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    The INIQUITY Fetish Party Returns!!!
    FRIDAY, MAY 23rd
In Conjunction with WICKED CITY and The DOMDOMINION Fetish Ball
    THREE GREAT NAMES team up in May to bring you a ONE NIGHT ONLY EVENT to kick off the WEEK-LONG series of events in San Francisco brought to you by!!!
    Held at the DIAMOND CLUB on Jerrold Street in South San Francisco, this evening will bring together the Fetish-Goth crowd of Wicked City, the Fetish Fashion and Music of INIQUITY, and the provide an opening event for an entire week of Fetish Activities hosted by DomDominion.  The INIQUITY name as usual means you can expect the INIQUITY STANDARDS in Place!  The Dress Code for the evening will be the INIQUITY DRESS CODE, the entire line up of INIQUITY DJs will be spinning your favorite Industrial / Trance / Electrotica sounds, and the S&M Play Area will be open to All.  Other surprises in store include a photo exhibit by the up and coming Bay Area Fetish Photographer Michael Blue.  Admission to the general public adhering to the INIQUITY Dress Code will be $15 at the door, but with the INIQUITY PASSWORD you will get in for only $10 at the door.  We will keep you posted with all the latest news on this special, one-time event which will run from 9pm to 2am.
So mark May 23rd on your calendars now!
    In this issue we have some GREAT STUFF!!!!!!  Amongst the articles you will find a SPECIAL DISCOUNT just for INIQUITY READERS attending the DOMDOMINION events in May, news about the MR / MADAME S FETISH BALL NEXT SATURDAY THE 26th of APRIL, a Review of Club SIN in San Francisco, photos of BondCon 2003 in Las Vegas, and other Fetish New and Fetish Events from around the Globe.
Visit the INIQUITY Website at:

Table Of (modified) Contents:
1.  Mr S / Madame S Fetish Ball -- April 26th, San Francisco
    The Mr S / Madam S Fetish Ball returns to the DNA Lounge on Saturday April 26th!
April 25th  8pm-till the wee hours of the night
    Friday Night @ 8pm kicks off the weekend with a photo exhibit by Rob Nay @ Madame S.  Asides for provocative photography there will be refreshments and a live DJ.  If you didnít wear some latex you can always shop for some out at the store, because at 11pm people will start heading over to Polly Pandemoniumís for an all-latex Moral Minority party. Details of all the events can be found at
San Francisco Fetish Ball April 26th
    April 26th is the date of the Annual San Francisco Fetish Ball put on by Madame S & Mr.S leather and hosted by the DNA lounge. Its going to be an amazing night filled with incredibly sexy shows, exhilarating music from the best DJs in ours and the London scene, mind blowing lasers.... Masuimi Max & Luci Fire of Torture Garden, daring suspensions by Allen Falkner of TSD, dazzling magic shows by Uncle Paul, erotic fashion shows by Madame S, Puimond & Torture Garden, and stimulating bondage demonstrations by Enslaved, Hogtied & the Knotty boys! Arcane & Company will be doing a sensual erotic show bound to get you nice & hot!  With everything from seductions to torture, sword swallowing and the unveiling of Richard Hunter's "Hell raiser Cage", Go-Go Pro dancers to the DNA's world renowned 17,000 watt sound system... to a giveaway for two to "Kink in the Caribbean"... this and more awaits you at the ball check out  
2.  DomDominion discount just for INIQUITY!
    The folks at the DomDominion Fetish & Dominatrix Ball, who teamed up with INIQUITY last year to produce the You Do Voodoo Ball, have graciously extended a special discount strictly for INIQUITY Readers!  This offer ends MAY 1st!
    All you need to do is click on the link here:
    Then print the page you are taken to and with this "coupon" you can go to any of the merchants selling DomDominion tickets listed on the DomDominion website.  One ticket per coupon.  Each coupon will give you a $10 Discount off the price of your DomDominion Ticket!!!  This offer starts NOW and runs through MAY 1st, 2003!
3. Club SIN -- A new San Francisco treasure

Ok.  Well not REALLY new, just new to INIQUITY's eyes.  Apparently San Francisco has this lesser known jewel of a club happening monthly....

The promoters of SIN are none other than the very same people who brought you SLICK.  Who knew that deep in their naughty little hearts they held a special drop of fetish magic set aside to tantalize the pervy night crowd on a monthly basis?  Several months ago they began a series of clubs called SIN which were to run on the theme of the seven deadly sins, a different sin each month.  Apparently the club ended up gaining a following despite the odd night of the week, Thursdays.  Just like the story of about a bazillion other clubs, there were venue changes and problems with crowd flow.  Nonetheless, the promoters persevered and worked it until they got a Friday night at last, and the tiny but nicely laid out club the RAWHIDE on 7th Street in San Francisco.    It was about time for INIQUITY to investigate.
    We approached the club on a quiet street after finding easy parking.  The doorman checked our ID and the cashier welcomed us.  We entered the RAWHIDE for the first time with the bar to our right and the main dance hall in front of us.  To our pleasant surprise the crowd was about 90% Fetish attired or Fetish-Goth (mostly Fetish-Goth).  A good crowd filled the lower floor, and some excellent Industrial-Trance tunes were playing.  After a while a show started with a fire dancer, followed by a maniacal sermon on greed (that was the night's theme) performed by a Fetish priest onstage.  We then explored up the stairs and found a dungeon / lounge at the top of the first set, with a regular but small crowd of players in there all night long.  Up the second set of stairs to the wonderful walled outdoor area which seemed to be the main place for socializing.  The outdoor upstairs served as the smoking area with plentiful tables and chairs, a rain awning (though the night was clear), and an abundance of space heaters to keep everyone toasty on the slightly chilly night.
After a few hours up in the main social area we returned back downstairs to dance to a more hardcore goth mix, interspersed with some odd birthday requests.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the night and the very relaxed and social atmosphere.  We left by about 1am but the party was still going strong.
    Overall I consider the SIN I discovered that night to be a new jewel in the crown of lesser known fetish clubs.  I would heartily recommend that if you have the second Friday of any month free in San Francisco that you don your Fetish Fashion and head down to SIN for what can only be described as a perfectly fun evening.  :-)

4. BondCon 2003 photos up at INIQUITY Website
    Inside the new INIQUITY JOURNAL section which can be accessed from the button in the lower right of the home page, you'll find a variety of shots from the incredible Las Vegas event.  Notably, the amazing bondage contraptions from GORD have received special attention.  Check it out.
5. Global Events
Wicked City San Francisco, The Black & Blue Ball in NYC,
ALTER EGO 8 Year Anniversary Party Miami, Fetish AT Five in Toronto
>MAY 3rd -- Wicked City
>San Francisco
(not the INIQUITY Night which is May 23rd)
>Saturday, May 3rd, 2003
9:00pm - 2:00am
Fetish, Goth, or Fairy attire required
18+ welcome, 21+ to drink

Come frolic the night away in our enchanted forest as the fey folk and other
mystical creatures come out for their sacred dance. The night will begin with a
Beltane ritual, presided over by the Faery Queen. Around  the witching hour the
beautiful Sprites from Mythic Fire ( will dazzle us
with a glow light dance. Who knows what other magic will be summoned throughout
the night?

As you can expect, Fairy and other related costumes are requested. If anybody
was interested in making fairy wings I found instructions at Or else if you act soon you can
order fairy accessories online at or As usual, fetish and nice goth attire are also

The newly expanded BDSM dungeon will be open all night upstairs and the music
will be rocking downstairs. In addition to resident DJs WetDream and Slaveboy,
special guests DJ Tristan (from Bound, Temple of Athena) and DJ Ophelia (from
Lost City, Sanctuary, Smoke & Mirrors) will enchant the dance floor.

Diamond Hall, 2246 Jerrold Ave (at Barneveld), San Francisco
See for directions.

Admission is $12 in advance, $15 at the door
>Only $10 if you purchase your ticket in advance and mention INIQUITY during the purchase!
Advanced tickets will be available at Stormy Leather,
1158 Howard St, SF (
>Again note that this is a REGULAR Wicked City Night and is should not be confused with the SPECIAL Iniquity / Wicked City / DomDominion party on May 23rd.

Wicked City Productions
>THURSDAY MAY 15th -- The Black and Blue Ball
>New York City
>Theme: The Alchemists Glass
>BBBX Official After Hours Party @ Paddles hosted By TES Fest. Bring your toys and play till 11am Friday morning...

>South Florida / Miami area
>Happy Birthday to us... Happy Birthday to us...
Oh...Yes folks, the time is approaching, and on May 10th, Alter Ego and the Fetish Factory will celebrate our 8th Birthday! Hard to believe, but it's been 8 long years since Alter Ego began. From dingy, tiny bars to South Beach, Alter Ego sure has grown from a local party into a world-known celebration of all things fetish. Come celebrate the perversion and freedom that is our world. We will have all sorts of special little things going on at the anniversary party, many of which will be announced in the weeks to come.
>For starters, we will be presenting a Lip Service fashion show, spotlighting the new lines of Lip Service Fetish Fashions.
>The event will be held at our home venue, the Millennium Nightclub in Pompano Beach.
>APRIL 24th, MAY 22nd, more -- FetishAtFive by Northbound Leather
>"Think kink!" - Fetish Night  Thursday April 24th,  2003
FETISH NIGHT at 5ive Nightclub. 5 St. Joseph St
(corner of St Joseph and St Nicholas, 1 block north of Wellesley...just around the corner from the store!) 
Upcoming nights are...
Thursday May 22, 2003
Thursday June 19, 2003
Thursday July 24, 2003
Join us for a night of dungeon and dancing!
Leather, Latex, Lingerie, Wetlook PVC, Patent, X-Dress and Uniforms
$5 b4 10pm
$15 at Door $10 w/pass
Doors open at 9pm 
6. Global News
>Sabrina Belladonna Workshop Series in Los Angeles, Bay Area Dungeon Job
>This is the last year Ilsa & I will present the series, so get in on it
now. We are offering a diploma to those who have taken the
entire series, so check for the classes you've not experienced,
note that we've added a few brand new titles.
>We'll end the series on August 5th- Q & A- Everything you ever wanted to ask.
We will attempt to answer any lingering
questions on safety, technique, philosophy or
lifestyle, so start jotting down these notes!
At the end of this class we will have a graduation
ceremony for those who have attended the entire series
(including those who have taken the classes in prior
years) whereby they will be awarded a certificate of
completion as well as a party to celebrate this final
>Class starts (and doors close) at 8 PM sharp.
Tuition is $20-30 sliding scale per class .
RSVP by phone for each class at: 213-683-1583 or
Studio phone number: 213-489-9953
Class Descriptions
>May 6th Spanking, Paddling and Caning- the percussion
of the bottom. This workshop will center on how to
administer a sound corporal punishment (or pleasure!)
Starting with safety we will discuss and demonstrate
how to redden a bottom with bare hands, paddles and
canes, the positions that can be involved such as over
the knee or over a horse, and the games one can have
around such adventures.
>May 13th- In the realm of the Senses- Sensation Play.
In this class we will explore how toying with the
senses can add layers of experiences to a power
exchange. Discussed will be sensory overload and
deprivation, how each sense works and tips and tools
to manipulate. A fun class for fine tuning ones play.
>June 3rd- Singletail Whips- Learn how to crack a whip
as well as all the safety and physics behind it.
Discussed and demonstrated will be different types of
singletail whips, where to buy, what to look for, how
to care for as well as where to how to use in a safe
and proficient manner.
>June 10th- Play Piercing- In this workshop we will
teach the basics of play piercing; how to approach it
safely, what implements to use, how to create sterile
fields, what to watch out for, how to pierce as well
as how to create interesting sadomasochistic dynamics
through piercing.
>July 1st- Advanced Bondage- In this class we will talk
about safety as well as showing a myriad of different,
more complex types of bondage. Demonstrated will be
mummification, vacu-beds, slings, complete
immobilization as well as partial and complete
>July 8th- Branding- How and why to brand skin,
discussed will be safety, tools, anatomy, techniques.
We will show three different types of branding
techniques and students may try all three on hotdogs
>August 5th- Q & A- Everything you ever wanted to ask.
Our final class will be a Question and Answer session
where we will attempt to answer any lingering
questions on safety, technique, philosophy or
>Dungeon Housecleaner and Leather Conditioning - $ (PAID)
    I have a multi-room dungeon space in Oakland that needs occasional care
from someone who is proficient at leather conditioning (whips, slings,
horse, cuffs, straps, etc) and also needs general housekeeping done on
the dungeon (dust, vacuum, clean mirrors, etc).  Minor exterior pick up
of usual wind-blown trash would also be helpful.
    Work needs doing on weekends (or occasional evenings possible), at least
one day a month.  I'm willing to pay whatever the going rate is for such
jobs and even discuss possible use of the facilities.
    Please email if you are interested, introduce yourself, tell me what you
would charge and what similar experience you have.
7. Wrap Up
Nothin' special, just some thoughts to leave you with until next issue....
(and maybe the INIQUITY password....)
    Ah.  INIQUITY returns at last, at least in an abbreviated form.  The Wicked City / Iniquity / DomDominion party should be an excellent evening, what with all the people coming from out of town for the DomDominion week immediately following.  It should be a spectacular night.  By all means, DRESS UP for the event!  INIQUITY does not open its doors very often, so lets make this a night to remember......
    The password is "Iniquity".
Fetish Dreams,
-- Arcane
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