January 26th, 2005


    Hello one and all.
Welcome to INIQUITY NEWS #31.  Got TONS of news for ya, so fasten your seatbelts.  We have news from Europe, the East Coast of the U.S., the West Coast of the U.S., Australia, and the Caribbean!  The best part?  It is ALL ABOUT EVENTS!  Yep, you might call issue 31 "The More Events Than Ever" issue.
    A quick note up front that we here at INIQUITY have just discovered (yeah, we take a while sometimes).  As such, we have opened up three (3) new Groups on My Space: "INIQUITY", "CARNAVALEDESADE", and "LosAngelesFetishClubs".  Note that these Group names have no spaces between the letters.
    The INIQUITY group is mainly for My Space citizens to find out about what you already know since you are already on the INIQUITY LIST.  The Los Angeles Fetish Clubs group is going to be an open forum for people to find out and post about what is going on in the Southern California Fetish Scene in general as well as major global Fetish Events, as INIQUITY is dedicated to promoting the Global Fetish Scene overall. 
    The main one we want to bring to your attention however is the CARNAVALE DE SADE Group which will have short & sweet notices and updates about CDS, last-minute show news and more.  If you are already on My Space we recommend joining all three groups.  
    By all means, please tell your My Space friends about All Three of these new Groups!  :-)
    INIQUITY List-Serve Update: Still in the works folks.  Just ordinary delays.  Yep, we've been bad and as such the house slave will now bend over and take the honorary erotic spanking.  Of course this might lead to even more delays....(such is life).
    The next piece of Headline news is that SKIN TWO is holding the first ever RUBBER BALL IN AUSTRALIA!!!  Sydney, Australia will play host to this milestone event this February, and Oz will be a better place for it no doubt.  The Australian Fetish Scene is getting a better and better reputation every year, and the fine work by SKIN TWO can only help accelerate the maturation of the Sydney and Australian Fetish Scene.  Hats off once again to SKIN TWO!  See below for the actual event details.
    One more cool note before we ramp up for a long list of goings-on: Los Angeles.  Happy to say that Los Angeles seems to be undergoing a kind of Fetish Renaissance.  Yes of course CARNAVALE is part of these activities, but beyond that it is now possible to get your Fetish on in several different ways from Thursday through Sunday.  For the latter 3 weekends out of the month you can now go to Fetishy parties on Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights, and on that magical 1st weekend with CARNAVALE on Saturday nights you can now party for 4 Days Straight Once A Month!  Sounds like Los Angeles is pretty much ready to entertain the hell out of the out-of-town Fetishist looking for an excuse to come play in L.A.!  Thursday nights start with Fetish-lite at Club Perversion.  Friday nights you now get two choices with the incumbent Miss Kitty's at The Dragonfly OR the NEW Club Dungeon at the old Probe (one of my favorite venues in L.A.). 
    However, perhaps the coolest of these weekly clubs, for our crowd that is, is the new Fetish Bar at Forbidden City on Vine on Sunday nights.  Fetish Bar seems to have started as the interim club for Bondage Ball aficionados (and to answer your question regarding the Bondage Ball, the latest word is that they are looking for a new venue as the HAC is being renovated for non-nightclub purposes).  The crowd at Fetish Bar, unlike the other weekly clubs, is slightly more Fetish rather than Goth, as opposed to Dungeon which is more Goth.  Miss Kitty's is a Fetish-Punk-Goth mix, and Perversion is equally a little of everything yet leaning in the Goth direction.  
    The last several weeks of Fetish Bar has been a minor who's who of the L.A. Fetish Scene, with a variety of well known faces and Fetish talents making their appearances.  The club is small (150 to 200 at once should max it out comfortably) and makes an outstanding culmination / chill out after a long weekend of Fetish (and Goth) partying.  More low-key than the other clubs, Fetish Bar hosts a teensy-weensy play area upstairs leaving the downstairs area almost exclusively for dancing before the giant Shiva (or is it Kali?) statue, with a few booths for sitting off to the side.  Most of the social scene occurs upstairs where you'll find plenty of seating and people in tiny groups chattering away in the reddish ambience.  Like many other L.A. clubs, Fetish Bar keeps spinning their Goth-Industrial mix until 2 a.m., but a contingent crowd is usually there until closing.  All in all a seemingly reliable place to finish off a Fetish weekend.
    Thus you out-of-towners who want the complete Fetish Clubbing experience can start with Perversion, take one hand of the Friday fork to Kittys (80's mix) or Dungeon (Hardcore Goth-Industrial), and wind up your weekend with a social visit to Fetish Bar.  And of course once a month on the 1st Saturday CARNAVALE DE SADE fills that yawning chasm left open on Saturdays in the most spectacular manner with our resident Trance-House-Industrial DJ's and a house full of very sincere S&M play...



    We could not have planned it better.  The reason we chose to hold CARNAVALE DE SADE (or CDS for short) on a Friday night was because our main competition was on Saturdays.  Then all of a sudden they lost their main venue, tried an old standby that did not meet with success, and finally settled in on FRIDAYS themselves!
    Did we panic?  Did we shudder in fear?  QUITE THE OPPOSITE!  We CELEBRATED!  There was suddenly this HUGE GAP in the weekend of Fetish Fun in Los Angeles right on the best night of the week!  SATURDAYS were wide open and ours to take so we Jumped On It, and as of now CARNAVALE DE SADE has now moved to the First SATURDAY of Every Month, starting with our next party on FEBRUARY 5th, 2005.
    Ironically and Happily, despite the fact that our Friday Night competition Doubled the night of January 14th, our numbers at CDS that night (which was too soon to change the date) REMAINED STEADY!  And OH WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS!  True to our word we imported several space heaters which made the venue warm and cozy.  The result: people let their hair down in all the best ways!  EVERY SINGLE room of Passive Arts and all the beautiful S&M furniture therein was in use almost the entire night.  People danced to our excellent DJ's all night long both before and after the show.  The S&M scenes people did were truly MAGNIFICENT!  We auditioned a new DJ, DJ Henry Self, and he grooved FLAWLESSLY with the resident DJ, DJ X-Ray.  In fact, the music was SO GOOD that at the end of the night we offered these two the resident positions as our two main house DJ's.  Those of you who have been attending every CDS know we have been switching up DJ's to find the perfect mix, and these two seemed to bring it all home.  Guests enjoyed drinks at the bar including the new "Perverts Punch" and free snacks were provided, something we plan to do from now on.
    Best of all....the Show.  Opening for the main performance, CDS hosted a unique act -- a one-man stand up comedy routine by a seriously twisted freak (in the best ways) who had the audience torn between laughing uproariously and standing there in awe as to what the hell was going on.  Seems a lot of people found the very existence of a super-freak comedian on stage at a Fetish Club to be somewhat flabbergasting in itself.  He won over the stunned and turned awe into laughter in a much needed poke at all of us and the lifestyles we lead.  Rev Mitz will definitely return for a future performance and we highly recommend being there.
    After Rev Mitz came the real magic of the night as Joey Strange and his band, "The Horse You Rode In On" took their music to new heights...literally.  Mr. Strange himself began the main act by having half a dozen or so hooks pierced through his upper back.  As he adjusted into the pull, slowly his assistants raised him up until his shoes dangled 5 feet off the ground.  Then someone handed him his guitar.  Suffice it to say I have heard his band play twice now and I think every single person who attended the 14th will agree that on this night they were ON in the very best way.  It was not just a piercing was not just a musical performance of incredible was not just the live hand drummer or the singer belting out his was not just seeing Mr. Strange looming over his band and playing as calmly as if he were jamming his best in his garage while hanging from was one seamlessly interwoven show of all these components so well mixed that a single, cohesive essence of power, music and intensity washed over and into every member of the audience.  It was incredible.
    Future plans for CDS include a variety of new shows as well as continuing to invite different Trance-House-Industrial-Rave DJ Talents to step in for a Guest Set here and there.  The long and short of it is that CARNAVALE DE SADE just keeps getting better and better, and the residents and visitors to Los Angeles can now enjoy an exceptional European Style Fetish Extravaganza on that magical first Saturday of every month, amidst a variety of other fine Fetish experiences all weekend long.  See you there!
    P.S.  Stay tuned for a Complete Fetish Guide to Clubbing AND Shopping in Los Angeles at the INIQUITY Website!  
    A BRIEF, STRONG NOTE OF EMPHASIS: At the January 14th CDS we had to stop NINE (9) attempts to take UNAUTHORIZED photos, mostly with cell phone cameras.  CDS has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY regarding UNAUTHORIZED photography -- no digital cameras with your buddies, no cell phone cameras, NOTHING.  We want to make it clear that USING AN UNAUTHORIZED CAMERA IN THE CLUB CAN GET YOU THROWN OUT WITHOUT A REFUND!!!  Please be sure to READ ALL ABOUT OUR CAMERA POLICY at the CARNAVALE DE SADE page on the INIQUITY Website:
    The very few authorized photographers will be wearing a laminate and they will NEVER take your photo without your EXPLICIT PERMISSION!  The proprietors of CDS are SERIOUS PRIVACY ADVOCATES and as such our rules are there to PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY and your rights to desired anonymity.  We strongly ask you to please work with us and do not risk ruining your evening -- Leave The Cameras At Home.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


NEW YORK, NYfrom the producers that brought you
 the Black and Blue Ball, What is Fetish?
 SMack! and Rubber Monkey.....

it's about time for a real FETISH Play Party !!
 (join us in putting the F... BACK IN Fetish! )
Wednesday, January 26th 2005, 10pm
 DJ's SAINT JAMES (Click and Drag) &
 DJ PARADOX (Ulterior Motives)
 (shhhh, it's james' BIRTHDAY, and there will be cake!)

 Mistress Persephone & Mistress Leda
 "I love you Nosferatu, Die!"
 Emcee extraordinaire:
 Mistress Shelly Watson
 be prepared to be bought and sold !
 Misha (from Miami/ Apprentice) & Adrienne (of FIREDANCE)
 Lady Kayla & the Apprentices / Arena Studios
 Harlequinn and more special guest Mistresses
 the SMack! Video Lab
 Vendors : Steve Leather, Morpheus, DnD, Xanatos
 Sponsors : AmericanDoms, Mercy Magazine, DeMask, Positive Health Project
 Pro Doms : our guests from
 10PM - Midnight $ 5.00 after 12AM
 Fetish (or all Black) : $10.00

85 ave. A between 5th & 6th streets,
New York City
 open bar from 10PM - 11PM
for more info:

Saturday, 29 JANUARY 2005: BAZAR BIZARRE
Utopia c/o Vibrator, Albulastrasse 40
open from 10.00 p.m. - open end - dresscode event
performance and show by:
Psy-, trance & house- sound made by:
DJ ERIC DEE (delirium.fft)
At your personal disposal:
(the couples' play aera)
ticket online reservation - how to find the party
PARKINGS: there is a big parking close to the club (parking Letzipark)
RESERVATION: can be made until the day before the event via phone or online on our homepage. We are here for you daily from 02.00 p.m - 080.00 p.m. You can reach us under phone +41 79 443 51 93 or e-mail:
DRESSCODE: our party is a strictly dresscode event.
(Daily streetware will not be accepted). Admission can be refused due to missing dress code.
CHANGING: there is a changing room and wardrobe to store your baggage.
Fetish @ 5ive 
February 5th, Strict Fetish Dress Code.
Toronto's Monthly Fetish Party
The Clinic March 12th --
Wasteland May 21st --
Synthetic. Sexy.
NYC's newest monthly party- next BYTE feb. 13th
NYC's Premiere Multimedia Fetish Play Party
 next SMack!: Fetish Marathon III, June 4th, 2005

SKIN TWO RUBBER BALL SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA! ________________________________________________________________________ 

SKIN TWO RUBBER BALL 2005 Sydney Australia
The world's premier celebration of fetish glamour and style - Sydney’s first international SKIN TWO party featuring the cream of new and established fetish labels ... the only things we take seriously are our fetish & costumes! Come and party alongside Sydney’s fun loving fetishists and fashionistas!

Now in its 14th year in the UK the Ball is an amazing congregation of beautifully dressed fetishists providing a platform for designers old and new by incorporating fashion moments into the evening’s events. In addition to all the colourful costumes from both the designers and guests, there will be performances by local & international divas. This fabulous event is coming to Sydney as part of the 2005 Mardi Gras Festival. It is not to be missed.

The evening will feature non stop music by some of Sydney’s funkier DJ’s – SVETA, Nicole Phillips, Buck Naked, Kelly Lynch with funky fetish fashion from local and international designers Reactor Rubber, SAX fetish, KARNAL Leather, Rubber Jason, R2K and SKIN TWO, directed by Gail Kelly – well known for her Mardi Gras & physical theatre shows. Local & international entertainers Sabrina Blaze, R2K Design, Buck Naked, Salon Kitty’s and Simon from KAUBKI will entertain with some original fetish performances.

26th February 2005
9pm – 3am
After party at Dirty Donkey Candy’s Apartment, 22 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross - tickets $5 after 3am with Rubber Ball ticket

Tickets are on sale at Sax fetish, Toolsheds Newtown, Surry Hills & Darlinghurst, Reactor Rubber, SPANK records,
KARNAL Leather
Ticket Prices:
$55.00 full
$45.00 Mardi Gras members
$35.00 Concession
(+ b.f)

STRICT & ENFORCED DRESS CODE: Rubber, Leather, Kinky, Drag, PVC, Burlesque, Uniform, Fantasy, Fetish, Body Art, Cyber, Oriental. 'Dress To Impress' competition : - prizes for the best outfits!

If the ticket holder is not in the required dress code, staff reserve the right to refuse admission with no refunds. Strictly no under 18s.

For Further information
Phone 0412 483862

NOVEMBER 5-12, 2005
ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT TO SAVE $$$ ON KINK6 EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION Response to our Early Bird Registration Incentives for Kink6 has been overwhelming!!! It is only January 25th, and already we have 1/2 as many rooms sold as we did all of last year for Kink5. As such, we have no doubt whatsoever that this will be the largest and most amazing turnout for Kink In The Caribbean to date.
BUT for those of you who have not already registered, ...I am asking you...pleading with you...#*$@!* begging you... to Please, Please, Please take advantage of our Early Bird Registration Incentives, and register for Kink6: "Rubber Soul" before the FEBRUARY 1st deadline!

FEBRUARY 1st is the date I must reserve my first block of rooms for Kink6 attendees... 

FEBRUARY 1st is the date I must put up the considerable deposit required to block out those rooms...
FEBRUARY 1st is the date by which I must have a reasonable estimate on the number of people (hopefully) in attendance.
I know to many of you, Kink In The Caribbean seems a very long way off, but as the event continues to grow in popularity, registering early is the only way you can you ensure your attendance, and help us secure a larger portion of the resort for just us "perves". Hedonism 3 is an extremely popular resort -- being sold by travel agents and internet brokers all over the world. As such, we are virtually in a race against time to block out enough rooms for our attendees. And as leisure travel continues on the upswing, it makes Early Registration even more important. And lastly (like it or not) everyone wants to go to Hedo when we are there! The minute Hedonism 3 announces our arrival dates, several of the alternative lifestyle groups reserve large blocks of rooms so they can rub elbows with the "Outrageous Fetish Folk" and enjoy our amazing stage performances.
As many of you are aware, last year we had to turn away TEN WONDERFUL, PERVEY COUPLES simply because they waited too long and the resort was completely sold out! You simply cannot wait until the last minute to book this event. It's an annual vacation -- arrange for time off from work, plan your finances accordingly -- and Reserve Early Before February 1st!!!
Many of the rooms and special discounts we offered in our first announcement are no longer available, but you can still enjoy considerable savings on the room of your choice. So anyone interested in attending should contact us ASAP to learn how much you can save on this coming year's Kink6!

Kink In The Caribbean, the annual seven night, all inclusive "Fetish In Paradise" vacation will once again return to the Hedonism III Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. This year's event, Kink6: "Rubber Soul" will be held November 5-12, 2005 and we absolutely, positively promise this to be our biggest and best event to date. We are already knee-deep in the planning stages for Kink6, and it shall be nothing less than spectacular! Truly an event of International proportions. We will be introducing several new theme parties to Kink6, so be prepared to work on your wardrobe (LOL). And we've already started assembling an incomparable lineup of performers for Kink6 -- lots of new faces, and never before seen talent. Suffice to say, we have lots in store for Kink6: "Rubber Soul", so keep watching for details coming soon. We would like to take a moment to extend our thanks to all the wonderful Kink5 attendees from the US, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Amsterdam, UK, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Brazil and The Czech Republic who made this past event absolutely amazing. Especially our many beloved "Alumni" members who have continued to patronize our event year after year after year. And of course a special thanks to our star-studded performance crew which included Bianca Beauchamp, Paul Nathan, Rubberella, Jewell Marceau, Ian Rath, Eden Wells, Mistress Gemini, Bondage Master Lew Rubens & Maria Shadoes, Vann Godfrey, Ubergal, Aerial Chain Goddess Brandy, Livia Choice, Grinder Girl Combustible Kiva & Ritual Clown Cosmic Colt, and Jade-Blue Eclipse, just to name a few. And last but not least, the incredible fashion shows provided by Absolute Danny, WhiplashUSA and Paul C Leather. KINK6 EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION INCENTIVES... As Kink In The Caribbean continues to grow in popularity, we urge hopeful Kink6 attendees to please register early! Only by doing so, can you ensure your attendance and help us secure a larger portion of the resort for just us "perves". Last year, we had ten couples begging to come on board the week of the event, but as many of you are aware, the resort was completely sold out! Sadly, at that late date we had to turn them away. This coming year, we are determined to achieve the largest turnout to date. In an effort to do this, we are offering some very special "Early Bird" Registration Incentives, which can provide you with substantial savings . You know what they say about catching the worm :-) The deadline for taking advantage of these special incentives is February 1st.
No exceptions. Also, because of the substantial discounts offered, we cannot accept credit card payments. Checks, money orders or wire transfers are preferred. Early Bird Incentive #1
Save $400.00 on Pool View Rooms We have exactly fifteen (15) Pool View Rooms, which we are offering at a dramatically reduced price of just $3000.00. That's a savings of $400.00 off K6 prices! They are available on a first come, first served basis, and they won't last long, so we urge you to contact us IMMEDIATELY if you wish to reserve one and save! Early Bird Incentive #2
"Triple Play"
We have only five (5) Pool View Rooms specifically set aside for Threesomes. This can be any combination of play partners - 2 males/1 female or 2 females/1 male. We are offering these rooms at a reduced price of $4600 (Reg. price $5100.00 ). This is a very special offer, as we typically charge full rate for a third person in the room, and the resort doesn't even allow three in a room anymore, unless they are all women! So these rooms are actually, uh, illegal! That should make it even more enticing. Save $500.00 Early Bird Incentive #3
"#3 Goes Free"
Very simply put, three women in the same room, one stays free! Talk about double standards. This is a great way for single women to hook up, join our group, spread the love and even spread the savings among the group. Save $1700.00 Early Bird Incentive #4
Free Bonus Nights For Referrals...
For every NEW COUPLE you get to sign up for a minimum of seven nights , you'll receive (1) additional free bonus night to your stay. Use it to extend your stay, or save it for next year...your choice. But the couple has to be brand new to Kink - not an Alumni member. Early Bird Incentive #5
Stay A Second Week And Save!!!
Can you imagine Kink In The Caribbean lasting two whole weeks? Whew! Well, that's what we're shooting for this year. Extend your stay a full 7 days, and we'll knock 20% off the cost of your second week. Use the extra time to chill out and recuperate...or continue to party your ass off. For additional information, pricing, schedule of events, etc.,
please call Robert at 212-253-8402 (US),
or visit our website at
for comprehensive info, photos and on-line registration. Email inquiries can be directed to RFSuite@AOL.COM. ATTENTION ALTERNATIVE PERFORMANCE ARTISTS... Kink In The Caribbean, the annual "Fetish In Paradise" vacation will once again return to the Hedonism III Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. This year's event, Kink6: "Rubber Soul" will be held November 5-12, 2005 and promises to be the wildest event to date, as pervey singles and couples from around the world converge on this lush, tropical island paradise to relax, mingle, party and play in a real-life "Exit To Eden" adventure. This coming year, we hope to bring together an unprecedented cast of international performers to present seven days and nights of non-stop of fetish entertainment for our attendees. As such, any/all alternative performance artists, fetish models, fashion designers, Dominatrixes, bondage specialists, aerialists, fire performers, metal grinders, bizarre rubber specialists, escape artists, magicians, exotic dancers, fetish freaks, etc., who would like to be considered, should contact Robert via email at

The Fetish In Paradise Vacation of a lifetime


(Ed. -- INIQUITY has always hailed FETISH FACTORY as the premier East Coast torch-bearer of the European Fetish Aesthetic, and as such we can seriously vouch for their events, ESPECIALLY if you are a fan of the INIQUITY Aesthetic.  We recommend their parties and events without reservation.  They hold NUMEROUS parties in South Florida, and quite honestly they are worth planning a whole trip around.  You can find out much more regarding FF's parties at where they have a calendar for a whole year's worth of events!) 
(from the promoters...)
We will host our special Alter Ego Valentine's Fetish Party on Saturday February 12th, 2005 at Club XIT in Hollywood, FL. Club XIT is a great venue and we continue to pack the house and look forward to great future events there.  Advance discounted tickets for this event are now on sale at Fetish Factory. Just as a reminder, Club XIT does offer a coat check for your security in the event that you park a distance from the club. Please have a look at this month's party flyer. We also suggest you keep our events page bookmarked and join our Email List.

Club XIT is an outrageous venue located off the beaten track in the new revitalized downtown Hollywood area. This 2 story 5 room nightclub has 2 floors each with it's own dance floor offering 2 distinct sounds. There is also staging on both floors for performances and an outdoor patio which is currently being renovated but will be available for the July event! This venue has a lot of character and is under management by our old friends, the past Paradise Club, where we had promoted many memorable events. The management is very fetish friendly and is offering the club exclusively to our community for the entire evening on the second Saturday of every month!
Doors: 10pm-4am
18+ always welcome
Absolutely No Cameras or recording devices of any kind!

We command the following attire:
Rubber - Corsets-Girdles-Betty Page-Leather - Vinyl - Uniforms - Ultra Formal (Tux) - Victorian - Kinky Drag - Fetish Glam - Cyber Erotic

Club XIT - 219 North 21st Ave, Hollywood, Florida
Take I-95 to Hollywood Blvd and head East to N 21ST Avenue (Immediately after Dixie Hwy).  Make a Left on to N 21st AVE. and Club XIT will be on your Right hand side between the American Legion and Keith's Bar.

Parking: Metered parking is available all around the club on the street or in the many municipal lots surrounding the club. Since we are 4 blocks North from all of the action of the clubs and restaurants of the newly renovated Historic Hollywood district, we will be far enough away to avoid the vanilla crowd but close enough to access the area if you are looking to enjoy a fun long weekend of partying!

Just as a reminder, Club XIT does offer a coat check for your security in the event that you park a distance from the club. We really suggest you consider a cover-up when attending this event since it is not a good idea to walk the streets in provocative wear after parking your car in the public domain. Club XIT does not have a private parking area and we would rather not draw attention to the club by passer's by!

If you decide you want to stay in the new revitalized downtown Hollywood for the weekend, there are many hotels in the area as well as countless options just 5 minutes down the road on Hollywood beach! We have a few select hotels in the area listed below. We found the best rates online @ They can be reached by telephone as well at 1-800-311-5192

Economy Hotels
Entrada Resort Motel
509 N Federal Hwy
Hollywood, FL

Moderate Hotels
Howard Johnson
Hollywood & 95
2900 Polk St
954-923-1516 or 800-446-4656

Better Hotels
Ramada Inn - Downtown Hollywood - $75
1925 Harrison St (about 3 blocks away)
Hollywood, FL

Ramada Inn – Hollywood Beach - $70
101 N Ocean Dr

The Rooftop Beach House Hotel (Clothing Optional!)
1215 North Ocean Drive
954-925-0301 / 1-800-647-5426
* Mention the Alter Ego Fetish Party & receive 10% discount

Fetish Weekend Planned for 10 year Anniversary of Fetish Factory!

We are planning our biggest event ever on Memorial Day Weekend 2005! We are now approaching the 10 Year Anniversary of Fetish Factory and will host a 3 day fetish weekend. We have never undertaken such a big event and we promise that this will be a weekend to remember. We already have headline entertainers Emily Marilyn, Jean Bardot aka Rubberella, Chain Goddess Brandy and DJs Allen & David of Torture Garden. We will announce other featured entertainers soon. We will our  resident DJs and performers both present and past participating in this event.

We are reaching out to all our fetish friends who currently attend our Alter Ego events as well as all those we have touched over the past 10 years. We also hope that many of our out of town friends will make this event.  We will have 3 nights of fetish from Glam / Dance to Hard-Core Play and the finale will be Alter Ego like you never have seen it before!

We have many events to announce but unfortunately we are still planning the events and need to confirm the details with each venue before we can make a formal announcement. On Friday we will be doing a meet and greet lounge party. Saturday we will likely host 2 separate events in 2 different venues once will be an Industrial / Fetish dance party and the other a hardcore play party. Our Main Event will be our biggest undertaking to date with outrageous headline entertainers. This event will be at The Coliseum taking up the entire club! The Coliseum is the largest Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale and is mind blowing. We will have a lot more details available soon.
WRAP-UP & stuff for new readers...
So what do you think?  People just need to party more now than ever before, or are we entering the Age Of Fetish?  We'll need a theme song I think, like, "this is the Dawning of the Age of the Fetishist...the Age of the Fetishist...the FETISHIST...the Fetishist..."  Ok, needs work, I know. 
Again, remember to check the website for the latest CARNAVALE DE SADE updates, and let people know about the new My Space Groups.
Fetish Dreams,
-- Arcane & the INIQUITY Staff
P.S.  The password is "INIQUITY"  ;-)
Visit the INIQUITY Website at:

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