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Greetings. Arcane the Insane here. Why insane? Because like olden days, WAAYYYY back in 1998, I am commencing this newsbitmap at the bright and early hour of 6:30 a.m., after a nice cup of my infamously strong coffee. No, I have not slept yet, so if I start ranting about rabbits or something like that, please understand that it is merely the effects of sleep deprivation. :-)
The daylight hours are waning once again, and perhaps it is that subtle signal to the optical centers of the brain which seems to inspire a perennial wave of sudden activity amongst those of us who's sub-culture seems permanently emblazoned upon the night. That or it is all of our Transylvanian ancestry. In short: Guess What Folks? IT IS FETISH SEASON Once Again!!!!!!
Yes indeed, the party list suddenly starts to grow like a bougainvillea vine on steroids, the length of the parties increases in direct proportion to the remoteness of the location, and the feel of latex, leather & PVC suddenly seems as familiar as a parka on the slopes. The cold chill air of the coming Autumn whispers in the middle of the night, and an electric buzz begins to circulate in our collective consciousness, knowing what wonderful days -- and especially Nights -- lay before us in the months to come as we approach the Millennium.
For those of you who weren't here last year, I / you / we coined the term "Fetish Season" simply because starting in September a SLEW of Very Cool Stuff starts happening. Beginning even before the glorious Folsom Street Fair, some of the best events of the year start filling up our calendars, and these events continue to manifest at the very least through November.......and possibly into January (hint....hint....).
In this issue we have reviews of Sacramento & Preaching To The Perverted, some good news for the Bay Area BDSM crowd, news from France and elsewhere in the world, letters from The IQ, and just A TON of COOL EVENTS to tell you about! Our website,
has gotten something of a face-lift, and has had the first layer of it's new spit n' polish completed. Amongst other things, when you enter the site, you'll now see a very clear "Last Updated" date which will be changed when ANYTHING new is added (usually EVENTS, Roommate Ads, and Archives). If you see the date has changed since your last visit, scroll down and look for the red " -- New! "tag to help guide you towards the latest stuff. :-)
In the coming weeks keep your eyes peeled for a whole bunch of new LINKS to exceptional sites around the web, many new Roommate ads, and (FINALLY!) The Photos From IQ2! If you haven't checked the EVENTS page lately, you might have missed the new arrangement with On-Going events listed at the bottom, including DEALS that you, The IQ, get with the INIQUITY Password (if ya don't know it yet, keep reading). :-)
That said, it is now time for the infamous, the nefarious, the implacable........

Table O' Contents:


  1. BOUND Back With A Vengeance (of the Best Kind!) (event)
  2. Preaching To The Perverted -- Controversial But Necessary (review)
  3. AWESOME Weekend in Los Angeles (Again!) (events)
  4. Freak Nation Fights Fascism, Castlebar Saved (articles & news)
  5. Meanwhile Over in Europe...... (events)
  6. Sacramento Kicks Into A Higher Gear (review)
  7. And Over On The East Coast..... (events)
  8. IQ Readers Report.... (letters)
  9. Wrappin It Up (important notes)

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BOUND Back With A Vengeance (of the Best Kind!


      Bouncing back again comes San Francisco's HOTTEST monthly Fetish Club,Club BOUND. Starting with this next BOUND on Saturday, Sept. 11th, the DRESS CODE will be tightening down even further! Yes! The promoters seem
to be taking BOUND onto a higher plateau of excellence even as we speak. In their own words:

Your most Extreme Fetish Wear is encouraged, the Highest Heels , the Wildest Outfits the most Outlandish Drag. What ever your fetish is express it in your attire for the evening. Extreme costumes accepted too !
For complete info, dress code, directions and ADVANCE TICKET PURCHASES by credit card
go to
$10 in advance for members, $12.50 for non-members
$15 at the door for everyone.
The dress code for this BOUND will be very strict !
The usual fetish & goth attire will still be accepted (see web site above), but we can no longer allow T-shirts of any type (inc. black), or anything resembling street clothes. Those of you who have friends who are not appropriately attired, they will not be admitted . This is for Your protection and enjoyment, and it is the only way to keep out a certain undesired element of people who are trying to creep into the club.
For people who do not have anything appropriate to wear but are genuinely interested in being part of the scene we have an alternative for this BOUND:
JD and DAN will be there to create wearable bondage wear for a small fee to cover the cost of rope etc.. see below:
Are you fit to be tied? Expert bondage riggers JD and Dan will be offering their beautiful wearable rope work! Choose the design you want, including Diamond Dress, Arm gauntlets, Rope Corsets and more. Then get yourself or your partner tied up -- right there on the spot. You keep the rope! Dance in it. Play in it.Go home in it. (The rest is up to you.) You can even get a Polaroid® picture for posterity -- and a free lesson in how to do the design yourself!

I look forward to seeing you all there.




Preaching To The Perverted -- Controversial But Necessary


No doubt the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco was more than surprised to receive that stream of phone calls which inspired them to do a complete 180 degree turn and add Preaching To The Perverted back into their line up. At least 250 people showed up over the two day run, and according to the cinema manager, BOTH nights the crowd cheered at the end of he film (I know I did!). If you missed this limited two-day engagement, don't worry -- I have no doubt the Roxie was impressed enough with the turn out to bring it back if they can. :-)
The film centered on a young, naive Christian zealot who sees his opportunity to gain entry into a government job by working as an undercover spy for a right-wing nutcase who would make Jerry Falwell look liberal, and who holds a central position in the British government. The target of their pursuit is the Ultra-Dominatrix ex-patriot from New York City, Tanya Cheekx, who runs a Pro Dom house in England, promotes inspired Fetish Parties, maintains her Fetish Family with an iron hand, and manages to find time to log onto the internet for chat. Sexy, clever, and often very funny, the story moves with enough style and pacing that it would in my opinion satisfy a mainstream movie goer audience. However, even though most audiences seem to approve of the film in general, and even though people who haven't even seen the film know about it, it still seems to be making slow progress from city to city rather than breaking into wider distribution. On top of this, there have been several voices from within the Fetish community who have taken relatively calm opposition to the film.
I can sympathize with the arguments of those who did not enjoy the film as much as I did. I strongly suspect that what most of those who did not take to the film resented was the mixing of the different communities and the blurring of lines which these separate communities do not wish to have blurred. For example, in the Pro Dom community a client may not touch the genitalia of the Dom else it becomes prostitution, something the Pro Dom community wants the world to know it is NOT. Yet in the same scene as the main characters are having sexual relations (not by Clinton's definition of course) in their quasi-Lifestyle encounter (i.e. they meet as Scene folk and Not as Pro & Client), they are comparing their behavior to Her and a Client without drawing a clear distinction between the two. As generous and positive as I do in fact feel towards this film, I could see a member of the Pro Dom community taking a stand against that moment in the film as a neophyte or Vanilla audience member could easily have inferred that sexual contact does occur in the Pro Dom community -- not a clear or positive message. Likewise, the lines are blurred between the Fetish Clubs and the Pros, implying that the Pros are the ones running the Fetish clubs to be used as hunting grounds for the Pro community -- again not expressly implied but left very blurry and unclarified for an "uninitiated" audience. Once again the lines get equally blurred amidst the Lifestyle community and the Pro community with a few activities of very gray consent (i.e. not well negotiated and liberties, despite their being quite funny in the outcome, being taken), and an even more absurd moment when it is implied that at the end of the brightest Fetish Rainbow lays a most exceedingly Vanilla pot of gold.
I therefore suspect that these Grey areas are the cause for the limited but respectable voices of the various community members' disapproval. Overall however, I cannot help but still say that I enjoyed the movie! I would in fact see it again. As someone with a bit of inside knowledge into the limitations of film making, I can imagine how difficult it is to convey a crystal clear delineation of the various complex boundaries between the communities in a mere two hours, i.e. where one activity must draw a line while another community can proceed forward. I therefore fully respect Mr. Urban's Modern Fetish MYTH -- because after all is said and done and all the dissenting voices are acknowledged as being absolutely correct, the film still holds up as a Fetish Myth and work of Fiction. It is plain knowledge that many, many works of Fetish excellence are fiction, starting with "The Story of O." Like that book, I think viewers of this film must suspend disbelief and not try to squeeze this two hour story through the filter of too much hardcore Fetish reality. As we all know, ours is still a political world, and so passions run high over misrepresentation and rightfully so. Nonetheless, in the two hours of this film, overall we are presented with a Good Story, funny moments, intriguing characters, and a collage of the Global Fetish Scene -- all stuff which could easily have taken 6 or 7 hours of film to convey if the intention was absolute realism.
The final message of the film is strong, clear, and most certainly needs to be communicated -- censorship and wrongful and improper prosecutions of people because of their sexual preferences MUST STOP. Period. S&M is not a crime. I don't think there is a viewer out there who missed that one. That the film must step off into a bit of an Alice in Wonderland decent into a world part true-to-life and part complete fiction for the overall purpose of both conveying this message AND entertaining the masses is something I can both palate and live with. :-)
Go see the film. Take it with a tiny grain of salt. If you take a complete newbie to the film with you, maybe take a few minutes to explain what we really do and don't do in the Real World. It's a fun film and it blurs a few lines for the sake of a story which must be told in two hours. Oh, and by the way, Tanya's wardrobe absolutely ROCKS throughout the entire movie!!! :-)

This just in from SKIN TWO (if you want to OWN Preaching To The Perverted.....)
"You might like to know that a video of Preaching to the Perverted is now on sale. This is in the international PAL format and not the NTSC format which is used in the USA. However, most modern Japanese VCRs play the PAL format. If yours does not, then any local video store will convert tapes from PAL to NTSC for a few dollars. This Preaching to the Perverted video is a special edition in widescreen and it also has a documentary about the making of the film, called'Pervert's Progress' and some other goodies. We have fixed up with Stuart Urban (the Director of the film) to sell this through SKIN TWO. There will be an ad for this film in SKIN TWO #30, which is in the printing factory now. The Preaching to the Perverted video costs £21.49, including mailing to the USA. Also in the ad is the film 'Fetishes' by Nick Broomfield. This about a house of domination called 'Pandora's Box' in New York. The Fetishes video costs £17.49, including mailing to the USA."



AWESOME Weekend in Los Angeles (Again!)


      Just one week after this next BOUND, the City of (Dark) Angels lights up with a number of cool parties and events to satisfy our appetites, all on the weekend of Sept. 17th & 18th, the first of which is something of an INIQUITY exclusive.......
Read on........

Friday, Sept. 17th
A night of depravity at the Ivy Manor
10 pm 'til dawn

Mistress of Ceremonies Isabella Sinclaire
Performances by Shadee & Sky, Torturella & Co., & Kevin and Co. from God's Kitchen
Naked Fashion Show (???)
Slave Auction
DJ's Alli & Gearwhore
5 inch heel Minimum for all women and cross-dressers -- Genuinely Enforced!
BYO S&M Toys
$20 per person, includes two drinks
Valet Parking
INVITE ONLY -- must RSVP 213-484-4999

OK folks. Here's the scoop. The proprietors of this event have made the incredibly generous offer of extending this invitation to THE ENTIRE INIQUITY LIST! Yep, all of you, "The IQ," are included in that "Invite Only." :-)
>From the proprietors:
"hello INIQUITY's the party invite! Sounds like a lot of people will come to it...we want to push it to extreme perversion and filth..unlike the big Balls around here lately..we count on your participation! Please advertise it on the Iniquity newsletter as an invite only-private party-no public access!
You must be on the RSVP list or you can't get in. Fetish gear only-even if you're God-or no in. Also all women and crossdressers must have 5 inch heels or higher- we will measure!
P.S. The fashion show and the auction will include the attendees-we want the
participation of everybody there and lots of interaction! Astralwerks recording artist GEARWHORE will play a long DJ set for us. The address will be given at the time of the RSVP.
Because we like the INIQUITY aesthetic, Club Iniquity rules and guidelines
apply. :-)
See ya soon!"

(Ed. -- Heh. It's good to be us.) ;-)
(P.S. These guys throw GOOD parties -- speaking from experience.) :-)

........Then, the next morning..........

The Fetish Fair
Selling and/or swapping your BDSM toys/clothes/art/etc
Saturday, September 18th
Set-up begins at 11:00 a.m.
Clean-up begins at 5:00 p.m.

This "SM swap meet/social" will occur at
Lair de Sade
6628 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91606
Adults Only
ID Required at the Gate
Admission is $10 per person
(whether you're sellin', swappin' or shoppin')
For Vendors:
C.C.Inc. has 10 tables for rent at $10 each: 1st come, 1st serve;
Otherwise, bring your own table/blanket/sheet to set-up on...
If you know for sure you will attend, feel free to send us a "blurb" about
what you will have available and we'll be happy to publish it in our Fetish
Fair reminder mailing...

........... And Finally That Night.........

Saturday, Sept. 18th
9pm - 1:30 a.m.

Club Caprice, 1700 South PCH, Redondo Beach, CA.
$25 advance / $35 at the door
Dinner Reservations available at the venue prior to the party: 310-316-1700
STILETTO Info: 562-596-5045 / 597-1234
21 and over
6000 Sq. Foot Dungeon Area
DJ "L"and Live Music by Supernumb
S&M Performance by Aryn & Co.
Medieval Performance by Knights-In-Arms
Fashion Show by Dark Garden



Freak Nation Fights Fascism, Castlebar Saved.......


      "Spawned partially from the mindless backlash of the Littleton shootings and the way the most irritating elements of both media and government immediately sought a scapegoat amongst anything and everything "Alternative," a new group has arisen from these ashes who goes by the name of Freak Nation. Connected via a free internet list, Freak Nation organizes activities along the lines of letter writing campaigns and whatnot directly aimed at protecting the Rights of ANY AND ALL legal "Freak" subcultures as well as clearing negative associations generated by the ignorant press. Although not Specifically a BDSM/Fetish List or Organization, Freak Nation does include the worlds of BDSM & Fetishism amongst "their kind" due to ours being a community outside the norm which occasionally gets attacked because of misunderstandings, fundamentalist taboos and / or vestigial beliefs.
In their own words:
"This list exists for discussion and planning of an effort by freaks to take back our society, to inform and reform, and to make life safer and better for "our kind". This includes both reactive work such as challenging false media stereotypes (and praising accurate ones) and proactive undertakings such as "Freak Day" visibility actions or attempts to educate media outlets before they write about us. This list will also serve as an action and information network for people to report events the community should be aware of, so that we can formulate fast, effective responses.
By "Freaks," we mean a wide variety of people who share certain common values, goals and interests. The freak nation includes a number of subcultural communities, most notably the following:
* The gothic, industrial, and goth-industrial scenes;
* The punk/hardcore and heavy metal movements;
* The fetish and BDSM communities;
* Science-fiction fandom (or "fen"), including fans and collectors
of comics, manga and anime;
* Computer and role-playing gamers, including tabletop and live-action
* The computer hacking/open-source/geek community;
* The computer hacking/phreaking/cyberpunk/"3733t" community;
* Paganism, Neopaganism, Wicca and other occult/magickal/spiritual
groups such as chaos magick, Thelema, the Golden Dawn, etc.;
* The SCA, "boffer" groups, Ren Faire folks, neo-rockabillies,
retro dance communities (swing, etc.), and other re-enactment
All these groups seem to have some level of overlap with at least one other on this list, and many have close contact with more than one. Furthermore, they all place some emphasis on individuality, freedom, creativity and deviation from the norm, and so share many core attitudes, assumptions and beliefs. The entire crowd mentioned above is welcome on this list and considered "our kind" -- this is not the place for division, but rather for community."

To get on the Freak Nation List, send an e-mail to
You should get an automated set of rules, statement of purpose, news of actions, etc.

Other Good News........
To all of you who stepped forward in any way to help one of San Francisco's best dungeon / play-spaces known as "Castlebar" stay open, your efforts have all met with SUCCESS!
Their weekend long party to raise the funds necessary to hold off eviction more than did the job. The owner, Damion, sends her personal thanks to everyone who volunteered, attended and donated to the cause.
Stay tuned to this station for more info on parties and events at Castlebar as they occur. :-)


Meanwhile Over in Europe........


Saturday, Sept. 18th, PARIS..........
Strict Fetish Dress Code
Sunday, Sept. 26th, PARIS..........
Strict Fetish Dress Code
For detailed information on both these events, visit:

While in the Parisian Vein, you may want to check out this French Fetish

Meanwhile in SCOTLAND........
*NEW* TRANS-MISSION Fetish Night, Saturday every 2 months - next Sept 25
TRANS-MISSION, BDSM mixed fetish night. Every 2 months Saturdays late,
Entry £6.00 (£5.00 Mission members or with flyer.) Studio 24, Calton Road,
Edinburgh Strict Dress Code - no fetish dress no entry - 2 floors with
dungeons. Guest Masters and Mistresses. Mission DJ's. Alternative &
Info lines, 07901 600242 & 0788 099 1939
"We hope to see most of you at the next Trans-Mission alternative fetish
night too, so be there next time on Sat 25 September! Remember, without us there is only the norm."

While back in Good Ol' London.........
The Epic SKIN TWO Rubber Ball......Weekend!
Friday October 29th through Monday, November 1st
LOADS of Information:
In the UK: SKIN TWO information line: 0906 8299 714
(calls cost 60p per min)
>From overseas, call: +44 20 8286 8061
>From the USA: 011 44 20 8286 8061
Or write to:

Then it is back to France for another Unique Fetish Event in
Spank Promotions are proud to announce plans for the most ambitious party in our seven year history - a weekend of fetish clubbing and activities at a 12th Century former monastery, complete with its own lake in the heart of 400 acres of wooded grounds set in the Normandy, France countryside.
November 12th - 14th
We have secured this fabulous vaulted venue (who's former occupants include: - the French aristocracy) for a full weekend of hedonistic excess,
starting from the moment the coaches leave London, Birmingham & Bristol (UK) on the afternoon of Friday 12th November 1999.
Itinerary is as follows:
Fri 12th Nov 17.00 hrs Coaches leave London, Birmingham & Bristol
21.45 Ferry Leaves Portsmouth for Cherbourg
23.00 Informal drinks / meet and greet in bar on ferry
Sat 13th Nov 08.00 Arrive at "Abbaye De Blanchelande"
08.30 Bunny girl breakfast
10.00 Fetish / Manga / Feature films
12.00 Barbecue lunch (weather permitting)
16.00 Fetish fun & games
18.00 Fetish / Manga / Feature films
20.00 Supper
22.00 Club rooms open
Sun 14th Nov 10.00 Bunny girl breakfast
12.00 Depart "Abbaye De Blanchelande"
13.00 Duty free shopping
14.00 Depart for UK
24.00 Bed!
Features of the event include:
3 rooms of fetish fuelled fantasy.
Room 1 - Techno & Trance dance floor with Spanks resident DJs Jake Davis
& Foxy.
Room 2 - Gothic, Industrial, 80s with DJs Judas (slimelight) and Bobby
Room 3 - Fully equipped playroom with soothing ambient sounds
Visuals in all rooms provided by SawDid
Also provided will be:
Fully staffed bar, with a wide selection of beverages
24hr Barbecued food
Changing facilities
Rest area
Ticket Details : Tickets will be available on sale from September 1st at
the Spank
Ticket price includes:- Coach, Ferry & admission to the venue
Single ticket - £75.00
Couples - £120.00
Block booking of 10 - £500.00
Full details and pictures of the venue are posted on our website
For further information call our hotline number (England) 0044 (0)9094 644
Tickets are limited, so book early to ensure you get your place on what will be a totally unique weekend.

Sacramento Kicks Into A Higher Gear
(thanks to Jack B. for this review)

"We routinely (well, several times a month) drive 100 miles to San Francisco to participate in various fetish & SM clubs, activities, and workshops. We've attended a couple of other events in Sacramento and were unimpressed. So imagine our surprise when we drove a mere mile from home to attend Biomech's "Fetish Night" on Saturday night and discovered something that meets or exceeds the SF Fetish/SM standards. I can safely say last Saturday night's Fetish Night was better than a variety of other weekly or monthly fetish clubs we've attended. Of course, it's not quite to the Iniquity or Slick level, but who knows what the future holds. "One of the attractions was that Fetish Night started a pricing policy intended to encourage appropriate dress, which seems to work. The majority of attendees were in fabulous fetish finery. Latex, leather, corsets... it was all there.
"There were a half dozen or so GISCs (Ed. -- Guys / Gals In Street Clothes).
Fetish Night generally has a slightly younger crowd - SF clubs tend to have a mixed crowd in terms of age. But Biomech is located in a venue adjacent to CSUS that has generally catered to a very young crowd. (Memo to Biomech organizers: I didn't see the GISC's patronizing the bar. They detracted from the aura and clearly didn't fit. Consider fencing them out at the next Biomech Fetish Night. Require fetish or goth/black clothing. Period. No guys in street clothes).
"Wonderful music, great dance floor space. Dungeon was kind of tiny (room for 4, space-controlled scenes, with only a double-size doorway for people waiting/watching). Outdoor patio with open fire was filled; seems like a great space for Sacramento. Temperature was perfect--one of those cooling Sacramento summer evenings.
"Parking: By SF standards, it's great (free, small parking lot & plenty of street parking), but by Sacramento standards, its not the best. The location is (purposefully) in an isolated spot on a busy street, the only building between 2 street over-crossings. Parking in the dirt and crossing Folsom Boulevard (old Hwy 50) can be tricky in fetish attire (Warning to anyone in stiletto heels).
"I believe Biomech's Fetish Night is the last Saturday night of each month, beginning at 9 p.m. at BoJangles on Folsom Boulevard, between 65th Street and Howe/Power Inn Road, just off the Highway 50 freeway in Sacramento.
We'll be at the next one!"


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