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Hi everyone. :-)

It has been a most interesting last few months since IQ News #19. Amongst other things I am happy to be sending YOU first notice of several EXTREMELY COOL new additions to the INIQUITY 10% Club (Merchants who give IQ Members a 10% discount for mentioning the INIQUITY Password). In this issue you will also find a review of the Chicago Scene as well as some glorious stories from all the summer activities in Los Angeles and a bit of Seattle news as well. To top it off, wait until you read about the VIP treatment The IQ is receiving at several upcoming events in Los Angeles! :-)

It also looks like it is time to announce that FETISH SEASON is here again (the name arbitrarily given to the fact that a Bunch of Ultra-Cool events start happening around the world in September for some reason which cannot be explained other than cheap airfare.....). In this monumental issue you will read about upcoming parties in Bavaria and London, including the infamous RUBBER BALL. In addition, let no San Francisco Bay Area resident or visitor go uninformed about the FOLSOM STREET FAIR coming up on Sept. 24th (more info later).

One quick note before we launch into the good ol' TOC. I am often asked by people on the INIQUITY List such as yourselves, "what makes someone an INIQUITY MEMBER?" The answer is that if you are reading this then you are an INIQUITY Member, or "Part of The IQ" for short. As soon as you signed up on the INIQUITY List to directly receive INIQUITY NEWS and INIQUITY Updates, you became an IQ Member. Yep, it is that easy. The only real trick to the process is in regards to the INIQUITY PASSWORD, which is the actual word that gets you the Discounts, Reduced Admissions, etc. I only publish the PASSWORD in the larger e-mails from INIQUITY, such as this, our main e-publication INIQUITY NEWS. Where exactly in the e-mail the Password is published is very random, but you can guarantee that the Password is absolutely in every issue of INIQUITY NEWS. Why don't I just post it on the website? Because this way I can guarantee those merchants who join the INIQUITY 10% Club that the people who know the password are "The Right Kind" of People, that is the kind of people who are SINCERE about Fetish Fashion and BDSM, or else they would not have signed up on the INIQUITY List. The website can get drop-ins from anywhere, and to be honest I expect that most drop-in's who stay for more than a few minutes are genuinely interested in what INIQUITY is all about. But YOU are the people who have communicated to IQ Headquarters DIRECTLY that you are "Into INIQUITY," and what we represent a.k.a. The INIQUITY Aesthetic, by way of joining the INIQUITY List. This puts you in an exclusive position, and this is why you know the INIQUITY Password and other people do not. In a sense you are simply being rewarded for your Fetish Sincerity, and the merchants know that if anyone is likely to be a return customer, it will be someone from The IQ, a.k.a. INIQUITY MEMBERS, a.k.a. You. :-)

INIQUITY wishes to take a moment to acknowledge the support of the Two Knotty Boys ( who for the last few months have consistently offered an exclusive and significant discount to any and all IQ members who have taken their Bondage and Rope Play workshops. Keep your eyes peeled -- these guys may be coming soon to a dungeon near you! ;-)

Table O' Contents:


  2. PLAYSTATION & BLISS: IQ Gets The VIP(Events)
  3. CHICAGO: Fetish In The Windy City (Review, Event)
  5. LOS ANGELES -- A Festival of Fetish (Review)
  6. Book Signing by CHARLES GATEWOOD (Event)
  7. Victory in Baltimore -- S&M Clubs OK'd! (News)
  8. CLUB NEWS: Torture Garden, Bar Sinister, Consent, Las Vegas, Area101 (Events & News)
  9. LIVING IN LEATHER: S&M College! (Review)
  10. Wrap-Up & Stuff For New Readers

We highly recommend that people who are NEW to INIQUITY and INIQUITY NEWS take the time to read that section at the end called "Stuff For New Readers."  (heh, catchy title, aye?)



Fetish Season = Fetish WEEKEND!

Don't ask me why, but this year by coincidence ALL of the events that kick-off "Fetish Season" are falling around the Same Weekend, namely the 23rd and 24th of September. :-)




For Londoners, the RUBBER BALL Weekend of events starts Friday September 22nd. What can I say about the RUBBER BALL? Not enough. The SKIN TWO RUBBER BALL is pretty much THEE Fetish Fashion event of the year, every year, anywhere in the world. Yes, there are other events that come close or even match the Rubber Ball in terms of Fetish Sincerity and even scope and spectacle, but nonetheless the Rubber Ball remains as the crowned King of Fetish Fashion Events. Everyone should go at least once. :-)

(from the source) The SKIN TWO Rubber Ball is the climax of the world's number one fetish weekend, drawing over three thousand wildly-dressed party-goers from around the world. Last year's event was on mainstream television in Britain, Germany and Holland. Stand by for

even bigger things in 2000, as we return to our legendary venue, Hammersmith Palais! A major programme of renovation is now complete at the Palais and SKIN TWO returns to its famous home on Monday September 25th, for the ninth of these giant annual celebrations of fetish style. The theme this year is rubber fairies and pervy magic. The show at the Rubber Ball is quite spectacular. From the USA, there's Kurt Veith from New York, Mother Tink from Texas, Komakino Project and Madame Kufu from Boston and Dark Garden from San Francisco. From Canada, there's Polymorphe. From Spain, Manuel Albaran. From London, SKIN TWO, House of Harlot, Inner Sanctum and Pigalle. Tickets to the SKIN TWO Rubber Ball are £30. The SKIN TWO Rubber Ball headlines a full weekend programme that kicks off with

The Launch Party on Friday September 22nd at Cynthia's Cyber Club, 4 Tooley Street, under London Bridge. It's an exclusive night for fetishists from around the world to get together, meet friends and set the scene for the weekend of partying.

There are four cyber zones and real robot cocktail waiters.

The Launch Party is from 9pm to 3am and tickets are £15

Co-Sponsored by Torture Garden.

On SaturdaySeptember 23rd, it's the Torture Garden Rubber Ball Special.

This is at "Mass" in St Mathew's Church, Brixton Hill, from 10pm to 6am. There's a burlesque performance from Dita, a fashion show from Dark Garden and House of Harlot and a body art show by Paulo. Tickets are £15.

(FROM TG) "The Skin Two Rubber Ball weekend kicks off in just three weeks, with TG's Cybersex launch night on the Friday and a our Full Scale Torture Garden, Last years was a stormer with 1200 people from all over the world, it was one of our wildest parties of last year: Check out For full details. Remember that these nights are extremely popular so getting tickets early is recommended.)

IN ADDITION: TG is currently looking for male and female models for the fashion show by Dark Garden at the Torture Garden Rubber Ball Special at Mass on Saturday 23rd of September (and possibly future events). If any one is interested please email us a photo, together with your sizes, age and experience a.s.a.p. E-mail:"

Sunday September 24th sees the SKIN TWO Expo - the international design and fashion fair, where fetish businesses from around the world gather to display and sell their pervy products. Spend the day browsing among the wildest fashion, bondage accessories, art and furniture that you'll ever see.

The SKIN TWO Expo is at the Barbican Centre, Exhibition Hall 1, in Golden Lane, near to Barbican tube station. Tickets are £5.

Later on Sunday night, there is an intimate buffet dinner for only a 150 people at a private venue in central London.

Intimate private buffet. Tickets £25. Contact the SKIN TWO Showroom for more info.

On Monday September 25th, it's the big one -

the SKIN TWO Rubber Ball,

at the famous Hammersmith Palais.

The Palais is the original home of the SKIN TWO Ball - it's seen everything from fire-breathing stiltwalkers to a team of leather-clad human ponies drawing a steel chariot.

The show this year, produced for us by Torture Garden, stars the most exciting new fetish designers from Britain, Europe and the USA as well as providing continuous dance music from top London DJs. Monday September 25th

The SKIN TWO Rubber Ball The world's number one fetish event at Hammersmith Palais,

242 Shepherds Bush Rd., London W6, 10pm-3am. Tickets £30. (£1 donated to Crusaid for every ticket sold)

There is a booking fee of 0.50p on all tickets


Ticket credit card sales line: 020 7627 3332 From overseas, +44 20 7627 3332 >From the USA, 011 44 20 7627 3332 Information is available in the UK only on the SKIN TWO information line: 0906 829 9 714 (calls cost 60p per min)

Ticket Agents:

Paradiso, Old Compton St, Soho Regulation, Islington, SKIN TWO Showroom, Vauxhall (020 7840 0146)

(Ed. -- NOTE THAT THERE IS NO S&M ALLOWED AT THE ACTUAL RUBBER BALL ITSELF due to a high Vanilla Media presence).Other parties around the Rubber Ball may allow S&M. Be certain to ask before you play. :-)

RUBBER BALL BACKGROUND INFO: For the past eight years, the SKIN TWO Rubber Ball has been the world's biggest and best fetish event. Covered by media from many countries, the Rubber Ball has appeared on television in the UK, USA, Germany and Japan - even in Have I Got News for You, with Paul Merton and Neil Kinnock. The last event was televised in three countries. Sponsors for the Rubber Ball have included Carlsberg, Smirnoff, Gordons Gin, Oranjeboom, Ricoh and many more household names. The SKIN TWO Rubber Ball is a glittering event with the emphasis on fun - over three thousand people dressed in their wildest fantasy outfits. There are men dressed as women, women dressed as men, space creatures, dominatrixes, fire-breathing creatures on stilts, you name it. Celebrity guests have included Jean-Paul Gaultier, Mick Jagger and many more. The one thing you won't see is anything ordinary. No-one is admitted in street clothing. You should see the photos! The Rubber Ball raises money for great causes. This year, we are again supporting Crusaid, which does great work supporting people with AIDS and HIV. Patrons include Dame Judi Dench, Madonna, Glenys Kinnock MEP, Rt Hon Chris Patten and Rabbi Julia Neuberger. Check them our at Everyone wants support for good causes, don't they? Support the SKIN TWO Rubber Ball, though, and you are guaranteed to have a time you'll remember



BAVARIA -- The Ultimate Castle Party


For those of you more over towards the Eastern side of Europe on this SAME WEEKEND, you may have the chance to adorn yourself in your Fetish Finest and party ALL NIGHT LONG in a genuine Bavarian Castle (makes me think of Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang with a lot more Black Leather personally....).

(from the source):


High Fetish Fashion & Serious S&M

The Night Of Passion on Saturday, September 23rd, is dated especially to coincide with the World EXPO (which is still going on till the end of October) in Hanover. The weather will probably be nice and holidays in Germany are just over, so that trips to Austria or Italy should be cheaper. It is also directly in the time of the Munich 'Oktoberfest' so you could come over to Munich, stay there a couple of days, visit the 'Oktoberfest', the 'Hofbrauehaus' and maybe take a daytrip to Vienna. The Castle is an hour to drive from Munich. Entrance fee for 'The Night Of Passion' (including dinner, but no drinks) will be 50 Euro (a "Euro" is currently about One U.S. Dollar). There is an indoor sauna open to the guests as well....

The party spans MANY of the rooms of the castle, with FOUR rooms set aside for the Dungeon/Play-Space.

Dinner is included. :-)


**** Xklusiv Events ****


D-30169 Hannover


Tel./Fax: +49 - 511 - 1 61 43 85






Back again for the umpteenth year, Leather-Clad denizens from all over North America (and farther!!!) will descend upon San Francisco's Folsom Street for what is genuinely The Largest S&M Street Festival In The World.Just like every year, the Fair opens at 11 a.m. and runs until 6 p.m., roughly between 6th street and 11th street. There will be DEALS DEALS DEALS on all your favorite S&M toys, Live Music, Food and Refreshments inc. Vegetarian, Public S&M Displays and much much more! In actuality something like 30,000 - 40,000 people show up!!!! There is nothing quite like it and it is one of the finest S&M festivals in the world.

(Note: contrary to rumor, the Fair does NOT get 300,000 people. That would be the same as the population of most of Monterey County. Anyone who has ever been to a 40,000 person rock-concert will get about the same feeling for the size of the crowd. That 300k # has been circulated by promoters who think that extra zero is really going to sway people's minds, which is absurd. The Fair is in the mid ten-thousands and is TOTALLY worth your while if you can make it). :-)


(if you share this with all your friends it will no longer be a good set of insider secrets, so keep it to we "blue bloods") ;-)

1) Get there and park by 10:45 a.m. Be INSIDE the Fair by 11am when it opens -- the first hour is the best for being able to walk the entire Fair and see what booths are there and plan your shopping and dancing, etc, for later. :-)

2) By all means DRESS UP for the event, but expect the number of cameras in your face to increase proportionally to the extravagance of your attire. I personally recommend light "Street Fetish" clothing unless you like lots of cameras in your face. And by the way, most photographers will take "no, you may not take my photo" for an answer. :-)

Also, remember that most LATEX CLOTHING does not like direct sunlight, whereas, net-mesh, PVC, Lingerie and Leather do just fine. :-)

3) If it rains it will be a blessing in disguise; Don't Go Home! The Vanillas and Mundanes who just come down to see a "freak show" will be discouraged and go home, as will most of the annoying Vanilla Press. The result becomes truly a Festival of "Our Kind," so if it rains STICK AROUND! It's fantastic! :-)

4) That said, last year we had a freak weekend of 100 degrees!!! If that happens again, BRING A WATER BOTTLE and Don't Forget That SUNSCREEN! :-)

5) Yes, you can bring toys and play right there in the street! It is great to watch the SFPD standing by and doing nothing except keeping the peace.....that is until the marked hour of 6pm. When the clock strikes 6pm, stuff those toys away and pull up those pants lest the SFPD begin to enforce their normal jurisdiction in your immediate direction.

6) Tell people about .... OK, that was a shameless plug, I admit it. ;-)

To Top It All Off, two INCREDIBLE Members of The Iniquity List have offered to OPEN THEIR HOUSE exclusively to Out-Of-Town Members of The Iniquity List who may need a place to stay for the weekend!!!

"We would like to open our house to any I.Q. members who would like to stay in the city the night before Folsom St. We have enough space to accommodate about 10-15 people if everyone can agree to take short showers."




Friday, September 29th will see the return of one of Los Angeles' HOTTEST Fetish Clubs, PLAYSTATION. In addition to the spectacular line up below sent from the proprietor which you can read momentarily, check out the incredibly generous things that the people behind PLAYSTATION are offering exclusively to The IQ!!!

1) If an INIQUITY Member brings 3 other paying guests, the INIQUITY Member gets in FREE with the INIQUITY PASSWORD ("Iniquity") as long as the INIQUITY Member is dressed in STRICT FETISH ATTIRE.

2) If a Couple who are both INIQUITY Members arrive in STRICT FETISH FASHION and bring 5 paying guests with them, then The Couple gets in FREE with the INIQUITY PASSWORD.

3) The proprietor is going to set aside one of the many play area rooms as a special INIQUITY-ONLY V.I.P. Room which you can only get into with the INIQUITY Password. :-)

(from the proprietor)

On Friday September 29th from 10pm until 6am LA will be off the hook! DIVINITY ENTERTAINMENT is proud to present:


Show your skin while grooving to some of the hottest DJs from around the world, representing The Ministry of Sound in London, Twilo and Limelight in New York, Influence Recordings San Francisco, Berlin, and Los Angeles. Live erotic dancers representing Spearmint Rhino, Valley Ball, 4 Play, Jet Strip, as well as Hollywood Men and Chip&Dales. Live performances by some of the adult industries hottest stars, top Magicians from the Magic Castle, five “fully interactive” fetish play areas, complete video walls, five play rooms, and a full open bar. Yes…a full open bar. The price for all of this fun is only $60 and all tickets are pre-sale only. Due to the unique nature of this event the location of this event will be revealed when you purchase a ticket. Tickets can be purchased at one of two locations:

REDEMPTION located @ 7280 Melrose Ave., on the corner of Poinsettia Ave. & Melrose between Fairfax and La Brea. Their number is 323.549.9128

PERFECT BEAT RECORDS located @ 8941 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood near the corner of Robertson and Santa Monica Blvd. Their number is 310.273.3337.

You can also send a check or money order to “DIVINITY ENTERTAINMENT” 700 Huntley Ave. #5 W.Hollywood Ca. 90069. c/o NO STATIC

For credit card orders call 310.769.0154

The location of the party will be revealed at the time of purchase.

The Playstation is the only event of it's kind in Southern California, combining a world class nightclub environment with the hottest adult entertainment anywhere on the planet. It is completely underground and mobile, and is modeled after the great erotic events in Amsterdam like Europerve and Wasteland.

On the following night, Saturday, September 30th, INIQUITY folks in Los Angeles who also happen to enjoy Couples/Lifestyles kinds of events will also have a chance to attend a truly magical private party at a significantly reduced discount also by way of the INIQUITY Password. This unique event is known simply as:


BLISS is a Couples / Lifestyles-kind event with one of the strongest and most sincere FETISH orientations around. At this year's Lifestyles Convention in Reno, the BLISS organizers hosted the most successful and extravagant private parties of the entire convention. These same parties were also pretty much the best private Fetish parties of the convention, both in terms of the many highly erotic and sensual BDSM scenes that occurred as well as the quantity of Fetish Fashion (significant for Lifestyles, which in the past has been a mostly Vanilla occasion). :-)

(from the BLISS organizers)

"We would like to invite you to BLISS on September 30th, 2000 (from dusk 'til dawn). BLISS is one of the most special and exciting couples events you will ever attend. Located in a breathtaking castle in the heart of the Hollywood Hills, BLISS will transport you into a world of fantasy and tantalizing sensuality. Our castle, which is right out of a fairy tale, has a magnificent view of Los Angeles and is literally surrounded by turrets, moats and caves (except our moats have Jacuzzis). Inside there are spacious bedrooms truly fit for a king and little nooks and crannies where you can fulfill your naughtiest desires. In the middle of it all is a big dance hall where we will be playing the hottest music to heat up the night, and throughout the castle you will find entertaining impromptu locations for your cuffs & shackles. When the sun sets and the play begins, you will never see a more beautiful or romantic site (check out the photos at the website!)

But our location is only the beginning. Our membership standards are strict which means that you will meet some of the most fun, friendly, and attractive people that are in this Lifestyle. You are cordially invited to this event because we feel you represent the very best of what this scene has to offer. Sexy, playful and exciting people like yourself await you. Likewise, you will only find the best amenities and entertainment at BLISS. Our events are for the truly discerning. BLISS is currently offering

INIQUITY Members a special rate of $149 per couple (normally $199). This price includes food, open mixer bar, first class entertainment with California's finest fetish and erotic performers and the hottest clientele of any couples club in Southern California. For the comfort of our guests we limit the number of tickets sold and we are expecting this to be a sold-out event. If you would like to attend this exceptional and exclusive event, then head over to the BLISS website ASAP at http:/w/ Read about BLISS and how the parties are organized and then, if it sounds like your cup of tea, be certain to mention the INIQUITY PASSWORD ("Iniquity") in your initial e-mail inquiry to the BLISS organizers. The turn-around process for registration can be as short as 24 hours.

For questions, please call 310-701-1089 or email

We look forward to seeing you at BLISS on September 30th, 2000. The BLISS Management "


CHICAGO: Fetish In The Windy City


My first time in Chicago I didn't know what to expect. Mobsters? Superb Italian Food? Superb Irish Food? And Fetish -- was there really any Modern Fetish to be found in the Arty-Illinois (yes, I know that sounds like an oxymoron) town of Chicago? I am happy to say the answer is a resounding YES. :-)

My original reason for going to Chicago was to investigate an event known as the IML, or International Mr. Leather. As the title indicates, this is one of the biggest -- if not thee biggest -- Gay BDSM/Leather events anywhere in America, where the goal is to choose "Mr. IML," the spokesperson for the Gay Leather Community for the year. So what was I, a self-proclaimed flaming heterosexual doing there? First off, being equally into hardcore S&M, I figured -- or should I say hoped -- that this Mecca of the supposed hardcore Gay Leather community was going to be an opportunity to learn some awesome new techniques from those who are potentially the founding fathers of the modern BDSM Scene. Although BDSM can be traced through almost any sub-culture historically, there is simply no denying that the Gay Leather Scene is responsible for many of the freedoms that the other S&M communities -- Hetero, Les, Bi, etc -- get to experience today. They are some of the primaries who plowed through the political morass of the last few decades to establish themselves and, more importantly to us, their accompanying choice of an Alternative Sexuality known as S&M as a political force to be reckoned with. Ask yourself: who in your town had the first publicly known BDSM CLUBS? The first publicly known BDSM Societies? Quite often the answer will be the Gay Leather Community.

Add to this the fact that any walk through a shop like Mr.S Leather in San Francisco will reveal some of THEE COOLEST S&M toys you can imagine. As far as I was concerned, my beautiful slave and I were taking a tour to at least one of the heartlands of hardcore S&M. Concurrently, one of my chief goals was an equal eagerness to take as many S&M workshops as this convention had to offer.

Suffice it to say I was disappointed when I arrived to find that there were in fact NO workshops whatsoever. On the flip side, what IML did have was without a doubt THEE BEST Fetish & BDSM Toy Market I have ever seen! The IML Fetish Marketplace spanned THREE Medium-Sized Convention Halls, and even went up to a few rooms and a balcony on the second floor of one hall as well! It was absolutely amazing. This was quite a surprise for us, and the surprise definitely put a solid-but-happy dent in our wallets. Zillions of floggers, from the well known makers and the unknowns alike, clever new twists on old ideas, gorgeous new lathed metal handles, and more kinds of leather than you could snap a crop at. ALL those floggers comprised maybe 1/100th of what was there! We found full suits of leather armor, medical toys, gas masks, and mountains of leather clothing. I am happy to say that we found a healthy contingent of Latex clothing as well, with San Francisco's very own Mr.S Leather as one of the prime spots to find such (their booth was gigantic and right in the middle of everything). To say that we were kids in a candy shop would be a gross understatement. I must point out that MOST of the clothing was, naturally, Men's clothing, although there were a few booths with items for women. Oddly enough, my slave and I had been looking for leather mitts for her petite hands for years, and of all the places in the world to find them, we finally found them at IML. The crowd at IML was 99% from the Gay Community -- we were definitely the odd ones out. I suppose I might have felt like a stranger in a strange land, but I am happy to say that everyone I met at IML was perfectly friendly, polite, and helpful. The lack of workshops led me to simply do a lot of question-asking at the booths who sold the more hardcore supplies. In some ways it was almost better than a workshop because I was getting a lot of first-hand information as fast as I could write.

I am also happy to report that this apparently infamous Fetish Marketplace drew out ALL the other communities from the Chicago area. One day we were handed a flyer for a mixed community event called PURGATORY. Some of the other Het & Bi couples we met at IML (or maybe I should say BOTH of them -- kidding, but not by much) were talking about this party as if it was going to be the place to be for the Het-Bi crowd.

The PURGATORY party exceeded my expectations by a mile. With well-dressed representatives from the Het, Bi & Les communities, the atmosphere was festively over-the-top with predominantly Fetish-Goth attired being the norm. Held in a converted loft space that doubles in some way as a home (never quite figured out how though), guests walked up the entrance stairs to find the first level of the party with a full service bar and a stage set up runway-style. That night the stage would be used for a Fashion Show by a shop called Flashy Trash who sells a wide mix of Fetish-Glam-Goth clothes, as well as a liquid-latex and costume clad Fetish performance troop who provided a ritualesque Fetishy drama. The space was not big by any means, but it was certainly well-used. Up the second set of stairs one found the play area. OK, it was only one St. Andrews Cross and a play bench (medical table?), but this didn't seem to ruffle the players in the audience who patiently waited their turn while enjoying some of the absolutely superb S&M scenes that happened that night. Plenty of single-tails cracking, one couple from Florida put on a stunning scene which certainly had me riveted to my seat watching the bond between this 24/7 D&S couple play out under the immaculate use of a variety of whips. Now mind you while ALL this was going on, behind us, all night long, there was a gentleman laying on his stomach inside a wood frame. Exactly 66 needles pierced his flesh in a perfect, bi-laterally symmetrical pattern, 33 to a side running down his back and legs. From each needle a thread was run attaching somewhere on the wood, again in a symmetrical pattern. A living work of art was created by the visually intersecting threads. From time to time the man's apparent Domina would climb up on the display and adjust a few threads or add a little visual stimulation to the display (I vaguely recall some hot wax). At the end of the night the Domina stepped up and slowly snipped the threads, one by one, doing even this slowly and artfully. Between the fashion show, the performance, the immaculate attire of most everyone there, the excellent S&M scenes, and the living art, the PURGATORY party thrust me back to my earliest experiences in the public Fetish Scene back in Amsterdam. It probably does not convey at this time, but that is about one of the highest compliments I could possibly give a party.

Other spots worth mentioning on the Fetish Tour of Chicago include the Feitico Gallery who apparently hosts regular Fetish Art exhibits and sponsors Fetish Parties. Sadly I ran out of time to visit the Feitico Gallery which is reputed to be excellent. I did get to meet the proprietors however and was impressed by their "Fetish-sincerity" if you know what I mean -- very INIQUITY-Aesthetic. At the end of this section you can read more about some of the cool things that the Feitico Gallery has planned for the near future. :-)

Apparently Chicago also hosts other minor S&M events at a location known as the Crobar. For the late night crowd there is The Exit, not really a Fetish club at all, but something of an all-night bar & dance location pumping steady Goth-Industrial tunes all night (they stay open until 5 a.m.!!!), and also apparently the common place for the BDSM crowd to head off to after parties and whatnot. For those of you who enjoyed visiting the Slimelight in London, you will find The Exit in Chicago pleasantly reminiscent.

As for Fetish shopping in the city of Chicago you are in for a surprise. Whereas Chicago may have only a few places to buy BDSM toys, the Windy City is surprisingly well stocked in Fetish Clothing Sources. Places to check out include Cupid's Treasures, Leather Sport, Medusa's Circle, Hot Threads, Flashy Trash and Ninety-Ninth Floor. You can also get beautiful hand-made corsets and other accoutrements from Paul C. Leather by appointment (or by catching them at a booth at the conventions they do). Truth be told, if you are into the Gothic-Fetish crossover (i.e. Rubber, PVC & Leather mixed with Lace & Velvet, etc), then your eyes are going to pop out of your skull in some of the shops in Chicago. Who would have thought a city in Illinois would have a SUPERIOR selection of Fetish-Goth attire as compared to a classic Goth haven like San Francisco? It turns out that Chicago also apparently has a thriving Goth Scene (ok, maybe not quite as many clubs as San Fran, but close), which for some reason seems to have embraced the Fetish elements -- at least fashion-wise -- rather strongly. Perhaps it is a New York influence, perhaps something of Chicago's own identity, but regardless I was impressed. One might even conjecture that, based on visual appearance alone, many of the people attending the PURGATORY party were from the BDSM-Aware contingent from Chicago's Goth community. Either that, or the Fetish-Goth crossover as a fashion style has simply permeated both Scenes, an equal possibility.

Lastly, Chicago is also home to the only genuine BDSM Museum -- yes, you heard correctly -- in the United States. The LA&M, which stands for Leather Archives and Museum is loaded with memorabilia and artifacts from the BDSM world as well as from Fetish clubs & organizations. They also house an extensive collection of BDSM literature and have several other projects going which include the taping of interviews with key individuals from the BDSM community. The building itself is a story in that it's purchase was funded 100% from donations by men and women from the S&M / Leather community.

Public parties and cool clubs and bars going until 5 am, a thriving Leather community, a thriving Arts community, Fetish-Goth in abundance, restaurants serving 4 and 5 star food until 2 a.m. on a weeknight, AND "Sue" the T-Rex........I guess you could say that Chicago definitely has something for everyone. Who is "Sue" you ask? Chicago's Field Museum now hosts the world's largest T-Rex skeleton. The teeth? Typically eight inches long. Still not quite as big as Hollywood would like us to believe with it's 5-story-tall beasts, lets just say that my petite Asian slave would have fit into Sue's mouth whole. Hmmm.....a cage built into the mouth of an animatronic T-Rex THAT would be an interesting scene.......

CUPID's TREASURES 3519 N. Halstead 773-348-0976 Good selection of Men's and Women's Fetish Attire, Toys & more.

HOT THREADS 3223 N. Clark St. 773-665-9988 Excellent high heel shop.

PAUL C. LEATHER 2421 W. Pratt, Suite 959 By Appt. Only 773-508-0848 Corsets and other fine leather attire as well as toys & restraints.

Leather Archives & Museum 6418 N. Greenview Ave. 773-761-9200 The only real BDSM Museum in America

THE EXIT 773-395-2700



FEITICO GALLERY1821 West North Ave. 773-384-0586 Misc. Fetish Art Exhibits, Fetish Party Sponsors. Current Events at the Feitico Gallery include a fetish ball sometime in late October.

"One of our projects is the fall erotic/fetish life drawing classes. Classes will start up again Wednesday, September 13th, and run 8 weeks ending November 1st (November 8th is an instructor makeup day if necessary). We are currently accepting deposits. Class tuition is $200 and limited to 12 students and will be conduced Wednesday evenings from 7pm-10pm. Class Instructor is Wayne Hanna. Wayne has over 12 years experience as a life drawing instructor and is a successful artist, graphic designer, educator and Feitico gallery friend. Contact us at 773.384.0586 or email for more details

Instructor Bio: Wayne Hanna is a graduate of The Herron School of Art of Indiana University/Perdue University. After several years as an Art Director in Chicago, and owner of his own design firm, Wayne joined the adjunct faculty at College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL, teaching illustration courses. His career in education has gone on to include teaching Life Drawing for over 12 years, as well as other subjects related to Graphic Design and the Visual Arts. He was Chairperson of the Design and Illustration Department at Ray College of Design and later joined The Illinois Institute of Art at Schaumburg, where he is currently Academic Director for Visual Communications, Multimedia and Computer Animation. Wayne is a member of the Curriculum Task Force for Education Management Corp., Pittsburgh, PA; parent company for the Art Institutes International. He also serves on the Graphic Design Advisory Board of College of DuPage, and is Chairperson of the Advisory Board for Graphic Design at Elgin Community College.

"I truly love to teach Life Drawing. The human form is a masterpiece of design and engineering. It's beauty and grace represent the epitome of nature's genius." --Wayne Hanna

Feitiço Gallery 1821 West North Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60622 tel 773.384.0586 mail to


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