Friday, December 13, 2002

Greetings all.

Tons of stuff to report.  Warning -- this is going to be a whopper of an issue!  If for some reason you don't get the whole thing, from the Table of Contents to the Wrap-Up at the end, it will be posted at the INIQUITY WEBSITE soon.

We are going to start off with LOADS of info on upcoming and newly established events, as well as report briefly on some past events.  We've got a TON of Club News as well as several articles regarding Fetish-related News Items in the Mainstream, and info on a particularly cool website for many of "our kind."  Add to this INIQUITY's official award for the most Fetishy Television show of the year (2002 season), and cap it off with a review of a major motion picture release very near to all of our hearts. 

We also have the Coolest CONTEST for all of you!!!
    Quick Fetish Fashion Trivia: Did you see MEN IN BLACK 2?  Notice the latex on Laura Flynn Boyle?  That and other costumes were made by SYREN Latex Clothing in Los Angeles, a top name for Fetish Fashion on the West Coast.  You should have seen how hard they worked on those costumes (and god forbid you placed a custom order during that time!).  With a steadily growing resume of films, including the infamous catsuit for Catwoman in Batman 2, SYREN is becoming a top name when it comes to helping Hollywood starlets stretch into spectacular latex.
    Happy to say the INIQUITY WEBSITE has had some nice recent updates, not the least of which is the NEW "INIQUITY JOURNAL."   This new section is reached via the blue button of the same name in the lower right of the Home Page buttons (and the pink button of the same name in the margins of other pages).  The new INIQUITY JOURNAL is devoted to photos and reviews of the best Fetish Events Worldwide which any member of the INIQUITY Staff has personally attended and photographed.  The INIQUITY Events themselves will also be chronicled in this section from now on.  Check out this section for a complete chronology of INIQUITY Events as well as to obtain instant access to the INIQUITY Photo Archives!
    Before we jump into this issue, we here at INIQUITY just want to issue a serious and long over-due THANK YOU to all the members of the Fetish Rock Band, SPANKING MACHINE.  They were the first Live Band to ever play an INIQUITY event, the YOU DO VOODOO Fetish Ball last January, and it was a pleasure to have them be part of INIQUITY.  To learn more about this band, see photos of their gigs, or to book them for an event, go to:
Now lets get straight into the:

Table O' Contents

  1. Events!  Events!  Events!
    -- Wicked City -- Las Vegas Joins The Fun -- Piercing The Tan Curtain -- Nuit Demonia in France -- Scotland --
    Fetish Dinner is Back -- Germany's Eromorph and Night of Passion -- London Happenings --
  2. CONTEST: Care For A Free DVD?
  3. News Briefs (a lot of them!)
    -- SECRETARY -- 2002 INIQUITY Fetish Television Award -- Pervs Who Protect -- Hong Kong -- Fly the VERY Friendly Skies --
    Spankings in Court -- Alternative Relationship Study -- Seriously Active Grandparents -- HOWARD JOHNSONS is Cool --

We highly recommend that people who are NEW to INIQUITY and
INIQUITY NEWS take the time to read the section at the end
"Stuff For New Readers."

Events! Events! Events!

First: THIS COMING WEEKEND, Sat. Dec 7th, back in SAN FRANCISCO....
    INIQUITY has had a long-standing excellent relationship with the San Francisco Gothic-BDSM group known as the GGPET.  Although INIQUITY is not expressly Gothic in nature, together INIQUITY and GGPET have thrown some outstanding evenings which culminated in a completely free, private party for INIQUITY and GGPET members only (and which to this day is still being hailed as the Best Night Ever at San Francisco's POWER EXCHANGE).
    The promoters of GGPET have since taken up the ball and made solid strides forward.  Their latest endeavor goes by the name of the WICKED CITY FETISH BALL.....
(from the promoters)
Wicked City Fetish Ball
the first Saturday of each month
The next Wicked City will be this Saturday, December 7th, with a theme called
"Nuclear Winter" - A Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare.  So I invite all of you
mutants, monsters, freaks, road warriors, para-military fighters, mad
scientists, cyber hackers, impoverished slaves, radio-active androids, cyborgs,
aliens, flesh eating zombies, burners, and other survivors of the apocalypse,
to celebrate in advance for the end of the world. (It's just one of those
things that's easier to celebrate in advance :)

We have a bunch of nightmarishly cool stuff planned for the evening, including:
 ~ Monstrous, mutated art by Nick Roberts (
 ~ Firefly dancing with the radio-active poi of GlitterGirl
 ~ a sexually charged punk rock performance by Vega Lee's Apocalipstick
 ~ vending of SM Gear and Apocalyptic fashions by the Aesthetic Meat Factory's
AMF Korsets (
 ~ Kinky Sex Toys for the rebirth of a new age on sale by Protolove
 ~ Temple of Atonement's DJ Tristan joins resident DJs Slaveboy and WetDream to
turn up the heat with some wicked dance music downstairs
 ~ and once your inner fire is alight, come upstairs to enjoy the ever evolving
BDSM dungeon of delights upstairs

Saturday, December 7th, 2002
doors open at 9pm

tickets are just $12 in advance from Stormy Leather (
or $15 at the door
Mention "INIQUITY" when you purchase your ticket and get ADVANCED tickets for only $10

Diamond Hall,
2246 Jerrold Ave (at Barneveld),
San Francisco

18 and over welcome
Fetish, Goth, or Post-Apocalyptic attire required
dancing, BDSM play space, hors d'oeuvres, full bar

More Events & Related Event News.....

    Word has it that a couple of new promoters plan to produce a completely new kind of Fetish Club in Las Vegas.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Scene in Vegas, lets just say that Sin City is not, and in fact should be called Hypocrisy Central.  In LV proper, Professional Domination services are illegal and treated like prostitution.  Fetish Events can be shut down on a whim, and in general the atmosphere is one of "Give Us Your Money, Get Shitfaced Drunk, And Don't Do ANYTHING Else (unless in the privacy of your own hotel room)."  Even S&M performance art pieces run the risk of getting the performers arrested!  Sin City my ass.
    HOWEVER, the good news is that something new is happening.  It is called ORANGE, and it portends to be a regular After-Hours Fetish Party that will run every weekend, Thurs-Sunday.
3120 Sirius Ave.#107 inside the world famous PLAYPEN
Every Thurs-Sun, from 4a.m. until ???
Open to the public, generally a hand-picked crowd from other clubs, limited capacity
Resident DJ 4Play
Obedience Training, Whipping Post, Hot Wax, Rack, Most erotically dressed contest, etc.
No specific dress code
Call 702-579-4755
Sponsor 1605,
    South Beach, Florida.  Gorgeous people, expensive restaurants, snobby clubs, and Vanilla as All Hell.  Until Now.
South Florida is home to one of INIQUITY's truly favorite American Fetish Clubs: ALTER EGO, put on once a month by Fetish Factory out of Ft. Lauderdale.  In the past ALTER EGO has seen a lot of movement, but all in the Ft. Lauderdale region, which is a good half hour north of the infamous South Beach.  The very idea of a Fetish Event in South Beach seemed absurd amongst the almost prudishly vanilla and resistant element that swarms there.
    Well miracle of miracles, FETISH FACTORY / ALTER EGO actually pierced that veil and has held not one but TWO successful events in South Beach proper, with more planned for the future....
(From FF)...
We recently hosted our Alter Ego fetish party at Goddess Nightclub in South Beach. This was a milestone for our community and is the first absolute strict dress code fetish party in the history of South Beach! Many others have called for a fetish event on SoBe but have never succeeded and have always allowed typical clubbers to enter less than dressed or in "all black" and have never enjoyed a pure event with our community.
    We want to thank all who attended our recent premier event on South Beach at Goddess Nightclub. I must admit that Goddess Nightclub is the sexiest nightclub we have ever promoted Alter Ego at! I was quite surprised to hear such rave reviews about the Alter Ego experience on South Beach. We also appreciate the warm welcome we were given by the management and staff and have been invited back to host Alter Ego again at this venue.  We want to remind our faithful Broward County attendees that we have been forced to make this change since being warned by local law enforcement. Our community has been put on notice and we have been offered the cities code making any club in the City of Fort Lauderdale impossible to promote at. We suggest that you consider attending this event on South Beach but if you feel it is too far to travel you may consider the Aqua Lounge event in Boca Raton as an alternative.     
     We have been invited back to stay at the same local hotels managed by If you are traveling far from home, we encourage you to make a reservation for $75 a night by contacting Janise at 305-534-4069 x 352 (email:  Janise has agreed to allow us to reserve rooms for one night only, but I suggest you consider a two night stay and enjoy the amenities at the hotel and make it a weekend!     
     For some of you, parking was an issue, and I have been working on ways to remedy the situation. We suggest that all attendees arrive at the club before midnight to avoid this problem. We will have valet available out front for $10 as well as $10 parking garage directly behind the club (enter from 7th street).   
     We will continue to maintain our strict fetish dress code and refuse to drop our guard. We will not allow any person to be admitted in typical clubwear nor will we allow "All Black". We have maintained our strict dress code for too many years now and feel it is one of the reasons for our continued success.  Details describing the next event at Goddess will be available on our main page as well as the events page very soon. We will also have flyers and discounted tickets available next week.  
     If you are unfamiliar with our plans we suggest you click on the following link to learn more!
Please keep your eyes on the Clearance rack on our online store. We will be slashing prices this week and the prices will be reflected online. All items on the clearance rack are available for immediate shipment!
#3: NUIT DEMONIA this weekend in FRANCE.....
    Demonia is a name in France that is associated with Fetish Fashion, and apparently the occasional, large-scale Fetish event.  From what we here at IQ HQ have heard, France has a surprisingly good Fetish Scene if you know where to look.  This past event, NUIT DEMONIA, appears to be right on target and aligned with everything we hold sacred within the INIQUITY aesthetic.  Although few of you will be likely to attend such an event, we are posting it here so that hopefully you will be able to get more info from the promoters on future events, as well as enjoy their gallery of photos from past events.  :-)

NUIT DEMONIA, Soiree fetichiste, Fetish Party, fiesta fetichista

#4: Still up to their perverted (the good kind) of tricks in SCOTLAND....
Fetish Club Lash Aberdeen
Private Fetish parties
Goth & SAFE fetish friendly clubs:
Full details
#5: Sabrina Belladonna brings her infamous dinners back for the holidays...
    If you have not yet tried one of Sabrina Belladonna's fantastic Fetish Dinners at the Ivy Manor in LOS ANGELES, you really owe it to yourself.
This next one will be set in the Holiday Spirit.  Price remains the usual $50 per person.
Dec. 15th, 7pm to Midnight.
Check out the website for full details:
#6: GERMANY has another Fetish name to keep an eye on....
     As you probably already know or at least expect, Germany has some INCREDIBLE Fetish Events.  We have reported in the past on the unparalleled "NIGHT OF PASSION" parties (see below) and from what we have seen, like France above, if you know where to look then you will be in for some serious treats.
    The latest of these spectacular events to join the list comes to us under the name EROMORPH.  Check out their website...
#7: GERMANY again -- and back to INIQUITY's favorite "NIGHT OF PASSION".....
    Their last event: Nov 23rd
    The location: a palace near Bamberg (Bavaria)
        (NOTE: They are NOT KIDDING when they say "palace" or "castle", etc -- No Joke!!!)
    The event: Die Nacht der Leidenschaft (The Night Of Passion)
    If you want to set foot into a veritable Fetish Fairy Tale, partying the long night away in a remote and unbelievable setting with the Perveratti from various European countries in a truly elegant and intimate setting, then you MUST attend one of these parties.  Plain and simple.  INIQUITY considers the "Night of Passion" parties and events to be amongst the very, very best in the entire world that anyone on our staff has ever attended.
(from the website)
The Night of Passion is one of Germany's, if not the worlds most exclusive BDSM and Fetish Parties. Our guest's, some come regularly even from the USA and Australia, keep telling us how unique our party is again and again. Even the press honors and supports our party (for example Skin Two and Marquis). The magical atmosphere of the castles, the style of the program and the excellent buffet guarantee that the Night of Passion becomes an unforgettable experience for all of our guest's. We do not divide into VIPs and 'normal' guests and we are not doing it for the money. Our aim is to create something unique and special, to enrich the scene. This includes no photographers or camera teams at our party, a very limited number of guests, invitations only for couples and people accompanying them. The only important thing is the enjoyment of celebrating an extraordinary fest in such a special setting.
#8: And for a Thorough listing of What's Happening in the UK...
    Be sure to check out:

The Killer Contest !!!!!
Care for a Free "PTTP" DVD or CD?

OK folks.  Listen up -- here's the Deal.

Issue #27 (and perhaps several issues after that) are going to be aimed at Creative Writing from YOU out there in Fetish Land.

The amazingly generous people behind the wonderful Fetish-Friendly Movie, "PREACHING TO THE PERVERTED" have donated more than half a dozen prizes to be given away to the winners.  We have the full length feature film on DVD (several) as well as a number of the unique "rubber-hood" editions of the CD (it actually comes in a rubber S&M Hood wrapper!).
The Contest:
    We are MAINLY SEEKING original, philosophical thought on Current Issues within the Fetish Scene -- the state of Fashion or Clubbing, the sincerity of S&M practices in Public Clubs, your opinions on Legislation and how it affects the Fetish Community, What Makes a Fine Dom / sub, Modern vs. Historical aspects of The Scene, etc etc etc.  Things like that, or whatever original material you can come up with.  Put some thought into it.
    We will also accept Original Stories or Poetry, although we really cannot reprint exceptionally graphic material, so keep it "R" rated at most.  No pictures, no journalism / reporting.  Original material only.  All submissions become the property of Arcane Productions / INIQUITY for use to be reprinted in a future issue of INIQUITY NEWS as well as possibly permanently posted on the INIQUITY Website.  Full credit will be given to the author using whatever name or pseudonym you provide with your submission.  Absolutely no financial compensation or otherwise will be given for any submission other than the winners receiving their prizes.
    Winners will be selected based on writing quality, relevance, and research / knowing the topic you write on.
     Winners will be announced in a future INIQUITY NEWS or INIQUITY Update.
    We have over half a dozen prizes to give away, so your chances are good! 
    Send in those entries!
If you cannot wait and want to get a copy of the Preaching to the Perverted DVD right away, by all means visit the PTTP Website -- the ONLY place you can actually purchase the DVD --


(and we have some Great ones!)

Homage to Hollywood -- SECRETARY
    By now most of you have probably seen the exquisite celluloid celebration of the D/s Lifestyle known as "SECRETARY."
If you haven't then drop what you are doing and go see it right away.  It is THAT Good.
    The movie stars James Spader as a Lawyer with a secret side, namely that of a sincere Dominant.  He seems to intimidate his "Secretaries" until one day a woman walks in to apply for the job who could be no more perfect.  Why?  She also has a secret side that Mr. Spader's character helps her discover -- that of a sincere and devoted submissive.
    Many vanillas who see this movie will and have missed the incredible beauty that unfolds between these two characters as the Dom leads his new trainee on an immaculate -- and surprisingly ACCURATE to the Real World of D/s -- journey of her own Self-Discovery, into becoming a fully realized and blossoming slave.  In fact, in many ways the word "SECRETARY" as it is used in the film and in the titles, etc, could EASILY be replaced by the word SLAVE without changing the significance, meaning, or story in the slightest.  It is almost as if the writer of the novel / screenplay knew full well that a beautiful story of D/s could be at last delivered to the Mainstream by way of changing that one word, slave, into the more acceptable term (and story context) of a Secretary.
    To watch Mr. Spader's character go about the precise methodology of training his perfect sub was a pleasure to watch.  Most memorable was a brief moment when he places a photo of his new sub beside his office-garden of rare orchids, implying that she too will require the kind of exacting care and attention that his rare orchids do.  Beautiful, and so accurate as to be astonishing that this poetic moment and story has at last made it through the barrier of fringe film into mainstream Hollywood.
    Almost every Dom or sub I know who saw the film loved it.  And of course the Vanilla Militant Feminists saw it as nothing more than sexploitation of women -- sad really (having read several reviews by the clueless).  Nonetheless, even TIME magazine gave it a favorable review, so you know that Mainstream America's eyes have perhaps been opened just a modicum wider.
    The only part that seems at odds with the genuine reality of D/s comes towards the end when Mr. Spader's character, for all his sheer Brilliance in designing a course of slave training for the main character and carrying out a system of rewards and punishments that ONLY an experienced Dom could possibly have orchestrated, suddenly develops a MOUNTAIN of Self-Doubt.  This left every experienced D/s practitioner in the audience going, "Wha-Huh????".  It just did not compute.  None of us could think of a single Male Dom who would be that good who was also not concurrently VERY self-aware and self-realized in their Fetish Nature.  All that said, although this one moment in the film does not really correlate with the experience of anyone I know who saw the film, it was a small enough deviation from an accurate portrayal so as to be harmless enough in the overall symphony of the film.  It also allowed the lead female, the slave, to be the one to champion the flag of the 24/7 D/s Lifestyle, which was in fact a precious moment in the story.  Most people I know simply interpreted the story choice at that point to be the authoress' (yes, the story was written by a woman) decision to be able to show BOTH the sub AND the Dom going through a process of Self-Discovery.
    The whole subject matter is handled with wonderful delicacy.  As one INIQUITY Reader wrote in, "You could take your parents to see this film....well, open-minded parents."  The film is wickedly funny at many points, and the entire presentation was slick enough to give this movie at least a two month run in many theatres (read: crap films are always gone before 3 weeks, and "just ok" films rarely last past 6 weeks).  The universal report from all the Fetish Community people I have talked to was that this movie was / is Excellent and a must-see.
Suffice it to say, I suspect Sharpie had a run of sales of the color Red to many Fetish Shops after the movie came out....  ;-)
    WINNER: Farscape.  Hands down.
If you have not yet had the pleasure of seeing the magnificent creations of the costume department of this Sci-Fi Channel series, then at the least fast forward through the DVD.  REGULARLY, as in almost every single episode, we are treated with creations in Formed Leather, PVC, and other Poly-Vinyl that leave even Fetish Fashion designers saying, "Me Want!" (drool, drool, drool).
Seriously, the art of formed leather and creative uses of PVC -- getting all those cool ripples and shapes and more -- is taken to new heights.  One can only hope that ALL YOU FETISH FASHION DESIGNERS ARE PAYING ATTENTION. 
    It has long been noted that there is a wonderful intersection between the outfits of characters from Sci-Fi or Fantasy (notably seen in Comic Book adaptations such as The X-Men) and Fetish Fashion.  Farscape SERIOUSLY grabs this idea by the horns and holds on, giving us one unique-yet-entirely-plausible creation after another.  The clothing is stuff that any self-respecting Perv would be Proud to wear at the most extravagant Fetish Ball.  Check it out.
    2ND PLACE: Alias.
Take one badass hottie (Jennifer Garner, a former ballet dancer), make her incredibly lethal, set her up as a double-agent, and then -- wouldn't you know it -- teach her to kick ass while wearing latex dresses, high heels, and various other Fetish accoutrement.  Many of you have already seen the famous Blue Latex Mini-Dress in the shows opening sequence and advertising at the very least.  Ms. Garner also gets to wear a heap of black PVC or leather catsuit-like attire (we all know that the catsuit is the ultimate female fighting outfit - heh), throughout the series.  In the Spring season finale and in the beginning of the Autumn new season, she was tied up while wearing black PVC pants and a bra with a fishnet crop top over that, and yes, a nice collar as well.  Yee-hah!  Now where did the director put that bright red ball-gag.....
    The only reason Alias got 2nd place was that the outfits, while genuinely stuff we would all see at any good Fetish Club, was all your standard stuff.  Farscape is wall-to-wall ORIGINAL designs.
Black Rose Weapons Inspector -- Pervs Who Protect
    (from the Star Tribune, Dec. 1st -- thanks to INIQUITY reader Kalib)

A resignation offered by an Iraq-bound weapons inspector has been rejected by chief U.N. inspector Hans Blix. Harvey John McGeorge, 53, of Woodbridge, Va., offered his resignation after reports appeared that he lacked a specialized degree and has played a leadership role in sex clubs promoting sadomasochism (S&M).

Asked if the inspector's S&M background might offend his Muslim hosts, a U.N. spokeswoman said all inspectors have been briefed on the local culture and religion.

McGeorge is a munitions analyst for the U.N. Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission. His résumé lists training in the Marine Corps and the Secret Service but not a college degree in one of the specialized areas that the United Nations says its prefers, such as biochemistry or chemical engineering.

"We believe that Mr. McGeorge is a highly qualified and competent technical expert," said Ewen Buchanan, Blix's spokesman. "We are not aware of any grounds for his resignation, and Dr. Blix has not taken up his offer" to resign.

McGeorge had said he would offer his resignation if the Washington Post wrote about his S&M background. On Thursday, the Post reported that McGeorge is a cofounder of Black Rose, a Washington-area S&M club, and a former officer in the Leather Leadership Conference Inc.

McGeorge, a business consultant who is president and founder of Public Safety Group Inc., a Woodbridge consulting firm, was selected by the United Nations over inspectors who had worked on the earlier U.N. inspection team sent to Iraq after the end of the Persian Gulf War. Many of the earlier inspectors were deemed to be too aggressive.

Hua Jiang, deputy spokeswoman for U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, defended the lack of background checks for applicants to the Inspection Commission.

"These inspectors are either recommended by member states or they themselves just put in their résumé," Jiang said. "And as far as their expertise is concerned, I think that there is a check on that, but other than that, [on] their personal lives, since there are so many inspectors coming from so many different countries, I don't think [the commission] is available to do that."

Hong Kong -- Safe for now....
    Sadly there is really not much public Fetish in Hong Kong, and it is sadder still when one well meaning Fetish shop gets raided by the police.  The charges were all dropped, but now people are afraid to throw a Fetish Party over there....
(from the shop owner)
    You may remember that Fetish Fashion was involved in a landmark legal
case this last year after police raided one of our play parties. Of
course we are delighted that we were found completely innocent of all
charges and can resume some sort of normal life after being under
tremendous pressure for over a year. The police have agreed to pay
around two thirds of our legal costs which still leaves a big hole
but it indicates that they accept that the prosecution was ill
We would like to enter into a dialogue with the police here in Hong
Kong about the running of play parties and would like to know the
experiences of others around the world who have done this. Would you
like to help us by giving us the answer to these questions?

1.     Have you had any problems with police in your running of play parties?
2.     Have you entered into a dialogue with the police in order to
ensure the smooth running of parties?

This info would really help us when discussing things with the police
here. We don't need to use names of course. We just want to be able
to say that other jurisdictions around the world do enter in to
discussions with BDSM groups. Hong Kong is quite influenced by the
example of other parts of the world and we want to continue to run
parties without endangering our participants. I'd rather like to stay
out of jail too!
Send replies to
Fly the friendly -- the VERY FRIENDLY -- skies, if you can afford it....
    Every so often a cool if not a bit whacky idea comes across our desk.  This one involves a rather unique way to go about your business flights, via a private jet staffed by beautiful women in lingerie.  Yes, you read that correctly.
(from the proprietors)
This is Natasha from Ecstasky Air, the world's first "Lingerie Airline".
I'm surprised we haven't heard from you yet! When you have a chance, I hope take
a look at our latest updates at the link below...there is new video from new
Nationally Broadcasted TV shows with some good shots of me and my friends in
our 'uniforms'...and now you can BOOK FLIGHTS ONLINE securely and discreetly
through PayPal.
With service that beats ANY airline and prices to match, how can anyone stand
to miss this?
Please feel free to give Don or me a call anytime at (310) 858-5700 or just click
onto our website for more.

Be Honest before the Judge or Get Spanked!
    Spanking Client Not Legitimate Trial Prep Tactic
(Ed. -- This may be one for "Ripley's..." -- thanks to INIQUITY Reader Tom)

In what is certain to make the legal system the butt of more jokes,
Connecticut can cross off spanking as an act covered under lawyers'
malpractice insurance policies.
Even, according to a recent decision by U.S. District Judge Robert N.
Chatigny of the District of Connecticut, if it is done in some bizarre
attempt to prepare a client to testify.
The ruling is a victory for New York-based American Home Insurance Co.,
which insured former Seymour, Conn., attorney Milo J. Altschuler during the
time he allegedly took a client across his lap, lifted her skirt and
repeatedly slapped her buttocks inside a conference room in Superior Court
in Derby, Conn.
In 1992, Altschuler, who could not be reached for this article, pleaded no
contest to two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault, and received a
suspended sentence and three years of probation in connection with the
courthouse incident and a similar allegation brought against him by another

According to his Nov. 6, 1991, arrest warrant application on file in U.S.
District Court in Hartford, Conn., Altschuler was preparing Leslie Cerrato
to testify in her breach-of-peace case when she began fidgeting. The woman
claimed Altschuler, before removing her panties and stockings, told her he
needed to spank her so the judge didn't think she was lying. Afterward he
asked her if she would continue rubbing her hands together. Cerrato said she
would stop, to which Altschuler replied: "Well, I guess it worked," the
woman claimed.
When questioned by a police detective, Altschuler denied assaulting Cerrato,
but admitted that he had threatened to spank her if she gave wrong answers
to questions he put to her in preparing her to testify, according to the
arrest warrant application. Altschuler also acknowledged that he used
similar threats in representing more than a dozen other clients to make them
"more afraid of him than they would be of the prosecutor."
Before a Statewide Grievance Committee panel, Altschuler again denied
improper sexual contact with the woman and asserted that he took the plea
bargain to spare his family embarrassing trial publicity. The SGC, however,
found that some form of improper personal contact had occurred and
reprimanded him.
Cerrato, who claims to continue to require counseling and anti-depressant
medication as a result of the incident, subsequently brought suit against
her former attorney. In 1999, she and Altschuler agreed to a $250,000
stipulated judgment, in which Altschuler represented that he was essentially
asset-less barring contract or tort claims he may have against his former
and present insurers.
Alternative Relationships get a Boost from New Website
    Although the 24/7 D/s Master-slave Lifetime Contract is not EXPRESSLY discussed as a viable alternative to marriage, it is nonetheless nice to know that there is someone out there carrying the flag for those of us who see traditional marriage as a limited institution which does not cover the much wider spectrum of Long-Term Relationship Possibilities.
    The site is , better known as the "Alternatives to Marriage" project.  They are in fact soliciting stories and whatnot from anyone who is successfully involved in a non-traditionally bonded relationship.  Their attitude is one of rather strong Open-Mindedness and an attempt to show the rest of the world that there are MANY ways for people too be together.  The site also includes LEGAL ADVICE in regards to alternative relationships, including defining Common Law (eye opening) and state-by-state discussions of rights.  Truly an exceptional resource in many regards.
    The one area truly lacking on the site is in regards to the D/s Bond, although even this gets a minor mention on one page.  It could well behoove the entire D/s Community to get the D/s Contract noted as a completely consentual, viable alternative for a long term relationship.
    I therefore want to encourage you all to take a second and check out this most interesting website.  For those of you who take your D/s relationships seriously, I want to strongly suggest that you write a kind and informative letter to those at the website receiving such (they ask people to write in about their alternative relationships -- the site is pleasantly academic about this as a serious study).  Tell these people about the reality of any successful D/s Relationship you have ever been in.  Remember that these people, although open-minded, are probably leaning towards the Vanilla side, so you may want to leave out the most graphic details.  Tell them about the emotional connection you have experienced as Dom & sub, etc.  I have personally already gotten the ball rolling with a letter to them myself.
    It has been said that S&M Rights trail about 10-15 years behind Gay & Lesbian rights, i.e. the freedoms the Gay & Lesbian community have achieved as of today are ones that we can expect to experience in 10-15 years.  Telling the world about the beauty in D/s Relationships is just one more way to help our community receive legitimate recognition (and another reason why I celebrate the movie SECRETARY).  I believe the website is FINE with anonymous submissions, so Dom or sub, why not take a few minutes to Enlighten these friendly ears?  It may well come back to us all in the best way.  :-)
Gramma and Grampa ain't as Chillin' Out as you might think!
    TWO news stories regarding our more mature Community Members....
(thanks to INIQUITY Readers Kendra and Sabrina B.)
> SANTA ANA, Calif. - A great-grandmother dominatrix has beaten the system. On
> Thursday, authorities returned whips, chains and other bondage tools seized
> during a raid on the residential dungeon of Betty Davis. "I love them.
> They're just my play toys," Davis, 60, told reporters. She brandished a cat
> o' nine tails with plastic lashes, explaining "This is for someone who enjoys
> a little sting on their butts." Davis wore black tights, a black see-through
> blouse and high heels as she picked up the bondage items from the Orange
> County Sheriff's Department, where they had sat in the property room for
> months. Davis, who claims to have 12 grandchildren and two
> great-grandchildren, was arrested on Feb. 2 for investigation of soliciting
> prostitution after an undercover sheriff's deputy answered an ad in a bondage
> magazine and was led blindfolded to her townhouse. But prosecutors refused to
> charge her for lack of evidence. Davis has fought ever since to get back
> $20,000 worth of bondage items - including the whips and chains - seized at
> the time of her arrest. The Orange County district attorney's office also
> investigated an earlier incident in which a man died at the end of a dog
> leash attached to a wall in Davis' home. The death was ruled accidental and
> no charges were filed. Davis' lawyer, Tom Tanana, said Davis offered a
> therapeutic service that didn't include sex. Davis said she doesn't plan to
> resume using her "toys" anytime soon. "No, I'm just going to sit and look at
> them," she said. "As long as they're sitting around, I'll be comfortable."
 MILWAUKEE - A grandmother was sentenced to 30 days in jail and five
years probation for running a bondage den in the basement of the home
she shared with her husband and two of her grandchildren.
Jacquess Dyer Patton-Ugan, 49, of Milwaukee, apologized in court Tuesday
for operating Madame Venus Du Plaisir's Paradise, where she charged men
a fee to visit her domination dungeon. She was convicted of keeping a
place of prostitution.
Men usually paid around $175 to visit with Patton-Ugan in the room. It
was equipped with an array of sexual devices and bondage contraptions,
including a metal table with limb restraints, a metal gurney with
chains, a wooden horse with padding and straps, a dentist chair, a seat
that hung from the ceiling, and multiple pieces of bondage apparel and
whips, according to court records.
Patton-Ugan told Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Jeffrey A. Conen that
she was responsible for what went on in her basement, though her husband
helped put it together.
"Life is about choices, including consequences and responsibility," she
Richard Ugan, her 60-year-old retired firefighter husband, also is
charged with keeping a place of prostitution. Neighbors reported seeing
him mowing the lawn in a G-string.
One of her grandsons told police he saw some of the devices in his
grandmother's basement room and he "heard people screaming" when he
listened through air vents, according to a criminal complaint.
Patton-Ugan said the boys were not home when she entertained customers.
An undercover officer posing as a potential customer visited the home in
December and was taken to the dungeon. Officers later stormed the home
and arrested the woman and her husband.
The house is in a conservative, quiet neighborhood that is home to
several retired police officers and firefighters, said Milwaukee County
Assistant District Attorney Irene Parthum.
HOWARD JOHNSONS turns out to be Cool (thumbs nose at these idiots)!
    (thanks to INIQUITY Reader Jerry P. and Chris I.)
Women's group, state senator call for outlawing of planned `hotel sex bash'
ST. LOUIS (AP) _ A Missouri lawmaker pledged to seek the Legislature's help in outlawing a hotel's plans to host a sex seminar, joining a women's group in labeling the workshop on bondage, domination and sadomasochism a disease-spreading, violence-breeding nuisance.

In an age of preaching abstinence, "what we have here is completely off the reservation," State Sen. John Loudon, R-Ballwin, told reporters on Sunday across the street from a Lambert Airport-area Howard Johnson hotel where "Beat Me in St. Louis" is to run Friday through Sunday.

"This is absolutely dangerous," added Loudon, 34, who said he will introduce a Senate resolution Monday that, among other things, calls for the state health department and attorney general to investigate the safety and legality of such events.

Calling the sex seminar a "private sex bash," the Southern Baptist Convention on April 4 said it would cancel its reservations with the Howard Johnson site in advance of the Protestant group's June conference here.

The Web site of St. Louis Leather & Lace, the "Beat Me in St. Louis" promoter, said the group endorses and educates about "free expression of alternative lifestyles and forms of loving," including bondage, domination and sadomasochism, regardless of sexual orientation. Leather & Lace also hosts a "SpanksGiving" event each fall.

During "Beat Me in St. Louis," the Baptist Convention said, the hotel's 4,500-square-foot conference center will be home to "Dungeon Parties," complete with medieval torture devices, demonstrations and workshops covering caning and whipping. The convention cited a "Beat Me in St. Louis" page on Leather & Lace's Web site, though links to that page no longer work.

E-mailed interview requests to Leather & Lace were directed to Susan Wright, a National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Foundation spokeswoman who cast such sex conferences as safe, legal expressions of free speech and assembly.

Critics, Wright suggested, should lighten up, mind their own business and stop "using scare tactics and lies to impose their beliefs on everyone else."

"Conventions exactly like this are held every weekend in communities throughout the country. They're your neighbors and co-workers," said Wright, whose group advises how to stage sex seminars safely and legally.

"It's obvious sex makes some people uncomfortable, but they should deal with that themselves. Why should (critics) care?" she added. "What we're doing is a service _ adults want safe-sex education. That should be allowed. There are millions of Americans that just want more spice in their life. That's not a bad thing."

Messages left with a manager of the Howard Johnson's hotel were not returned Sunday.

Joey Davis, the Missouri state head of Concerned Women for America, said Sunday that such sex conferences "teach sadistic sexual torture for pleasure," recklessly releasing bodily fluids that pose a health risk to hotel workers and future guests.

"Deep down inside, they know what they're doing is wrong," Davis said during the news conference with Loudon and some onlookers.

Howard Johnson hotels are franchised and individually owned. A spokeswoman for the parent company, Cendant Corp., has said it does not interfere with decisions about guests as long as the site remains law-abiding.

It is unclear how many rooms the Baptist Convention had booked with Howard Johnson, but convention-goers were expected to reserve 4,000 hotel rooms citywide during the two-day meeting.

The CWA made similar claims in February in protesting a group's staging "Vicious Valentine 5," which was held at a suburban Chicago Ramada hotel _ a Cendant-controlled franchise _ after a Radisson site there withdrew as the venue.

Police said that convention qualified as a private one held in a segregated area and protected by First Amendment rights.

Afterward, organizers cheered the three-day event as "another great weekend of pansexual (bondage, domination and sadomasochism) dungeon play and outstanding workshops."

Wrap Up

That's about it for the time being.
Have fun and stay safe. :-)

Fetish Dreams,

-- Arcane


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