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      Greeting Fellow Denizens from the Depths of Depravity (the nice parts that is -- good real estate value). I am here at your digital doorstep once again to bring you a HEAP of Good News regarding thing Perverted, things Pleasurably Painful, and things Strikingly Stylish. Once again it's some ridiculous hour in the morning when most of you are probably snug in your bed while visions of riding crops dance in your head. I just did a half cup of my famous coffee, and damn the torpedoes I'm gonna get this sucker written. There's nothing to distract me now (well, ok, maybe my slave stacking dishes in the kitchen) -- just me, my computer, one desk lamp, and a single candle burning for atmosphere (exactly what atmosphere I'm trying to create I haven't quite figured out yet).

      I'm going to try something new with this Issue #4 by giving you a sort of "table o' contents" as a few of you have mentioned that I.N. can be on the long side. As usual, for those of you new to the INIQUITY NEWS newsbitmap, at the end of this introduction I'll give you a definition of what we're all about.
      Without further ado, I present:

Table O' Contents!!!

  1. The Third Iniquity Party -- Better Than Ever
  2. New Stuff At The Iniquity Website
  3. Some Upcoming Local Fetish Events -- A Small List
  4. Some KILLER Club News for Iniquity Folks
  5. Iniquity Discounts -- The Proof Is In The Pudding
  6. A List Of Fetish Events To Make You Drool.....In London!
  7. Review: A Properly Perverted Evening In Vancouver
  8. Review: Las Vegas Ain't All That Bad



The Third Iniquity Party
Better Than Ever

      I have no idea how it happened. It's as if the Fetish Gods finally decided we were worthy enough. In any event, we got the King Arthur Room. It wasn't planned, and in fact it happened after I went to great lengths to make sure everyone thought we were going to meet in the Laundromat Room at The Power Exchange on Saturday, July 11th.
      As many of you know, we invited a Goth Group who were interested in S&M to come join INIQUITY's crowd for the night of the 11th. This created a bit of a stir amongst you out there as some of you feared I was "selling out" on the Fetish Dress Code requirements of INIQUITY as numerous other clubs have done. In turn I sent out a clear definition of INIQUITY's Dress Code to most of you out there, assuring you that the Goth Group which wished to hook up with us would have to follow our rules to get our discount at the Power Exchange, etc. Not even slightly at odds with this, the very friendly SfGoth group happily pulled their Perviest best out for the evening. They PROVED exactly as I suspected that in many cases the Goth Scene has already incorporated so many Fetish elements that a transition to Pure Fetish for the evening was (seemed anyhow) practically effortless for them. The net result was a good looking Fetish crowd with a lot of newcomers who had a serious desire to learn more about S&M. With the addition of the SfGoth group our numbers were even higher, and outside of perhaps a bit more eye-makeup, you wouldn't have known their group may not have been of the INIQUITY aesthetic all along.
      It seems that too many complaints had at last been lodged against that other, unnamed group who normally takes over the King Arthur Room every Saturday night. Thus they decided not to show, and when a large group of us came over to the PE around 10 p.m. after a very informal "class' on some S&M basics, we were delightedly surprised, if not a bit shocked, to find the King Arthur Room completely empty. It immediately became our "social room" for the evening.
     Many people still wandered downstairs to the main dungeon. However a number of truly spectacular scenes occurred throughout the evening on the double St. Andrews Cross stationed in the King Arthur Room. The room and its occupants maintained a very calm yet intensely focused energy all night long, enjoying one hot scene after another in an almost cabaret atmosphere that remained at the same time quite intimate, and almost tribal. The only glitch in the evening was perhaps the repetition of an Enigma CD over and over, which was eventually adapted to, and later in the evening the subjugation of those of us in the King Arthur Room to a mixture of Ozzy/Black Sabbath and Hip-Hop music which personally almost made me call Red while topping my slave. Nonetheless we persevered and were graced by scenes both soft and sensual as well as ultra-hardcore and mesmerizing. The staff at the Power Exchange has since all but BEGGED us to bring in our own CD's to play and apologized for the limited music selection that evening.
      With the lighting lowered by our sunlight-shunning Gothic friends, the room was cast in a red and amber glow. Conversation was never distracting, and those who wanted a more rowdy atmosphere had the rest of the Power Exchange to explore. Some of us barely got out of the King Arthur Room all night long, thoroughly enjoying the improvised program of Artistic, Sadomasochistic displays. All in all quite a magical night.
      We have been promised the King Arthur Room next time if we want it. ;-)


New Stuff At The Iniquity Website!

      The CHAIN Links Page is Up at our own INIQUITY website! Come check it out for some links to places I have personally reviewed and can recommend. There's links to FETISH FASHION, S&M TOYS AND FURNITURE, and other ODD, COOL, and FUNNY Fetish Fashion & BDSM websites. Several of the listing include a notation about a DISCOUNT you can receive if you use our Sacred Password (said with a great amount of Fanfare, Overture and Intrigue -- for those of you who haven't gotten it yet, the password is simply "Iniquity").
      If you have a link, to your own site or one that you just like, which has a specific relation to things S&M and Fetish Fashion, feel free to send me the URL. I'll check out the link, and if I like it I'll be glad to add it to the page with a mini-review. Check out the page for examples of links that have been approved.
     Coming Soon: A PERV-ONLY Roommate Referral Page!!! A place to post living space needed or available strictly for Perv households GLOBALLY! Note that this will NOT be a place to post "personals," but will fill a genuine need for the many people in the BDSM community who often either have a room for rent in their house or are looking for a room to rent in an effort to live with like-minded people. The page will also be open for people who are in need of / offering accommodation for short visits to an area, not just permanent living situations. :-)
      Also coming soon, our own Bulletin Board, and perhaps a Perv "Online Flea Market" for those with things S&M or Fetish to sell. Remember you can also find back issues of INIQUITY NEWS archived at the website, as well as the most up-to-date INIQUITY party and club information.


San Francisco Bay Area:
Some Upcoming BDSM/Fetish Events

(special thanks to Lunatic for this list)

26 July (THIS Sunday) -
Up Your Alley '98 street fair, Dore Alley at Folsom
11am-6pm.     415-861-FAIR.
Arcane says: Definitely worth checking out. A kind of mini-Folsom Street Fair. Small but fun.
9 Aug. (Sunday) -
Bizarre Flea Market,
#50 Oak St. (near Van Ness & Market), 2-5pm..     $5 admission..     510-339-6960 or
Arcane says: I find at least one mind-blowing bargain every time I go to these with a few bucks to buy a new S&M toy. There's used stuff, new stuff, and it's mild social scene as well. In the evenings there's usually a party for which tickets are sold at the Flea Market that day. The Flea Market has no dress code, but about half the crowd pulls out their most "street-functional" fetish attire just for the fun of it.
27 Sep. (Sunday) -
15th Annual Folsom St. Fair.
Arcane says: Hey friends, this is THEE Biggest S&M Street Fair IN THE WORLD. Are you really going to pass this up????? Get there right at opening, because the day goes quick. Officially Rated: Do Not Miss!
9 October (Friday) -
Stormy Leather 15th anniversary party,
Club Townsend.
The theme will be a Sci-Fi Circus..     To confirm this info please call their office at (415) 626 6783.
Arcane says: No idea what this will be like. Club Townsend is a pretty cool venue. Rumor has it that the next SLICK Ball may be that weekend as well! Better get a lot of sleep the week before, because if that rumor is true you aren't going to get much that weekend!!!
13 Dec. (Sunday) -
Bizarre Flea Market,
#50 Oak St. (near Van Ness & Market), 2-5pm..     $5 admission..     510-339-6960 or
Arcane says: same as the one on August 9th.


Some KILLER Club News for INIQUITY Folks!!!

      There is a NEW Fetish Club!!! Yes indeed, a New Fetish Club to grace our fair Bay Area. It's Bold, it's at the DNA, it's EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT, and it's INIQUITY-FRIENDLY!
      Hi folks. I went to the opening of Club "BOUND" at the DNA Lounge on 11th Street this last Wednesday night. I was happy to see the well-dressed, albeit small, initial turnout of Pervs come down in Latex, Leather, PVC and other assorted textures. The music mix was/is very danceable and the DJ's were happy to take requests. There is a Dungeon/Play Area in the upstairs back lounge which is only going to be open to the public for another two weeks, after which the proprietors say it will be (sound the trumpets!) strict fetish attire required!!!
      But that's not even the best news yet! Yours Truly had a quick discussion with the proprietors of BOUND and they have kindly agreed to special treatment for INIQUITY folks!!! To be brief, quite similar to the special concession we've been receiving from the Power Exchange, if you show up at Club BOUND in FETISH ATTIRE before 10pm and use our Sacred Password ("Iniquity"), you will get in for the price of ONE DRINK TICKET (about $3) !!! That's as compared to their regular admission of $7!!!
      Once again, the word INIQUITY brings a little magic..... ;-)
     For Your Information, I am reprinting below the "e-flyer" originally sent to me. In a nutshell, INIQUITY can have a seriously positive effect on the evolution of this club. Many of us have been looking for a weekly place to hang out and hook up -- well, we may well have found it! :-)
Note that unlike the Power Exchange, the INIQUITY Discount rules apply for both men AND women.
Hope to see you there!

(The e-flyer)

"New Fetish / 80's / Industrial / Electronica club called BOUND at the DNA Lounge, 375 11th St. @ Harrison, 9PM - 3:30AM, BDSM play space, erotic performance art at midnight, $7 If you've never been to the DNA before, it's a pretty cool place. The upstairs is going to be entirely a BDSM play space, hopefully well equipped with all kinds of nice structures to play on. And after a while most of the area is going to be a private space (i.e. only for those in fetish wear that play)."


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