November 2004

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Howdy Fetish Folks!
Yes, be aware that the next CARNAVALE DE SADE is coming up SOON on Dec. 3rd!
A much more formal announcement will be sent out in a few weeks.

EVENTS for This Weekend! (NOV 20-21)

Los Angeles --
The Bizarre Bazaar Fetish Market:

San Francisco --

In the mean time, INIQUITY and CARNAVALE DE SADE are on the lookout for
C) Any INIQUITY Members (i.e. You) in the Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego areas who can help get FLYERS OUT to shops or fetish-friendly locations and clubs ASAP!!!
D) INIQUITY Members who would be interested in helping out at a CARNAVALE event in a variety of ways. :-)


A & B)...
The CARNAVALE DE SADE entertainment coordinator is VERY open minded and would love to be put in touch with anyone who has a cool / unusual / interesting / extreme performance art act of any kind. Suspension piercings through Cirque Du Soleil, know what we mean? ;-) Only limitation is the space -- a 12 x 12 stage and a dance floor in front of that. Ceiling joists exist, but artists should probably look at the space itself.
We are also looking for art exhibitions of a similar nature -- sculpture, paintings, graphic art, photography, etc, also handled by the entertainment coordinator.
Please feel free to recommend anyone and / or forward this letter onto performance art community people you may know. Interested people should simply write back to this e-mail address.

C& D)...
We can also use immediate help in the flyering of Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Anyone who helps out will at least get themselves plus a guest into the next CARNAVALE DE SADE for free, and possibly get a few drink tickets as well.
Other areas where CARNAVALE needs assistance include Dungeon Monitoring -- MUST have experience with S&M in general -- and ambient crowd control (all these positions are "plain clothes/non-identified" meaning just stick the Iniquity Dress Code and you're FINE). The crowd control position is open to anyone and you will receive about 30 minutes of training. :-)


Hello all my fellow Fetish Freaks, Fans, and Fantastic Folks!

Last night's grand opening of CARNAVALE DE SADE was all that we could have hoped for! (And We Want Your Feedback! YOU can make a difference and help! Read Below For All The Details!)

With a good turn out from the 100% e-mail advertising campaign the club was nicely attended by a wide variety of folks. Although there was no "STRICT" Fetish Dress Code (***YET!***) most people made a wonderful effort to show up looking great! The shows were seriously over the top with live piercing suspensions and something approximating a fellated clown (you had to be there). The live music by Joey Strange And The Horse You Rode In On was exceptional, and as they jammed to the DJ's spinning while the shows were going on, the crowd stood there mesmerized and entranced. The venue owner himself told me it was the first time people actually got up and danced at any event he has had there, and the combination of Trance and Industrial DJ's provided an upbeat mix to generate energy throughout the night. Many people left by 2 am because they did not realize the club stayed open until 3. Of course our advertising it to 2 am probably played a part in that - Doh! We'll make that MUCH clearer next time. However, rest assured that for future reference we intend to stay open until at least 3 am, and possibly 4, because that is -- in my honest opinion -- how a club should be done. To me, the party starts to peak between midnight and 1 am, and then patrons enjoy the next few hours of dancing, playing and just cutting loose in general to finish off the evening with that TRULY SATISFIED feeling.

Now the venue -- lets talk about the venue! Seriously folks -- the furniture in this place -- BDSM furniture that is -- is BEAUTIFUL!!! You have almost any kind of BDSM device you can think off -- crosses, whipping posts, hanging cages, working "racks," play tables, play benches, suspension bars, a full on jail cell, an interrogation chair...etc etc etc!!! Seriously! I personally witnessed about half a dozen scenes of very sincere and high quality S&M going on, and I am sure there were several more that I missed. Truthfully, *** BRING YOUR TOY BAGS!!! *** There are many different rooms with distinctly different vibes and decor, and most any Fetish fantasy you can think of can be fulfilled (with the one sole exception of absolutely no penetration). Hot wax, play piercing, hardcore S&M, bondage and imprisonment fantasies -- all of it and more can be brought to glorious realization in this venue! We also had the lighting adjusted in that infamous INIQUITY style, and copious candlelight on top of that made the venue truly sexy. Plenty of tables and chairs in the main room made the perfect cafe feeling to just chill and enjoy your drinks while watching the shows or taking a break from dancing. The staff was universally friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and exuding that party vibe that we all know is the ambrosia we seek.

IT HAPPENED FOLKS. IT WAS REAL. And it will be happening again -- EVERY MONTH in fact, on the first Friday Of The Month (except January's date which will be the 14th). The name is CARNAVALE DE SADE. Say it with me.... CAR-NA-VALE-DE-SADE (heh, although we may change the spelling to the English version of "Carnival" instead of this Italian version coupled with the name of a Frenchman -- what do you guys think? Yes, we really want your opinions -- you are The IQ, the members of the INIQUITY LIST, and your voice COUNTS!). :-)

The First Friday Of Every Month. CARNAVALE DE SADE. Be There -- it is BEYOND worth it.

CRITICAL: For next month's gig, we could use all the help we can get in a variety of areas. If you have any time to volunteer for the following please
get back to us ASAP!!! -- Flyering anywhere in Los Angeles or Orange County (inc. South Bay), mainly putting stacks of flyers in shops and key locations where INIQUITY-Style kinds of people frequent such as Fetish clothing boutiques, tattoo parlors, cool clubs and hang outs, other S&M events and clubs, etc etc. -- Connections in any other advertising medium that is Fetish-Friendly in Southern California, including print media, magazines, radio spots, etc. -- Skill / Experience in acting as security in a highly diplomatic setting (security by way of diplomacy, strength in numbers, how to talk-down a situation). Note that in all the years of doing INIQUITY (over 6 years now!) we have only ever had ONE SINGLE "incident" that actually required security attention -- the IQ crowd is comprised of truly the best of the best of club goers, and that one incident involved a few
people simply getting too intoxicated and was resolved absolutely 100% peacefully. Therefore we open the doors to our "Fetish Attired / Blend In"
security to anyone who has good diplomatic skills, male or female, tall or short. You will receive additional training in crowd control as well from
highly knowledgeable people. :-)

Every Single Person who sets foot into an INIQUITY Event IS a V.I.P. and we want you all to know that and feel that! :-)


-- We here at IQ TRULY want to hear from ANY AND ALL OF YOU WHO ATTENDED LAST NIGHT'S GRAND OPENING OF CARNAVALE!!!! Seriously! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time to scribble out a paragraph and tell us what you thought of the Opening Night of CARNAVALE if You Were There -- be 100% Honest, No-Holds-Barred! WE REALLY WANT TO KNOW and we Genuinely Appreciate Your Constructive Criticism!!! CARNAVALE DE SADE stands poised to become the club that the city of Los Angeles has been waiting to realize for a long, LONG
Time, and YOUR VIEWS will help Fine Tune It to get there in a form that seriously comes straight out of our FETISH DREAMS! Rest assured that getting to the Strict Fetish Dress Code point is at the top of the list -- right now however the priority is Outreach, so we are pushing the Dress Code HARD, but not yet making it mandatory. That makes it EXTRA important for you IQ people to really go ALL OUT in your attire when you attend and show the new people that WE KNOW HOW TO DO IT RIGHT. Live by example!

Again a warm and heartfelt thanks to all you IQ who attended our Grand Opening and absolutely positively please send us your comments and feedback on the night. :-)

Fetish Dreams To You All,
-- Arcane

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