November 30, 2005


Greetings everyone.

Welcome to INIQUITY NEWS # 33

Yes, its been awhile.
We've been on an extended hiatus but expect to be getting more info out to you over these next few months.

We want to tell you about several upcoming events, one this weekend, one next Spring, and some great news for anyone visiting the Los Angeles area. In this issue we also have some great deals for you to check out on boots, a report from the Berlin Fetish Ball, as well as a few other tid bits.



A Fashionably Dark Benefit for LA's homeless
Sat, Dec 3rd, Los Angeles
In one of the most visually stimulating, virgin loft spaces in Hollywood, WeirdFix brings you the fourth fashionably dark year of Dark Holiday featuring the music, fashion, art and culture of blue-blood Hollywood. The annual party, fashion show and art exhibition began in Colonel Clique's huge L.A. loft with the infamous 2002 Shrine clothing fashion show. December 3, 2005 keeps that vibe alive with an exclusive fashion show featuring Savana Cervantes' dark, sexy line Astrid Clothing featuring the hottest models direct from the inner-circle of the Hollywood underground.

Exclusive DJ performances by
Colonel Clique, Mr. M,
Juicy Jay, Henry Self and Fangz.

In the Dark Holiday tradition, all the drinks and food are FREE 10 til midnight. Pre-purchase VIP tickets available at for $25. Private, opulent and central Hollywood loft/location with plenty of parking.
(attention: this party will NOT be held at Area 101 Studio!!!) RSVP to guarantee entry and get directions/location address by sending an email to

$25 prepaid, $30 at the door includes food and open bar 10 til midnight benefiting Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles.
Special dark-art exhibition curated by Tiffany Trenda featuring an industrial look at the past year in photography and light, plus elaborate and enticing artwork by Lisa Prichard, who showed this year at the Erotic Museum.


March 16th - March 19th

Yep, 5 days of Parties and Events!
This year the event will be held at the REGENCY GRAND BALLROOM, a beautiful venue.

>From the promoters:
As you read this, the SF Fetish Ball 2006 team is assembling a world-class lineup, and we mean world class! From London, Austria, Germany, Boston, Texas, Los Angeles and of course, San Francisco the most beautiful models, fabulous DJs, renowned performers, photographers, personalities, and many other glittering stars from the fetish firmament will be on hand to keep the party rockin’ and shockin’
all night long!
You won’t want to miss the 2006 San Francisco Fetish Ball! It’s sure to be a night to remember—one everybody will be talking about for years to come.
Last year saw Kinksters & Rubberist galore queuing up hours in advance along the Red Carpet and the Event Sold Out!

Keep yourself updated on this top-notch West Coast Fetish Event by visiting the website at:


Good news for Los Angeles locals and visitors....
Once upon a time there was a tiny little massive megatropolis that was blooming with all manner of happy Pervs who would have been only much happier if there was a Regular Venue where they could go and frolic with other happy Pervs. Sadly, this venue was under a weird spell where it would appear for anywhere from several months to a few years and then suddenly vanish! The Pervs of the tiny little massive megatropolis would then wander about looking for the next time the venue would reappear....

Once upon a time there was also a happy and fun Goth club called Bar Sinister in the tiny little massive megatropolis of Los Angeles. For many years it was quite a nice Goth club every single Saturday night.
Visitors dressed well and danced happily until 2 am. Occasional live bands played on the patio stage, and all the happy Goths reveled in their Gothdom and their Gothness.
Bar Sinister was always "Fetish-Friendly," meaning a Perv could go there to dance amongst the Uber-Goth atmosphere, but it was not any kind of Fetish club to speak of.

Then one day that unique and elusive Fetish Venue decided to reappear!
Suddenly and without warning the ENTIRE UPSTAIRS LOFT of BAR SINISTER became one of the Hottest Regular Play Spots and Fetish Spots in the City of Los Angeles! A few very clever Pervs (alongside the director
Tricia) worked hard and turned that elusive Fetish Venue into a FANTASTIC place for Serious Fetishists to gather and once again frolic amongst their own deeply Pervy kind.

OK, fairytales aside, it's true. The upstairs loft of Bar Sinister has, over the last several months, become THEE place for people into all things INIQUITY and more to meet and play Every Single Saturday Night! Located at Boardner’s in Hollywood (1652 N. Cherokee Avenue), the Los Angeles Fetish Community owes a TON of thanks to the handful of people who spearheaded the creation of the newest DEPENDABLE Fetish Playground in Los Angeles.

Upon its official Grand Opening last July, PURGATORY is the name that has been given to the Fetish Experience in the upstairs loft at Bar Sinister, and it has quite seriously become a destination all its own.
Many a Perv can be heard saying, "we are going down to PURGATORY tonight." The space is not huge. However since all the dancing and normal club activity happens downstairs anyhow, the upstairs loft, PURGATORY, has enough space for the Feteratti and Perveratti to happily mingle. There are always two play areas - a St. Andrews cross and a large Play Bench - in a well lit area cordoned off by ropes. Anyone can play in the play area with the permission of the fine crew who run PURGATORY, Marina, Tommy-O, Paul & Jordan. Truly these four took the bull by the horns and started something that the city of Los Angeles has needed FOR A LONG TIME. Marina, one of the nicest Dominas you will ever meet, is the main whip and alongside her partners. They have brought PURGATORY up to INIQUITY standards, and you know that says a LOT. Bar Sinister itself has a dress code (read below) and PURGATORY has an EVEN TIGHTER dress code - you must be in Fetish Attire (or darn
close) to be allowed upstairs into PURGATORY. PURGATORY has a zero-unauthorized camera rule, although resident photographer (and SERIOUSLY skilled at that!) Tommy-O will gladly take your photo if you desire to see yourself up on the PURGATORY website. Desire privacy and anonymity? Tell Tommy and you can rest easy that no photos of you will be taken whatsoever.

PUGATORY boasts its own bar and lounge area, so truly a Perv can spend the better part of the night up there. Like the rest of Bar Sinister it closes at 2:30 a.m.

Aching for a place to put on that latex dress or that rubber shirt on any random Saturday night? Want to tie your honey to a beautiful, large, padded St Andrews and flog them into ecstasy? Come on down to PURGATORY.

P.S. Early word has it that the infamous Sonny Black will soon be designing one of his amazing and unique pieces of spectacular S&M furniture especially for PURGATORY!

Bar Sinister... the club on Saturday Nights!
Located at Boardner's B52 Club
1652 N. Cherokee Avenue in Hollywood
Cover: $10 (except special events & out of dress code) Strictly 21 & Over Strict Gautier Goth, Fabulously Fetish or Outrageously Alternative Attire Enforced!
Club Line: 323.769.7070


REPORT: Berlin Fetish Ball 2005
by Sabrina Belladonna


By our own observation and accounts by others as well, this year's Berlin Fetish Ball was truly outstanding. Well attended by fetishists, players, and vendors from around the world, the Fetish Ball weekend started at Columbia Halle Friday at noon with the Fetish Fair, Germany’s biggest fetish exhibition.

Most of the booths were fetish fashion designers or equipment companies, along with some of the premier fetish magazines, DDI, Skin Two, Schlagzeilen, & SM-Base.
We were disappointed to learn that any of the clothing items on display were samples only and would have to be ordered, do no last minute shopping for the festivities later!

Among those who did show fetish ready to wear, we found Los Angeles corset maker Louis Fleishauer, of AMF corsets <> , it was still early in the day and as we left the hall, there were decidedly more people showing up, many already wearing fetish clothing.

Cameras were allowed at the fetish fair and the flashes were ablaze when Bondage Project took the stage with an erotically charged demonstration of the fine art of rope bondage.

Cameras were prohibited during the play parties and Fetish Ball, which made everyone more comfortable, given the strictly fetish dress code.
Friday night the Kit Kat Club <> hosted the pre party and according to our sources, much play was had by anyone who was willing to participate. Other entertainment provided by DJS: Corvin Dalek & Clark Kent, & a special Pornoformance "Clockwork Red" by DoubleTrouble Berlin.

Saturday the Fetish Fair continued all day, followed by the culinary and optical delights of the second Xklusiv Fetish Dinner in Berlin, followed by yet more opportunity to play, see and be seen at the White Club.

Matrix Club:
Sunday, the weekend climaxed with the exceptional German Fetish Ball 2005, at club Matrix located in the old brick stone arches of he underground station Warschauer Platz , a huge facility with high ceilings, multi rooms, stages, and dance floors (music provided by the likes of: Allen TG (Torture Garden), DJ Ritual (Ritual The Club), Matt Caseli & Hayda, DJ A.L.F. (House of Pain), & Fetish Decadence).

The fashion shows were provided by VEX Clothing, Savage Wear, Fierce Couture, Libidex and Puimond Progressive Corset Design.

The main stage featured performances by Lydia Morgan, Morrigan Hel &Lily, and once again, Bondage Project.

Most impressive was the crowd itself. Many obviously well thought out and well designed fetish ensembles were paraded, and from where we sat for a portion of the evening, it was an absolute delight to the eyes.
The revelers at the Berlin Fetish Ball exhibited an exceptional level of commitment to the highest fetish aesthetic, as well as being a very friendly crowd, with looks of appreciation flying about the rooms. The kink vibe in the air was so strong, it seemed to pulsate throughout the club. Yours truly ended up playing with a beautifully leather clad stranger who found himself inexorably drawn to her, despite the language barrier. The language of kink knows no bounds!

The amazing Berlin Fetish Ball wound up with busses shuttling those who wanted to take their play to the DarkSideClub, located nearby in Kreuzberg. The Editrix at HIGHLY recommends the Berlin Fetish Ball as one of the premiere fetish events to attend!

(from Deviant HQ)
Wear the HUGEST MAD MAX (New Rock) BOOTS for almost 1/2 PRICE!!  

You may never see this deal again... Deviant, manufacturer of the amazing Liquid Latex products, and the people who make the Liquid Latex Lounge ( possible at Burning Man, are now selling huge NEW ROCK BOOTS in styles for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN!

To get started with the new products, we're offering them at an unbelievable WHOLESALE PRICE for a really, really short time. New Rock is a premium quality footwear manufacturer. Unlike many of the products sold at specialty stores, this is NOT a cheap novelty footwear with a lifespan of 1 or 2 wears. New Rock is a heavy duty, durable , stitched leather boot that holds up for years to motorcycle wear, daily street wear, Playa dust, and most anything! New Rock produces a high level of quality that's par to the Deviant Standard.

This special sale includes ALL AVAILABLE BOOTS, not just one pair, nor just one style! It applies to every boot and shoe in the line (dependent on manufacturer availability)! This means you can get a brand new $250 pair of radical boots for around $150! Try getting that on Haight Street or Melrose. Nu uh. Don't think so. You'll need an wholesale account with New Rock to get that deal again.

You're getting them at about the same price WE'RE paying for them!
We do have some special conditions that apply to this sale only, like you have to pay by credit card in advance, no returns, etc. But Deviant is a solid name you can trust, we've been around for years, and we're known throughout North America and many international regions.

Why so cheap? Simple... We want to build Brownie Points with the manufacturer; We want to contribute to the communities we're involved in, we want friends to get a good deal, and we want you to tell everyone you know that we're selling these cool boots!

Take a look at

We're not in the office on weekends, but leave a message, send a fax, send an email, or call between 10am-7pm.
D E V I A N T ™
Liquid Latex | Latex Supply Fashion Tape | Rubberwear | Design
toll free U.S. 1.888.DEVIANT
ph 1.408.971.6366 fx 1.408.971.6335
PO Box 720967 San Jose, CA 95172 USA


Northbound Leather:
Out of Toronto has a cool new website in case you haven't been there

Spanking Machine CD:
The band Spanking Machine has released a new CD entitled "Now Lie In It" that seeks to capture the feeling of the best nights at your favorite fetish clubs. Be prepared for much more than songs about mistresses, slaves and spanking. Chilling female vocals, powerfully hypnotic music, and driving EBM beats will open your mind to new sonic and sensual intensity – while offering you a fresh perspective on domination and submission in today's society. "Now Lie In It" has already set riding crops and dancing boots in motion around world, debuting in the top 10 on the Metropolis Records online charts. To purchase your copy, visit these sites:
In the United States, Metropolis Records at:
In Europe, Music Non Stop at: And to enjoy music and visual samples, go to:

WRAP-UP & stuff for new readers...

That about sums up the latest.

Fetish Dreams To You All,
-- Arcane & The INIQUITY STAFF


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