April 30, 2005


Hello all you Fine Fetish Folks!

In this issue of INIQUITY NEWS we've got news regarding the GRAND FINALE of Carnavale De Sade on May 7th including AWESOME additions to the line up, info from Fetish Factory in Florida, the WINNER of the INIQUITY Flyer Design Contest, News from Holland, a Review of the UNIQUE Carnavale De Sade 6 with the Strictest Dress Code EVER, and news on Two New Shops in Los Angeles that are an absolute MUST VISIT!

But before we begin, we have information regarding Pervery in Paradise!

We want to especially thank the people at KINK IN THE CARIBBEAN ( ) for their generous donation of the GRAND PRIZE for the BEST DRESSED OVERALL contest to be held at CARNAVALE DE SADE 7: OVER THE BIG TOP! on May 7th, 2005.
KINK IN THE CARIBBEAN is an annual event held at Hedonism III every year where Pervs and Fetishists effectively TAKE OVER this extremely
Liberally-Minded resort, and this is their sixth year running! It is fairly safe to say that there is no other event quite like it anywhere in the world. Slipping down the on-site water-slide dressed head to toe in latex alone is worth the trip! Expect BDSM classes, shows every night, bondage-on-the-beach, Jamaican sunsets, and a party every night! For details and full info on KITC, visit their website, which again is:

Note: the GRAND PRIZE at CDS 7 on May 7th is a 5-Night-Stay for 2 at Hedonism III where KINK IN THE CARIBBEAN is held, however those 5
nights cannot be used during KITC itself. Prize is all inclusive for all activities, room, & meals at the resort, including transport to and from the resort. Airfare not included. PRIZE IS A STAY FOR TWO (2) PEOPLE TOGETHER!!! So YES, that means you AND Your Date!!! For more information on the Hedonism III resort, go to:

Yep, you heard it correctly. Although there is No Dress Code for this Grand Finale, what we CAN do is REWARD THE HELL OUT OF THOSE WHO GO ALL OUT TO MAKE AN EFFORT AND DRESS TO THE GILLS! Besides the 5-NIGHT-STAY at Hedonism III in Jamaica, we will also have a VARIETY OF PRIZES FOR 2nd & 3rd Place as well as the Runner's Up! In addition, expect some rather awesome rewards for the Best Tattoo and Best Piercing/s Contest! We will hold a special contest for the best FETISH ATTIRE separately from the BEST DRESSED OVERALL (and YES, you CAN WIN TWICE!). To be clear, Best Dressed Overall means ANYTHING -- Fetish, Masquerade, Insane Burning Man, Futuristic, Wild Costume, or WHATEVER!!!




We want to thank our prize sponsors:
PHALLIX GLASS (guess what those prizes will look like!)

Performances by:

House DJ the INCREDIBLE Henry Self
and Special HEADLINING Guest DJ:
The One....The Only....The ORIGINAL INIQUITY DJ HIMSELF: DJ Ron/e!!! Yep, DJ Ron/e will flying in from out of town just for this blowout event so this will be your chance to experience the mixing of one of the best Fetish DJ's in America!!!
Ron/e was there at the INIQUITY Grand Opening back in 1998, and spun at all INIQUITY parties for the first several years. His were the tunes
that had people first opening up to the whole idea that a FETISH PARTY can be UPBEAT and HAPPY as opposed to the ubiquitous Heavy & Edgy
Goth-Industrial sounds that tend to permeate the West Coast Fetish clubs. Some Fetish clubs go too far into Techno to get away from the
Goth-Industrial, but Ron/e knows how to keep the mix JUST RIGHT to keep the dance floor SEXY for all of you writhing and wriggling in your
Rubber Revelry! INIQUITY has always stood for an emulation of the European Fetish Scene in America and no DJ brings it more home to that
ideal than DJ Ron/e!

And for you Goth-Industrial fans, we can honestly say that DJ Henry Self has been an ABSOLUTE BLESSING to CARNAVALE DE SADE -- he is
without a doubt one of the FINEST Industrial-Rave DJ's that INIQUITY has EVER had the pleasure of working with. Henry's mix spans a WIDE
RANGE of tastes while remaining cohesive to the INIQUITY IDEAL. A great many Goth-Industrial-80's fans know Henry from his Friday Night
spinning at Miss Kitty's Parlour in Los Angeles where he is also recognized as one seriously fine talent! Henry is truly a master of
the decks, and you Goth-Ind fans will be seriously pleased by the tunes you hear.

Special Guest DJ Mr. M will also be showing up to spin a guest set showcasing his unique talents and testing out some of his newest sounds
that span a wide range from Industrial-Rave to EBM to Dark House.




It is approaching rapidly....only a month away...the BIGGEST, WILDEST FETISH EVENT ON U.S. SOIL! The Fetish Factory 10 Year Anniversary
Party!!! Held in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, come party with A THOUSAND Sexy Pervs from all over the world! Lets face it: the promoters at Fetish Factory are VERY GENUINELY SOME OF THE BEST PARTY PEOPLE IN AMERICA!
We at INIQUITY have no trouble standing behind EVERYTHING THEY DO because they do it HIGH QUALITY! When FF throws a party -- even at
someone else's festival or convention -- you can bet it is going to be THEE Best Party There! This 10-Year party is also Sponsored by
European Fetish Royalty SKIN TWO and MARQUIS magazine!
More info:

Fetish Factory has also Very Generously extended a 10% discount to ALL INIQUITY READERS' PURCHASES made between now and the end of June!
To get this discount you MUST USE THE LINK BELOW:

Further Fetish Factory Events:
May 14: Alter Ego
May 27, 28, 29: Fetish Factory 10 Year Anniversary Weekend
August 20: Alter Ego takes Tampa By Storm @ The Castle, Tampa FL


We were enormously pleased by the response from INIQUITY readers regarding the new flyer artist contest. After sifting through the entries we choose Patrick Wendland for his unique and original artwork that we felt exactly held to the European Fetish Ideal that INIQUITY stands for. Patrick's artwork combines a dynamic use of color alongside a great sense of design and angularity, giving the finished product an almost psychedelic-art-deco look. You can view Patrick's winning entry at the INIQUITY website on the INIQUITY CLUB page here:

On top of winning the $50 prize, we here at IQ HQ were so impressed with his work and his professionalism that Patrick has also been offered (and accepted) the role of the official INIQUITY Artist which means we'll be knocking on his door for any number of future jobs. We here at IQ HQ couldn't be happier. In honor of his work INIQUITY has also begun to happily rep Patrick to others in search of quality graphic design talent.

A bit more about Patrick:
"Patrick Wendland is a seasoned graphic designer and technical illustrator with over 18 years of experience. Recently, he is promoting his own graphic design business. He has contributed vast amounts of artwork to organizations in the private sectors as well as in the government arena. He holds a Gold-Award for illustration, design, and content. Patrick is currently pursuing his long awaited dream to work in the fantasy art and pinup industry."
For more information, visit his website at



(from our friends at WASTELAND News..)

"Wasteland News
Upcoming Wasteland event May the 21st. As you have probably heard our next event, 21st of May, is going to take place in the Powerzone. This great location with a an outdoor terrace turned out to be highly appreciated by many of our regular visitors and also by us. Although normally the Powerzone doesn't have any problems getting their guests inside, we made some special extra arrangements with the venue. We've ensured that the wardrobe is free and arranged extra staff to accommodate our guests. Besides that the Powerzone offers more than enough parking space for all our guests.
For more information visit our website

Performances at Wasteland:
Lexington Steele (USA)
As Lexington Steele told his mother, "I'm the guy who does the things people talk about in hushed tones." Dubbed "The Porn Star for the New
Millenium," Boogie Night's Dirk Diggler pales in comparison to "Lex the Impaler."
Torture Garden fashion show (UK)
TG Clothing combines top quality latex design, innovative fashion styling and fetish fantasy.
Empress Stah (UK)
Stah has been touring as a professional circus/cabaret performer since 1998.Her ability to create solo cabaret performances with brilliant and
twisted storylines, incorporating these skills with unique styling and attention to detail has set her apart from the rest. These shows have enjoyed commercial success the world over.
Vera Springveer (NL)
Transvestite and singer celebrated 12,5 year on stage with a theatrical rockshow "the days of Ziggy Stardust": a glamrock experience starring
Vera Springveer as David Bowie.

And much more .............

The next event will take place Saturday June 11th. Watch out! The party will be moved to a brand new and exciting location: Rhoneweg 12-14

Our friends created a new Dutch erotic magazine called 'Lust' with lots of party reports. The launch will take place Wednesday April 27th in
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Club Tropicana.

With kind regards,

As one might expect, when INIQUITY Ideals come to a new city, we sometimes are met with skepticism and doubt despite the massive evidence on that small island called EUROPE where thousands of Perfect Pervs and Fine Fetishists party and play all over the continent in the Finest Fetish Splendor. Long ago, INIQUITY published articles for the American Scene delineating our goals, our European emulation, and how making the effort to DRESS UP for an occasion was absolutely a desirable and positive idea AND that it did NOT have to be expensive. Again and again we explained that it mostly came down to MAKING THE EFFORT and attending an event where EVERYONE participated by way of there attire, players and voyeurs alike.

When we were first invited to become partners at CARNAVALE DE SADE we made it clear that the involvement of INIQUITY necessarily meant that
at some point the INIQUITY Ideals MUST come into play if our name was to be associated with the event. As you have read over the past several seasons, we started with strong encouragement to dress well and then slowly built up to the point of drawing the line that makes the difference. We had to start slow like that to appease our partners as well as to gently introduce the idea of a Strict Fetish Dress code to the idiosyncratic and endlessly spirited city of Los Angeles.

As such it was not until the 5th Carnavale De Sade that we finally drew that line with a simple "No Blue Jeans" rule and the results were SPECTACULAR! We had our largest turn-out ever and many more people showed up dressed FAR nicer than previous CARNAVALE events. Clearly the denizens of Los Angeles, exactly as INIQUITY has always believed you will find in any major city in the Western World, were CRAVING the kind of experience that INIQUITY can offer.

The results at CDS 5 were so inspiring that we decided it was time to draw the line one step closer to the true INIQUITY Ideal of the European Style Strict Fetish Dress Code. In Europe, it is not about buying a $500 latex outfit -- it is about JOINING the Event as PART of The Party. No invisible wallflowers -- everybody in the pool. Voyeurs are most welcome but they too have to be PART of the experience, not outside the experience. It just does not get any better than that.

Although we did not instill the full INIQUITY Dress Code, we tightened the ship significantly. The result was most interesting. From the INIQUITY perspective we can honestly say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who was there, because IT WAS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CROWD CARNAVALE DE SADE HAS EVER ENJOYED!!! It was borderline amazing! Although the Dress Code pretty much only steered away all forms of street clothes, AGAIN the attendees took this as a sign to Seriously Go Out Of Their Way To Look SPECTACULAR! I recall one moment when I stepped out of a hallway into the grand hall at Passive Arts and my eyes were stunned by the incredible perfection of the moment -- The
Style, The Color, The Vibe, The Pure Fetish Expression -- all elements were in place, almost as though the INIQUITY Dress Code had been met
even though the night's actual dress code was looser than that. A variety of people there commented throughout the night that they had been looking for a FETISH club EXACTLY like what they had experienced that night at CDS 6. I, Arcane, could not have been any prouder.

The key point for those out there who want to run a Fetish Club or feel daunted by instilling a Dress Code is that we really did not have to instill the FULL IQ Dress Code -- just getting halfway there was enough to inspire most of the attendees to take it All The Way! Sure we lost a few attendees who refused to make the effort, and indeed this might bother promoters whose only interest is making another dollar. However that is not nor has it ever been the focus of INIQUITY. Our goal is to create THE BEST FETISH EXPERIENCE WE POSSIBLY CAN.

Unfortunately with CARNAVALE DE SADE coming to a close on May 7th we really did not have the chance to ramp the Dress Code up even closer to the INIQUITY Ideal, our original goal. Instead we opted to throw the doors wide for CDS 7 and just see what will happen when we make it clear to the world that we so want you to Dress Up for the Grand Finale that we plan to REWARD those who make the effort, some in the biggest and most incredible ways you can imagine! (like that Hedonism Grand Prize!)!

Nonetheless, CDS 6 stands as PROOF that there are PLENTY of Fetishists who are SINCERE about Creating The Superior Fetish Club Experience. We here at INIQUITY are quite positive that word would have spread, the numbers would have built, and the club would have become a West Coast destination for sincere Pervs all over the world. Let this shine as a glowing example for any Fetish Promoter that YOUR CROWD IS OUT THERE, WAITING AND WANTING the Superior Fetish Club. It is TRUE that you may not turn a gigantic profit while word spreads, but CDS 6 stands there to show that if you stay True To Your Fetish Goals and True To Your Fetish Integrity, you will be rewarded with one of the most amazing and sincere Fetish Crowds you can possibly imagine...and you will find your endeavors noted on the Global Fetish Map.

Take it from us here at INIQUITY:
GIVE to the Fetish Community and they will Give Back to You.
Together we can SUCCEED and make our Fetish Dreams REAL.


Los Angeles is already known as a haven for certain elements of Fetish Fashion with names like SYREN, Playmates and The Pleasure Chest, not to mention your "naughty staples" like the original Fredricks of Hollywood. High heel enthusiasts as well as anyone looking for the sexiest in dance-wear and X-rated costumes will thrill at the variety, and even more so at the unbelievably low prices, one finds up and down Hollywood Blvd. Lady Studio, the original Tony's Shoes, Roma, Z'Gan, Je Taime, and ForPlay are amongst the names well known in L.A. as must-stops for anyone looking to increase their ability to Dress for Pleasure.

Another essential visit on the Los Angeles tour is the infamous MELROSE AVE. Anyone interested in looking HOT knows that Melrose Ave is
without a doubt one of the COOLEST shopping districts IN THE WORLD. Unreal deals stand side-by-side with custom leather boutiques, and you
can always grab your Starbucks and sushi or stay all day and end your night with some live music or sidewalk dining. Truly Melrose Ave is just plain a GIVEN for almost any clued-in shopper in the L.A. area.

The AWESOME news is that Two New Shops have just opened up that go FAR beyond the usual fare. It is true that Melrose has hosted some of the
most amazing clothing stores in the past such as SHRINE, now a thriving business and host to a second store called CLUTCH, and the sadly
just-recently-closed RETAIL SLUT, a mainstay for all Fetishists and Fetishism in L.A. for many years. Yet unbeknownst to most people are two new names to genuinely grace that avenue of shopper's dreams: ARMAGEDDON STYLE Shoe Store, and the Utterly Unique and One-Of-A-Kind ITALIANO COUTURE.

The owners of ARMAGEDDON STYLE Shoes spent years working for some of the finest High Heel shops on Hollywood Blvd. As a couple of clued-in young entrepreneurs, they decided to strike out on their own, creating a shop with the seriously sexy in mind, while congruently catering to
the reality of Dancing In Comfort. Yep, a whole shoe store of the best of the best high heel boots and shoes (and some Industrial styles as
well) EXPRESSLY with COMFORT in mind. My slave and I were shopping all over Hollywood and Melrose for just such shoes so she could look her
Fetish Best AND dance all night. We visited all the name shops, and then -- no joke -- when we were about to give up we stumbled on ARMAGEDDON. It was like a dream the way the variety suited our deeply perverted tastes AND we found more to our genuine liking than ALL THE
OTHER SHOPS COMBINED. Don't get me wrong -- the Hollywood Blvd shops have an AMAZING selection, but how many within that selection are
actually practical as anything other than bedroom shoes? And of those that are meant for dancing, how many can you find for a genuinely
REASONABLE price? In short, we cannot recommend ARMAGEDDON STYLE enough! They are located at 7324 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046 Phone: 323-931-2218

The second absolute new treasure found on Melrose is the uniquely fetishy ITALIANO COUTURE. Owned and operated by a charming couple from
Italy, the shop hosts strictly their own original clothing designs, primarily in leather. While they do have a small selection of more mainstream cuts in the leather pants, shirts, and the like, what makes this shop so amazing are the woman's dresses and corsets which seriously push the limits of spreading Fetish into Mainstream. Chains and restraints, corseting and buckles adorn a variety of the leather and suede creations. The actual designs themselves are sexy and 100% completely original, often with seemingly haphazardly scalloped edges, asymmetrical cuts, and a serious eye for some just plain HOT and Erotic fashions. The shop owners themselves wanted to bridge the gap between fetish and very sexy club wear, and whereas their stock is not going to be found in the bargain basement, they ARE reasonably priced. Aficionados of unique fetish fashion everywhere would do themselves a service to get a gander at these truly unique explorations in leather design. In the shop owners own words, their biggest problem has been that mainstream customers find their designs too shocking and get scared away by the undoubtedly RAW sexiness portrayed. As far as we here at INIQUITY are concerned, their designs are absolutely right up the FETISH alley. Do yourself a favor and stop by.
ITALIANO COUTURE is located at 7201 Melrose with an unmarked store front. You will see the mannequins in the window. Their phone # is: 323-938-1609
Tell them INIQUITY sent ya. ;-)

WRAP-UP & stuff for new readers...
So what do you think?  People just need to party more now than ever before, or are we entering the Age Of Fetish?  We'll need a theme song I think, like, "this is the Dawning of the Age of the Fetishist...the Age of the Fetishist...the FETISHIST...the Fetishist..."  Ok, needs work, I know. 
Again, remember to check the website for the latest CARNAVALE DE SADE updates, and let people know about the new My Space Groups.
Fetish Dreams,
-- Arcane & the INIQUITY Staff
P.S.  The password is "INIQUITY"  ;-)
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