Fetish Factory 12 Year Anniversary, EXILE review

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Big news regarding the FETISH FACTORY 12 Year Anniversary Party in South Florida. This event will span 3 nights with 3 parties at 3 venues! The line up of talent and the reputation of their previous parties alone makes this event well worth the effort to BE THERE! For those of you NEW to the INIQUITY LIST, take it to heart that INIQUITY has been a supporter of ALL Fetish Factory events for quite a few years now BECAUSE Fetish Factory REGULARLY comes closer to the INIQUITY Aesthetic more than ANY OTHER FETISH CLUB IN AMERICA outside of INIQUITY itself!!! At any given party by FF, you will find that exact INIQUITY mix of outstanding Fetish Fashion and seriously high-quality BDSM. For many years we have given constant kudos to FF for the amazing job they have done staying on the cutting edge of the American Fetish Scene. :)

We also have a review and STRONG Recommendation for the very unique Club EXILE in Los Angeles - see below!


More info on the 12 Year Anniversary, from FETISH FACTORY themselves:

"Fetish Factory is doing it again! Florida's premiere retailer of high-end fetish fashions and pioneer of the World Famous Alter Ego Fetish Party, the largest and longest-running monthly strict dress code fetish party in North America, is excited to announce it's biggest event to date, the 12-year Anniversary Fetish Ball presented by This epic event will take place over the course of three nights with three parties at three venues during Memorial Day Weekend 2007.

For the third consecutive year Fetish Factory will set the industry watermark by putting together not one but three great back-to-back nights of high-production fetish parties each with its own distinct venue, theme and vibe. The fun starts Friday, May 25th, lasts all weekend, and doesn't let up until Monday morning. For all the details, visit the official website of the 12-Year Anniversary Fetish Weekend.

This remarkable all-weekend epic will stand on the shoulders of two previous record-setting Anniversary Fetish Weekends, but this year's event is expected to be even bigger, better, and wilder thanks in large to continued support by official presenting sponsors who were also primary sponsors of the 11-Year Anniversary.

Many of the industry's top models and performers have already confirmed for the big event including Rebecca's Rubber Room, Rubberdoll, Darenzia, Allen Falkner, Chain Goddess Brandy, Natalie Minx, and MC (or Mistress of Ceremonies) for the main event, Bianca Beauchamp. The event also features taiko drum performances by Fushu Daiko and a fetish fashion show by top designers Demask. The official website boasts that more performers will be announced in the weeks leading up to the event.

The main event will be held on Saturday, May 26th at Club Cinema, site of last year's 11-Year Anniversary Fetish Ball as well as last year's Halloween Fetish Ball, the most attended event in Fetish Factory's 12 year history with over 2,000 strong in capacity. This year, all levels and rooms of the massive multi-level club will be open for you to explore.

Fetish Factory holds a monthly fetish party that is famous worldwide for it's strict fetish dress code, energetic crowd and glamorous fetish costumes. Alter Ego has been held monthly since 1995 and has a regular attendance of 800+. With out-of-towners mingling with the core crowd of locals, the annual event is an annual fetish fusion. Last year's 11-Year Anniversary events boasted an attendance in excess of 2,000 and three gala sold-out nights of partying that was not to be missed. This year, FF has again raised the bar with three new, bigger & better parties with an all-star cast of models and performers!

Partiers are able to purchase their admission tickets at the Fetish Factory's online store which offers a free souvenir t-shirt or boybeater tanktop to customers who purchase a bundle-pack of tickets to all three events including their popular roundtrip transportation pass to/from the host hotel/all events.

FF has secured a very special rate available at their host hotel, the Sheraton Suites Cypress Creek at the incredible group rate of only $109/night (this posh hotel posts a rate of $199/night otherwise). The official website warns: "If you are coming to town, don't even think about staying anywhere else! The party will be here!" encouraging out-of-towners and locals alike to take advantage of the low-rate and what is sure to be party-central even after the clubs close their doors. The website also offers some great information about the hotel and a link to book your room at this special group rate.

As of March 1st, over 200 room nights have already been reserved by attendees for the Fetish Weekend and the rest are going fast. Fetish Factory urges attendees to reserve their room now in order to insure availability. Fetish Factory will even be throwing a Sunday pool party for hotel guests only, another great perk to staying at the host hotel.

Memorial Day Weekend is a great time to travel to South Florida.
Florida has fantastic weather, great beaches and countless attractions.
FF recommends including the Fetish Weekend as a part of your larger vacation plans to visit South Florida.

The best source for all the most current and accurate information is the official website for the 12-Year Anniversary Fetish Ball. You can also call the Fetish Factory store at 954-563-5777 or email the owner Glenn at with any questions or concerns.


REVIEW: Club EXILE, Los Angeles CA

Once again the promoters of Club EXILE have pulled off what has become one of the Finest Nights you will ever find in the West Coast Fetish Scene, and we do not say that lightly! :D What makes EXILE so special is that the promoters have created a TRULY UNIQUE Fetish Event - something not seen nearly enough!
Instead of the typical Goth-Industrial vibe that one finds at yet another Goth-Industrial Fetish Club on the West Coast, the promoters of EXILE had a BRILLIANT idea: pay homage to the 1940's Big Band / Swing Era! Instead of KMFDM you hear Ella Fitzgerald. Instead of NIN you hear Frank Sinatra. Instead of doing "find the penny" (goth dancing joke there - no offense) you see people swing dancing! And add to this that at this last EXILE on St Patricks day they hosted a period Live Female Vocalist!!!
The atmosphere is spectacular, with almost everyone showing up in period-esque attire. You will see period lingerie, zoot suits, and even a creative mix of period styles done with modern fetish fashion.
The energy is incredibly high and positive, and it is a true pleasure to be amongst a great mix of Pervs (I think there must have been 200 at the last Exile - maybe more!) while listening to this great music.
Instead of flogging to TOOL, you find yourself playing to music that makes you want to softly smile, that adds a sense of romance to the air.
Trust me people, EXILE is pure magic in a Fetish Scene where one club
starts to look very much like every other club. It is a TRULY
ORIGINAL EVENT that everyone should make an attempt to check out. We cannot recommend it enough! :D

EXILE is held at the Passive Arts studios - the same place where INIQUITY hosted CARANAVLE DE SADE a few years ago. The venue has a wide variety of play areas and themed rooms so there is always a corner to sneak off to with your partner. Since the location is out by LAX the zoning is significantly more permissive than central Hollywood clubs - fireplay, candle wax, and hardcore S&M are absolutely fine.
Opposite this you will find plenty of dance space in the front hall which is always set up with a stage, tables and chairs, and a full service bar. EXILE hosts some kind of show each time, and always in a classy and professional manner.

While we here at INIQUITY truly enjoy most every kind of Fetish Club, if you are craving something NEW and DIFFERENT, you absolutely owe it to yourself to get down to Club EXILE. EXILE is held the third Saturday of every month. We recommend getting there early because it really is a very upbeat party and social event that kicks off almost as soon as the doors open.

Location: Passive Arts Studios
10914 Sth La Cienega, 90304



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