Hello everyone.  Here we are the big "three-oh" and we have very interesting news this issue (pay special attention to the article about the DSM...).

However, the first matter to attend to is that INIQUITY, after 6 years, is undergoing a restructuring that will mean the temporary cessation of direct e-mail to our readers.  During this time you WILL STILL BE KEPT INFORMED about Fetish News & Events as you always have been.  The MAIN DIFFERENCE is that from now on you'll simply need to pay a visit directly to the INIQUITY Website and click on the new "CURRENT NEWS" button on the home page.  We suggest logging once or twice a month to keep abreast of Fetish events around the world.

In all honesty we hope that this will serve to INCREASE the frequency of our reporting.  The new CURRENT NEWS section (formerly called Current Issue) will have a simple format with the most current News, Reviews, Stories, Event Listings and anything else that you know INIQUITY covers listed with the most recent information at the top of the page.  At the end of the month that month's News will then be moved into the Archives.

You should only ever need to check the "LAST UPDATED:..." date at the TOP LEFT of the Home page to see if there are Updates you have not yet seen.  We are working on setting up an Opt-In List-Serve where you would receive the tiniest of messages simply saying something to the effect of "News Just In at" or the like.  If you are receiving this now your name will automatically be transferred to the List-Serve so you won't need to do anything extra.  As usual, INIQUITY will NEVER give out your e-mail to anyone for any reason -- the List-Serve will be 100% run by INIQUITY.  And for the record we have had offers to buy our site, name, and list but as usual we turn them down.

INIQUITY has always been fueled by the Global Fetish Community.   A few years ago it came to our attention that INIQUITY was being sent to more than 50 countries around the world (yes, including countries we'd never heard of!).  This phenomenon called INIQUITY has grown into what it has become because of all of you out there having the interest, sending in your news, reviews, stories and event listings, and perhaps most of all responding with activity, attendance, and eagerness for more.  Because of YOU the name INIQUITY has gained respect, and because of YOU the world of INIQUITY continues forward, albeit with an experimental new format.

OK.  That's the latest IQ Admin info. 
Let me say WELCOME to all the new members of INIQUITY for whom this is their first issue.  Fetish wise it has been a pretty good year.  We got to see a new Fetish Ball in Germany produced by the incomparable Xclusiv Events ( ) who do some of the finest parties in the world, and the Los Angeles Bondage Ball ( ) followed in the footsteps of the LA Fetish Ball and picked up the slack producing not one but THREE events so far this year, each one better than the one before. 

The Mr & Madam "S" San Francisco Fetish Ball ( ) took on new proportions by holding their soiree at the Gift Center, a beautiful venue left unused since the infamous Hooker's Ball used it last decade.  It was a brave endeavor moving to a venue that large, but all reports came in that it was a superior evening had by all.  Las Vegas also saw the reignition of a former venue as DRESSED TO THRILL returned with a multi-day extravaganza at the Alexis Park in Las Vegas.  ALTER EGO ( ) continues as strong as ever in South Florida , and the IQ Staff was finally able to attend and enjoy one of their Xtreme Fetish Parties.  WASTELAND ( )  and The Clinic ( ) continue in Amsterdam, and while Portland Pervs  held a Ball of their own, Chicago saw a new addition to the Annual IML Conference with the beginning of a new mixed event called ShibariCon dedicated to the celebration of rope bondage and those who enjoy the same.  New York City greeted the new TES Fetish Festival , and the groundbreaking SLICK ( ) , one of San Francisco's longest running and best Fetish Balls, welcomed in SLICK #10.

Forthcoming, we get to look forward to The San Francisco Folsom Street Fair at the end of September,  SKIN TWO's Rubber Ball in London in the beginning of October, KINK IN THE CARIBBEAN in Jamaica in early November, Northbound Leather in Toronto will be hosting their annual Fetish Ball also in late October -- this year it is called " BENTO ," and a new kid on the block, FetishCon in Tampa, Florida in only a few weeks!

FetishCon - September 23rd to the 26th
( )
Folsom Fair - Sunday Sept 26th
( )
Rubber Ball - October 1st to 4th
( )
BENTO - Saturday October 23rd
( )
Las Vegas Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball - Friday, October 29th  
( )
Kink In The Caribbean - November 6th to the 13th  
( )

But before we get into the specific news, I think we really all do need to consider the most pressing question of the year:
Who would win in a battle between Brad Pitt's ACHILLES and Vin Diesel's RIDDICK?
(and why?  The best answer will receive the adoration of mollusks everywhere...)

And now back to your regularly scheduled program...

New EVENT Pics In the INIQUITY "Journal" section!!! ________________________________________________________________________

You just read it.  We have photos up now from BONDCON 2004, the RUBBER BALL 2003, the INIQUITY-GGPET DomDominion Party, DOMDOMINION Fetish Week, BONDCON 2003, the 2002 L.A. FETISH BALL and more....

The Alexis Park in Las Vegas played host to DRESSED TO THRILL for the second time to a crowd of playful and energetic attendees.  In their own words....

-- "it seemed that people really connected & made new friends..."
-- "it catered to Fetish Fashion first and foremost..."
-- "Dita's bathtub show, red fan show, and the fashion show in general were amazing..."
-- "the Galoshes Through The Ages show was hysterical..."
-- "the best part was the Pool Party with Jean Bardot as a mermaid..."
-- "all the after-parties..."
-- "it was a chance to wear your very best Fetish clothes..."
-- "almost no lookie-loos; it was almost all people who were really into it..."
-- "although the turnout was smaller than last time, the quality of the people was very high..."

Enough said? 
Stay tuned for DTT 8...

NEWS: The DSM needs a Revision!

Sadly, the state of Fetish Freedom is not what many of us thought it was.  Yes, even England finally opened up and no longer creates the absurdities like the Spanner 16 anymore, and Club X in San Diego did win their battle at last, but it turns out that on a very insidious level there is still a prejudice being propagated not by the police but rather by the Mundane Psychology Community.

For those of you who don't know, THEE Book that decides whether someone is effectively "Psychologically Healthy" or not is called the DSM.  There have been 6 editions since its inception. Several years back news spread throughout the BDSM community that the DSM had taken S&M out of the book altogether .  Well, we here at IQ HQ are sad to say that was not the case, but rather a common misinterpretation of what actually happened.

You could say that in essence the status of BDSM was reduced from a greater ill to a medium ill.  S&M was shuffled into a lesser known area of the DSM where it sort of got lost.  The unfortunate side effect is that badly-written descriptions of BDSM activities are STILL being used as legal definitions.  There are many ways this can affect a perfectly innocent person's life for the negative, including custody battles, job prejudice or even loss, and countless self-esteem issues NOT BECAUSE THE INDIVIDUAL HAS ANY NEGATIVE QUALITIES OR TENDENCIES WHATSOEVER, but instead MERELY BECAUSE IT IS STILL LISTED IN THIS BOOK.  Thus an outdated and small-minded definition is still being used to define the character of Perfectly Healthy and Productive Citizens who also happen to be into Fetishism.

FORTUNATELY, the cause has a Champion.
Highly Respected by his peers, international medical lecturer and published author Dr. Charles Moser of San Francisco has personally taken up the battle to Get BDSM Out Of The DSM.

We here at INIQUITY want to encourage you to take the time to read Dr. Moser's professional paper on the subject and reasoning of why this erroneous classification needs to go.  To inform ourselves is to inform our community and together we can become a voice.  If you feel so inspired to lend assistance to Dr. Moser and his cause, you can contact him directly via his e-mail address in the paper.

To Read The Paper Itself go to:
You will be asked to agree to a Fair Use limitation, and then asked for your e-mail address so the paper can be sent directly to you as an Adobe Acrobat document.  We here at INIQUITY personally followed through and can vouch that we did receive the actual paper and that it is 100% legitimate.

If you wish to read Dr. Moser's resume / CV / qualifications go to:

This page has several references to papers concerning psychiatric diagnoses.

EVENTS: Kink In The Caribbean, Wasteland ________________________________________________________________________

(from the promoters...) Kink In The Caribbean 5: “Wet Dream”

SET FOR NOVEMBER 6 -13, 2004

   Kink In The Caribbean, the annual seven night, all inclusive “Fetish In Paradise”
vacation has announced it will once again return to the Hedonism III Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, considered to be the most decadent all-inclusive resort in the world! This year's event, Kink5: “Wet Dream” will be held November 6 - 13, 2004 and promises to be the “hottest and wettest” event to date, as pervey singles and couples from around the world converge on this lush, tropical island paradise to relax, mingle, party and play in a real-life “Exit To Eden” adventure.

   If your idea of a “Wet Dream” is restraining your loved one to a tropical palm,
being served a pina colada poolside by submissive cabana boys or girls, snaking your latex-clad body down a see-through water slide, receiving a heavy rubber body massage in the “pervey spa”, or just lounging in latex in a mountain-top jacuzzi, then this is a must-attend fetish event.

   The all-inclusive vacation is priced at just $1650.00 per person for seven nights,
and includes all ground transfers to and from the airport, a pool view hotel room, all
meals, unlimited bar drinks, all indoor/outdoor recreational facilities offered by this 4-star Caribbean resort, and full access to the entire 7 day itinerary of Kink5 fetish parties, workshops, vendors, performances, fashion shows, dungeon space, etc.

   Attendance is limited and available on a first come, first-served basis, so the event producers urge all interested parties to reserve early, as best rooms and prices are available before March 15, 2004.

   For additional information, pricing, schedule of events, etc., call either Robert or
Haley at 917-256-0213 (US). Or visit our website at for
comprehensive info, photos and on-line registration.  Email inquiries can be directed to RFSuite@AOL.COM .



Dear friends,

We sincerely hope you had a good and inspiring holiday. Now the summer is slowly moving towards the end the party season will take off.  We will start Saturday September 11 with The Clinic Party followed by the Celebration of 10 years of Wasteland on Saturday November 6th.

In the mean time we're all very busy with the design of a new website for wasteland, the old one needed a face lift and we hope to make some changes that will provide for easier access, interaction and quicker updates. Also, the crew is working hard on the preparation the upcoming Clinic party and off course our 10 year anniversary.

We plan to create something very special for this edition of Wasteland, we will keep you updated.  The photo for our new flyer will be shot on location in Philadelphia (USA) by our good friend Tony Ward and should be ready for print next week.

With love and respect,

The Wasteland crew.


For full updates check out our new website


Europe's largest fetish-fantasy event welcomes you for its 10 years anniversary in the Kingdom Venue, Jan van Galenstraat 6-10, Amsterdam, Holland. We will take you on a journey of seduction in a night packed with entertainment and great music.

Saturday November 6th in the Kingdom Venue, Jan van Galenstraat 6-10 Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We start at 22.00 till 06.00. Price 45, - Euro (ex pre-sale costs shops)

(We're still in the middle of the planning process, so some of the names for shows mentioned below can change)

Barth Hendrix ; Roog; Ian Carey (USA, Soulproviders) ; Natarcia; Dimitri; 100% Isis; Phat Q.; Real el Canario; Chuckie; Partysquad and more.

Norman Soares with percussion; The real vagina monologues; Zamil & Maliz (Ger); Latexwalk (Ger); Juan Well's; Go-Go fuckers; Dominatrix and slaves; Justine et Juliette (Fr.); shoe shine slave; Dominique and much and much more. We will keep you updated!

For more information and update's

Strict Dress code: The decision of the bitch is final!
Leather, Uniforms, Plastic, Rubber, Metal, Cross-dress, Burlesque, Fetish Glam, Medical,
Body art, Fetish Goth - No casual street wear! 

COOL WEBSITES: Kink-Aware Professionals, Satin Shadow ________________________________________________________________________ 

Worth checking out...


As the site says, "the resource for people who are seeking psychotherapeutic, medical, complementary healing, legal, financial, and computer professionals who are informed about the diversity of consensual, adult sexuality."


A relative newcomer to our circles, the incredible seamstress of Satin Shadow creates fashion very much worth taking a look at, especially if you are a fan of the Fetish-Goth look...

WRAP-UP & stuff for new readers...

And so we come to the close of IQ NEWS # 30.  Again, remember to check the website and let people know about the upcoming List-Serve for INIQUITY.  We hope to keep you more up-to-date than ever before.

Fetish Dreams,
-- Arcane & the INIQUITY Staff

P.S.  The password is "INIQUITY"  ;-)

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