's throwing this event? Hopefully NOT the "Un-Exotic, Un-Erotic Ball" people. More info Please!

27 Sep. (Sunday) - 15th Annual Folsom St. Fair. 11am-6pm.
      Arcane says: Drop Everything and cancel everything else -- do not miss this annual event! This is the largest BDSM Street Festival IN THE WORLD. Last year someone said it had 30,000 perverts, er, I mean visitors! One seriously hella-fun day. :-)

09 Oct. (Friday) - Stormy Leather 15th Anniversary Celebration.
9pm-2am. Club Townsend, 177 Townsend & 3rd. 21+. $15 advance, $20 door.

     Arcane says: this is the first event like this that they've thrown. Could be good, probably won't suck. Most likely it'll have an emphasis on Fetish Fashion (one would hope). No guarantee of other BDSM elements however. Anyone got more info???

11 Oct. (Sunday) - SLICK Fetish Ball.
Price: probably $15 in advance, $20 at the door. At the SOUND FACTORY, on Harrison near 1st.
Keep an eye on (currently only has details about the last one in January).
     Arcane says: Another DO NOT MISS event for INIQUITY folks!!! The proprietor of SLICK, Random, has a strong appreciation of the INIQUITY aesthetic, and so his magnificent event, which draws 800 or so well dressed Fetishists, has all the elements: Fetish Fashion, a Fetish Dress Code, a good Dungeon, etc.

13 Dec. (Sunday) - Bizarre Flea Market,
#50 Oak St. (near Van Ness & Market), 2-5pm. $5 admission. 510-339-6960 or
     Arcane says: read the review above of the Fetish Flea Market; same event. The Fandango after-party will most likely be scheduled the same as well.


THE AVENGERS -- A Fetish Review

     Did you know that somewhere there is an authorized book on the TV series, "The Avengers" where the creators openly admit that the original series was intentionally loaded with Fetish elements? "Bondage, leather, etc., were all parts of The Avengers formula," [sic]. Well it would have been nice if the makers of the recent movie of the same name had read that quote.
     First a word on cinematography before I return to this review through the eyes of a Perv. One word: PACING. Normally pacing in an action movie builds like a right-skewed curve, with a peak around the 5/6's point and then a resolution. The Avengers is paced like a sine wave: peak, trough, peak, trough, peak, trough....throughout the film. Suffice it to say it had some nice special effects but it still caused two of the three people I went with to nod off, literally.
     Back to the Pervs-Eye review: We all previewed an image of the red-head Uma in a skin tight leather catsuit supposedly playing the brunette Emma Peel. Enjoy that image, because that's about as Fetishy as their fashion gets. Yes, they made a vein attempt at a foot worship sequence as Fienne's passable Steed zips Emma's new boots on ever-so-slowly, and a seriously pathetic attempt at a bondage sequence where Emma is held in a nifty head cage which for some reason we are expected to believe prevents the movement of every other part of her body despite the utter lack of visible restraints elsewhere. We are not talking "suspension of disbelief" here, we are talking "acceptance of the ludicrous."
     I am sorry to say that even by a stretch this movie gets a C+ at best in the Fetish Fashion department, and that credit is given ONLY because of the now infamously delicious leather catsuit, which we do get to see Uma traipse around in for a good several minutes. Minus points came for suiting up a similar character (don't want to give the plot away for those who will still go see it) in a cool looking black snakeskin catsuit yet only letting us look at if for a few seconds at a time -- damn their uninitiated eyes! I mean why pay Gaultier a zillion $$$ to design outfits you are only going to see for a few seconds??? We are talking seriously clueless in the Fetish realm here (and no, Gaultier did not design the outfits -- that was a metaphor. However, If you DO want to see some seriously cool cinema Fetishy costumes designed by Mr. Gaultier, paste your eyes on the full plate delivered in "The 5th Element"). I think my biggest "Erk" (Erk -- simultaneous mocking laugh and choking in disgust) was when Uma/Emma shows up in a red cotton catsuit reminiscent of cowboy long-johns, with the final blow delivered by a pair of leather short-shorts over that. I was instantly reminded of the jock aesthetic that went around in the 80's where it suddenly became fashionable to wear your gym shorts on the outside of your sweatpants.
     On top of this there was not a stiletto heel in the film for Emma to do one of her famous "Boot To The Head" kicks while balancing precariously. They tried to be clever by having the original John Steed (can't remember his name) do a cameo as an Invisible Man, but they really lost all credibility when they did That Which Must Never Happen -- they had Steed and Peel KISS!!!!! Hahahaha! Sound prude do I? Well, if anyone recalls the sexually unfulfilled tension between Steed and Peel in the TV series, that was a part of their most basic characterization -- so close yet so far apart, and no matter how tempting it was, they were always utterly British and "proper" in their avoidance of such improprieties. The moment Steed and Peel kissed was the moment AVENGERS Television fans became utterly aware they were watching a vague, modern Hollywood facsimile of the TV show.
     A lot of people, both Fetish and Vanilla, had high hopes for this movie. Suffice it to say that I went and saw it with a few Vanilla friends who's taste is usually diametrically opposed to mine. We all left the theatre saying, "OK; now we REALLY need to go see a Good Movie." One just gets the feeling that the movie was released before it was really ready and too many budget cuts were made. Oh yeah, one last note: Sean Connery, even in one of the dopier roles he has played, is still a god. ;-)


YES, there's more!!
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