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      Happy Solstice Season to all you wonderful wintery Pervs out there! It's a cold one this year (except for Boston which is reporting 70 degree days!) and my house needed duct work. "Why are you telling me this," you say? Well, duct work is a major pain in the derriere for those of you who haven't tried it, and I have been spending a horrid amount of time in my attic getting the heating in my home to work better. Therefore This Is: My Official Excuse For The Delay (trumpets please).
      Don't you just love X-mas season? All the shopping malls crammed with people, all the mass-marketing, the ubiquitous muzak carols, the, no wait. That's what I hate about X-mas season. OK, take two: the lights all over people's houses, the parties, the way a really good cup of coffee warms you on a chill winter morning (you knew I was going to bring up coffee, didn't you?), fires in the fireplace, unwrapping presents.....yeah, that's the stuff. :-)
      I sit here in just below freezing whether, my gas bills rising as I turn up the heat. I know a lot of you European readers, New York readers, and any other place north of we "wimpy Californian" readers are probably laughing at how much we emphasis we place on "mere freezing" temperatures (except Bostonians). Well, just remember that right now it's a balmy summer in Sydney, Australia. I have no idea what the point is to that statement, but I thought I'd bring it up anyway. :-)
As you can probably tell I am in rather good spirits this evening. Still in the afterglow of an enormously successful opening night for CLUB INIQUITY, I am relishing the possibilities of things to come. I do have a TON of information for you, not all of which I am sure will make it into this issue, so I guess we'd better get going on it. Without further ado, I present "a true humanitarian, a boon to society, and a Close Personal Friend of Mine...."

The Table O' Contents:

  1. Now the Innocent can Spend a Night In Prison Too!
  2. BOUND: Iniquity Discount
  3. The SLICKEST News
  4. News from Corset Land
  5. A few IMPORTANT Tidbits.....
  6. Fetish Photo Exhibit at Stormy Leather
  7. Wedding Bells in the Distance....

  INIQUITY NEWS comes out when I get enough stuff to put out an issue, roughly monthly, sometimes more often. It's a SOURCE to find out what's going on and how to get involved for like-minded Pervs who want to see some Style with their S&M. Anyone can contribute to INIQUITY NEWS, and Everyone is invited to send in Reviews, Articles, Stories, or whatever, from any part of the globe. Although centered in the San Francisco Bay Area, INIQUITY gladly reports on activity in the Fetish/S&M world ANYWHERE. All correspondence should use the Contact Form
      Any part of INIQUITY NEWS may be reprinted and posted elsewhere as long as: A) proper credit is given to the author of the portion copied, and B) no money is made from said copying (i.e. no posting portions of INIQUITY NEWS into a Pay-Site. Free Sites are A-OK). :-)


Now the Innocent can Spend a Night In Prison Too!

(thanks to Susan for this piece)

      Craving a few more chains in your home? How about a brief stay with plenty o' chains and a nice, small cell to boot?
      According to USA Today, visitors to London can now arrange to spend a night in HM Prison Brixton, a maximum security prison in south London. Those who've fantasized about spending a night on Alcatraz now have an option.
      Apparently Brixton "nick" is still being used as a prison, which is supported by the article, which quotes the Governor. The article hints that the cells used by the paying guests are refurbished 19th century cells, which suggests that they are in a separate wing from the cells used by the, umm, guests detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure...


BOUND: Iniquity Discount (thanks to Lunatic and Tiarawiz for their comments)

      For the month of December, INIQUITY NEWS readers get $1 off the regular admission to San Francisco's Club BOUND. To get the discount it's the usual INIQUITY Discount rules -- you must show up in Fetish Attire (although their definitions ARE more "relaxed" than the INIQUITY Private Event Dress Code -- q.v. the website), AND you must use the INIQUITY Password, which is changing to "Octarine." Note that different door people may not be up on the Password change, so if they cock their head to one side like the RCA Dalmatian, just say "Iniquity." ;-)
      Thus far BOUND has gotten off to a pretty-good-yet-expected start considering what it has been up against. There have been some seriously excellent nights, and there have been some seriously slow nights. Overall however, the crowd is becoming more aware that for the real Fetishists and Fetish Goths, BOUND is the place to go on a Wednesday night given a choice. They have two dance floors, one of which plays a pretty hardcore industrial mix and the other of which plays a wide variety mix. Typically they have two St. Andrews crosses, a play bench, and a suspension frame set up on the upstairs balcony for anyone's use should you feel like bringing you S&M toys on down. ;-)
      BOUND happens every Wednesday night at the DNA Lounge on 11th Street just North of Harrison. It is kind of getting a rep as a "later night" club, because sooo many people show up between 11pm and midnight. If you get there before 11, just hang out -- the crowd usually shows up.
      Lately, BOUND has been featuring live bands as main stage entertainment AT NO EXTRA COST. Although there is no dress code for BOUND per se' at this time, there is talk of shutting the upstairs play area to only those in some kind of "fetish/goth/decent club attire," i.e. no jeans and t-shirts upstairs.




The date for the next SLICK has been confirmed!!!

That date will be SUNDAY, January 17th!
Location: The Sound Factory on Harrison near 1st.
Put it on your calendar now!

      No doubt you'll be seeing flyers and ads in the weeks to come. The above date was told to me directly by the proprietor himself, so I'd say it's pretty reliable. ;-)
      For those of you who STILL have never been to a SLICK, well, it's just about the biggest and the best Fetish Ball that San Francisco has to offer! Typically with a crowd of over 800 Pervs from various factions of the Fetish Universe, you'll find any number of shows, multiple dance floors, people from the S&M scene, people from the Fetish Fashion scene, and more.
      The Sound Factory proved to be an excellent choice for the SLICK Ball this year as patrons found any numbers of nooks and crannies, balconies, bars, and booths to lounge about in, on and around. Similar to INIQUITY's Dress Code (though not quite as strict), SLICK does enforce a reasonably strict dress code, so you can expect to see a lot of great outfits. Many people save their best outfit for this bi-annual Fetish Ball, one of the best events in California. :-)


News from Corset Land (from the Romantasy online digest)

      "ROMANTASY launches a new private corset consultation service: If you and your significant other are journeying to San Francisco for a holiday, convention or shopping expedition, please call us to schedule a private custom corset consultation and fitting appointment, in the privacy of your own hotel room or home where you are a guest. We can even journey to the airport if you have limited time between flights!
      With some preliminary information provided to us by email, telephone or fax in advance of your arrival, we delight in pre-selecting the appropriate corset makers and styles to fit your specialized needs, waist-training goals and aesthetic preferences regarding fabrics and embellishments.
      We bring sample corsets to you, to try on at your leisure. We also take time to review with you, select portfolios of our most suitable corset makers and their fabric swatches, take personal measurements to insure a perfect fit, and introduce you to the magical world of custom corsetry.


ROMANTASY Corset Boutique invites web guests in the Bay Area to drop by our traditional Holiday Open House, December 11, Friday, 7:30-10:30 p.m. Refreshments, ambient corset modeling, entertainment, plus storewide 15% discount during the evening (excepting corsets, sale, and consigned items).


Use ROMANTASY's web ordering services or come to our San Francisco boutique in person (2191 Market St, SF 94114). Mention "cyboutique" website to place your custom corset order and pay 1/2 deposit by December 24 for a substantial discount set forth below. Discount applies to multiple corset orders and to Gift certificates; give him/her a GC then bring your beneficiary into the boutique by January 30 to be measured.
     Discounts: (a) $50 off on full custom corset orders, and (b) $25 off on off-the-peg corset orders (Hoss, Darling, and Dorothy Jones PCP and SP cinchers).

YES, there's more!!
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