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Hey you mad people out there in Fetish Land!

San Francisco's newest Strict Dress Code Fetish Club is once again opening their doors TONIGHT!


(from the promoters...)

"Club Deviation
Your gateway to the sensual world of kink, pleasure and play San Francisco - Saturday, October 16, 2004 - Deviation's Wicked Garden Opens for an Evening of Debauchery.
Experience provocative performances, erotic art exhibits and interact in our play areas. Diversity is embraced by Deviation. Seasoned players to serious beginners are welcomed to the wicked garden of Deviation.Damselsindistress...donotfear,wearewomanfriendly.Totealongyourtoys
The October party will be at an intimate location - Mission Control - in San Francisco and will run from 10:00 p.m to 4:00 a.m. Entry allowed until 3:00 a.m.
Deviation will be giving away femdom DVDs courtesy of Syren Productions during the evening for the most creative and expressive costumes of your fetish or fantasy that night. Intimate Location @ Mission Control This venue has six different areas to lounge, socialize and play, including a plush-pillow lounge room and an outdoor lounge area where smoking is permitted. There will be several areas to flirt, frolic and play, along with the Main Play Area which has been expanded and will include "stations"
courtesy of and several couches for playfulness and watching. Being a private party, Deviation allows nudity in the Main Play Area so guests can get that full feeling of that leather crop or bare hand on the skin. But we ask those discarding robes to bring a towel to place between you and any Play Area furniture. Rules on decorum will be posted and will be enforced by our Deviation staff so that it is an enjoyably experience for all. For more information visit our website. We will post the address of Mission Control two days before the event on our website. You will also be able to call our hotline for it beginning on Octobe! r 14th at 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day. No need to call any earlier.
Deviant Liquid Latex will be giving away merchandise, including Liquid Latex. Get there early, find Jerry, our lead bartender for the evening, and tell him "I want to be Deviant" to receive your gift. First come, first served. If you and your playmate want to paint each other with Liquid Latex at the event, please arrive early to make arrangements with the Hosts.
Plastic sheeting is required and will be provided. Please visit to read the instructions on how to play with this fun and sexy product.
Visual Eye Candy by Larry Utley
Deviation features the works of well known artists and up-and-coming artists whose focus is on themes involving the senses, eroticism, BDSM, fashion and fantasy. On October 16th Deviation will exhibit new works of well-known fetish photographer Larry Utley, who provided the beautiful photo seen here on our flier above.
Larry Utley is a San Francisco-based photographer and artist. His interest in photographing the S&M scene began some years ago when he first attended San Francisco's notorious Folsom Street Fair. He has been photographing with an extraordinary range of professional Dommes and sub enthusiasts ever since. He is highly respected in the bdsm community because of his professionalism and his commitment to respect the individuality of each person he photographs. His work has appeared in Skin Two, the premier international fetish magazine, and has been showcased at exhibitions in the USA and Europe. For more information regarding Larry Utley please visit:
Burlesque Queen, The Indra, will tease and tantalize your senses "Burlesque's capacity for both the ridiculous and the entertaining is unmatched....Solo performer Indra Lowenstein sings "Come on to my house and I'll give you candy," while offering an audience member a candy cane from her cleavage--only to be exaggeratedly dismayed when her bra comes out with it...Lowenstein's tendency to step beyond general boundaries has won her fans, including Anderson of Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. 'What she does onstage is just completely bizarre, in the guise of something really lovely.' She adds, 'Being on the edge is definitely important.' " Call Board Magazine, Theater Bay Area, February 2004. Service Available for Your BYOB Being a private party, we ask that you BYOB since there will be no alcohol sales. We will have a bar to keep spirits chilled and bartenders who will cater when you need your next refreshment and only pour your spirits as you see fit. Complimentary mixers provided. Water and sodas will be available for a small purchase. Sushi appetizers early on.
10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. - Entrance closes at 3:00 a.m.
$10 before / $15 after 11:00 p.m.
21+ BYOB Hotline starting October 14th: 415-641-1722

Contact us at:



Saturday, October 30th at the Event Center Las Vegas (formerly the All American Sports Park), the wildest Halloween Party this side of the Mississippi. The Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball featuring superstar DJ's Scooter & LaVelle, Jon Bishop, Scotty Boy, and Adam Webb presiding over a slew of erotic performances, a killer corset fashion show, awesome fire performers, scary monsters, bewitching vixens, 2 horrifying haunted attractions, outrageous vendors, an enticing visual presentation by Justice Howard, and a special photo op stage built just for you to strut your stuff and pose for the crowd. VIP Tickets are sold out and General Admission Tickets are going fast. Get your tickets now 'cause you'll kick yourself if you miss this
years Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball.

JUST ADDED - An incredible after hours BLOWOUT at the incredible new, cutting edge hotspot KRAVE at the Alladdin Hotel on the Harmon side. KRAVE is setting tongues a waggin with it's incredible blend of fetish and fashion, industrial and glam, alternative and straight, kick ass decor and technological wizardry, and is the perfect locale to continue the festivities after the Ball. Las Vegas's hottest DJ's will keep your juices flowing from
4am till lunchtime? dinnertime? How long can you go? Advance tickets will be available shortly at and will be available at the door. Price $20...

These events are not suitable for children, religious fanatics, the morally insecure, or the faint of heart. Remember, << You are the show, so dress
to thrill...>>

Visit for complete information and to purchase tickets.

Alter Ego @ Club XIT, October 9th

We will host the first of two events in October: Alter Ego @ Club XIT in Hollywood taking place THIS SATURDAY, October 9th.

Club XIT does offer a coat check for your convenience and security in the event that you park a distance from the club.

Please visit our events page on the Fetish Factory website for more details (ie. directions, parking, accommodations and more!) on this and other events we are hosting. Advance discounted tickets for this event are now on sale at the Fetish Factory store.

Halloween Fetish Ball

Join Fetish Factory and all our ghoulish friends for our Annual Halloween Fetish Ball . This year's event will be held at Club XIT in Hollywood, on Saturday, October 30th also known as Devil's Night . Advance tickets are available at Fetish Factory for $10 and $15 at the door. As always, this is a strict dress code event however we are adding Halloween and masquerade costumes to the list.

We have scheduled a chilling show of human endurance performed by The Reverend B. Dangerous (Ozzfest) and gore-erotic fetish dancing by Rebecca & her Dead Dolls . This is certainly not an event to be missed.

Costume Contest!!
A $300 Fetish Factory gift certificate will go to the best Fetish/Halloween costume. The lucky 2nd prize winner will receive a $150 gift certificate and third prize takes home a $50 gift certificate. So dress to impress and you could go home with a great prize.

Getting your tickets in advance is always a good idea. To check out the flyer or if you need more information, check out our website at


Tampa, Florida
Sept. 23rd-26th

Heat, Humidity, and Hurricanes -- what most people think of when they think of Florida these days. Nonetheless, the promoters of FetishCon 2004 choose the much warmer climate this year instead of their usual New England location. Approximately 500 models, photographers, vendors, and other "industry" people as well as a solid handful of fans turned out for this event held at the airport Doubletree hotel in Tampa, Florida.
The numbers probably would have been significantly higher if Florida had not just had a series of hurricanes, and since the airlines offered a refund or credit to most people with flights booked to the area, many people cancelled their trips out of fear of being caught in a hurricane.
Nonetheless, the entire event still produced a noteworthy party. Of particular quality was the small but genuinely wide variety convention floor and marketplace. Like the Las Vegas BONDCON, there was without a doubt an abundance of booths pertaining to bondage film and photography, both from the modeling side as well as from the production side. If the kinds of booths had stopped there it would still have been a great place for industry and fans alike. However in a superior layout, the kinds of booths included professional piercings, numerous high quality S&M toys of all kinds, all colors of rope available for purchase, spectacular jewelry, corsets, costuming, shoes, erotic glass sculptures, and even the occasional demonstration. Truly a wide variety of booths to suit almost any Perv's tastes. Various "Guest Of Honor" bondage super-models greeted fans and photographers alike at the entrance to the main convention floor, and the perpetually buoyant and exuberant Stacey Burke herself was in fact instrumental in the convention production. Other GOH included Eve Ellis, Emily Marylin, Darla Crane, and Julie Simone, and a variety of others.
Models both famous and novice alike, as well as photographers both known and new all mixed as business cards were traded and fan photos were signed.
With the exception of some of the parties at night, cameras were allowed everywhere.
Of said parties, the highlight was Friday night at Tampa's club UNDERGROUND, with the evening hosted by the infamous FETISH FACTORY of Ft.
Lauderdale and their club ALTER EGO. Truly one of the finest Fetish Clubs in America, Fetish Factory brought their genuinely unique, European flavor (which is why we here at IQ love them so much) to Tampa in a production full of Shows, Plenty of S&M Play Areas, and best of all the paramount Strict Fetish Dress Code.
DJ's spun mostly Goth-Industrial on the main dance floor, with an 80's mix in the front bar (where the sound was unfortunately very distorted) and an Industrial-Rave mix in the back bar / play area. A series of performances on the main stage dotted the night with vignettes by Emily Marylin, Rubberella, Julie Simone and others. It was obvious that many of the well-attended crowd were not from the FetishCon itself, but rather were there because of the reputation of Fetish Factory itself. Tampa is also fortunate in that all clubs close there at 3pm, as opposed to the prehistoric laws requiring West Coast clubs to close at 2am (but dammit, 3am is still too early -- *grin*).
Perhaps the oddest or most counter-productive choice the promoters of FetishCon made was the double-booking of parties on Fri and Sat night.
Opposite ALTER EGO was a a whole other party hosted by a well known promoter out of Atlanta. Sadly their event saw a very poor turnout due to everyone being at the Fetish Factory / Alter Ego party. Saturday night this happened again as two promoters hosted competing events a mere block away from each other, and again one party was well attended and the other lost out.
Saturday night's events used both the CZAR and the MASQUERADE nightclub venues in downtown Tampa's IBAR Village. The party at CZAR was the best attended and was hosted by a dual-coast effort with Darla Crane's name as the draw. CZAR is a small, tasteful two room set up with the main stage and dance floor where a wide mix was played, and a separate bar area that was turned into a VIP area (and where in my opinion the better DJ was wasted on a crowd of people who just sat around -- everyone dancing was on the main dance floor). However the true loss of the evening in this writer's opinion was MASQUERADE, a beautiful venue with a large stage, a completely separate (albeit WAY too little S&M furniture) Play Area, a sizable dance floor and just a very cool stadium-like layout in the main room. Unfortunately for the promoters at Masquerade, Darla's Fetish Lounge won out and most people never made it to see this unique and creative venue. Bottom line was that the FetishCon promoters really should have had ONE (authorized) party per night to keep the whole crowd together and socializing as a whole. Multiple parties only served to divide the crowd.
Back at the convention, each day saw several workshops which were free for attendees. Mostly on the subject of bondage in a variety of forms, with teachers such as Leu Reubens and Dominic Wolfe, the workshops also included the occasional odd Fetish subject such as Corsets Through The Ages. Quite a few of the workshops were filled to capacity.
Nonetheless, the most memorable element of FetishCon 2004 is probably not going to be the workshops or the parties or the floor itself, but rather Hurricane Jeannie which was gracious enough to largely -- but not entirely -- bypass Tampa for the weekend. Unfortunately when it struck it struck hard enough to cause the dilapidated Doubletree to loose most electricity and all running water for the last 24-36 hours of the convention. Now mind you that I say "the Doubletree" and NOT the neighborhood. In fact, the Dubious Doubletree was the ONLY hotel -- or even building apparently -- in the area that suffered as such. The Sheraton right next door where many convention guests stayed was absolutely FINE, with all services running smoothly, not to mention superior rooms and restaurants as compared to the Doubletree (INIQUITY ALERT: if they do this in Tampa again next year at the same location, ABSOLUTELY BOOK YOUR ROOM IN THE SHERATON!!!).
Ironically enough, the loss of power did not stop the party in the slightest and in fact added an odd Halloween-esque quality to the whole hotel full of candles and flashlights. Green glow sticks were handed out at the front desk, and although the Sunday night club was cancelled, the promoters did a rockin' job of turning one of the convention rooms into a make-shift nightclub using an available generator. This turned out to be one of the best parties in terms of vibe due to the rawness, silliness, and last-night-Blowout energy that abounded. After a little coaching from audience members the DJ finally figured out what the audience wanted to dance to and the air-conditionless room rapidly turned into a sauna as people sweated, gyrated, and yes even did actual backflips, on the dance floor. Spontaneous S&M play occurred here and there, a bar was brought in, and the vibe was just plain fun. A second room was also opened up as a more social chill area. Of course the factor of the Tampa airport being CLOSED that Sunday which FORCED people to stay and play and have one more night of fun also helped to fuel a goofy sort of "what have we got to loose?" busting out celebration.
Sweaty and showerless (at least for those at the Doubletree) Monday morning brought the real close to the event as the airports opened up again and people said their farewells at the front desk. With the hurricane past and the skies once again clear blue to greet the departing attendees, suitcases full of latex and leather, new toys and miles of rope were all hauled into an endless stream of taxis as the attendees of FetishCon 2004 said farewell to the innocent looking Doubletree where new memories were made and new friendships were formed. In the meantime, the staff at the Doubletree was frantically looking for other accommodations for the few sad people who had also booked a Monday night stay as well, since the power and plumbing still weren't on in this lone edifice.
SHERATON....c'mon, say it with me...SHER-A-TON. Yep, that's it. ;-)


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